Nvidia Has A New US$3,000 GPU

Nvidia is only just starting to put out cards that run on its new Maxwell architiecture, but its eyes are already on the future. Today at its annual GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced its next, far-future architecture: Pascal.

Intel Iris: Integrated Graphics Are Finally Awesome

Intel’s integrated graphics have taken plenty of heat over the years, and most of it deserved. But the climb to respectability that started back with Sandy Bridge is about to get a turboboost. Meet Iris, the biggest generation jump in Intel’s integrated graphics to date. Get ready to game.

Intel's Next Graphics Driver Update Is A Must-Have For Ivy Bridge Notebooks

The topic of Intel’s fiery Ivy Bridge CPU is one we’ve raised in the past. Unfortunately, other than buy a cooling pad and performing limited software tweaks, there’s not a lot you can do to keep temperatures under control. Intel, fortunately, is still finding ways to optimise its drivers, with its next update for its graphics hardware packing some impressive improvements.

Expect Xbox 360-Level Graphics Performance From Your Phone In 2013

The Xbox 360 was released in 2005. Back then, its three-core PowerPC CPU and ATI R520-based GPU were respectable pieces of hardware. Today, almost 40 per cent of PC gamers have quad-core CPUs and a video card that would disintegrate the Xbox 360′s “Xenos” GPU with a mere glance. But it’s not the PC, or even consoles, that holds the attention of the gaming industry. No, mobile phones are the focus now.

Ivy Bridge Benchmarks Show Integrated Graphics Might Not Suck (As Much)

We’ve been hearing for years that integrated graphics — meaning your computer doesn’t have its own, separate graphics card — won’t catch up to the beefier cards, but it’ll be good enough some day soon. Hasn’t happened yet. But these reported benchmarks of Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors from CPU World look pretty promising.

Dell Called Out For Misleading Graphics Card Advice

Dell’s approach to letting customers configure their PCs can be a little daunting, so I applaud them for providing helpful advice. Except in this instance where an image implied that choosing a cheaper graphics card would mean a blurry desktop.

How To Make A 50-Petaflop Supercomputer Even More Powerful

Supercomputing has hit a wall — researchers can’t simply daisy-chain any more processors together to increase computational power due to energy constraints. The new Titan project hopes to do an end-around on that issue by transferring some of the load to… graphics cards?

AMD Claims The Radeon HD 6990M Is The Fastest Consumer GPU

Mere weeks after NVIDIA claimed to have the fastest GPU on the market, AMD is now claiming supremacy with its Radeon HD 6990M graphics card, despite having a lower clockspeed by over 500MHz.

How Fast Is The New iMac's Graphics Card?

The stock graphics card in the new Thunderbolt-y iMacs is AMD’s Radeon HD 6970M, in 1GB or 2GB flavours. How powerful is it?

You're A Judge, Not A Computer Repairman

It’s cool, I understand that old people have trouble understanding new technology (*cough* Senator Grassley *cough*). But when it’s your job to understand and make BINDING LEGAL RULINGS on technology, you have to at least know the difference between iOS and Windows 7.