Facebook And Google Are Locking In African Customers With Freebie Deals

Facebook and Google have grand plans to bring the internet to developing nations, paying Lisa Rinna-sized lip service to altruistic visions of global connectivity. But let’s always remember that these US tech giants are also gunning for new customers and the lucrative data that comes with them.

New Leaked Report Describes How FTC Staff Wanted To Sue Google

A report acquired by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the Federal Trade Commission found, back in 2012, that Google had been skewing search results in such a way that harmed rival companies and Internet users.

Android 5.1 Is Coming And These Are Its Best New Features

For all you Lollipop-ers out there, Android just began pushing out its first major update to its Material Design-dressed OS, and unlike some updates that are usually just for “stability and performance”, Android 5.1 actually comes with some stuff you’re definitely going to want to know about.

Google Now Tells You If Your Flight Will Have WI-Fi

Snagging in-flight Wi-Fi can be somewhat of a lottery. Now, Google will let you find out before you fly if your aeroplane will provide you with data as you cruise through the skies.

YouTube's Ready To Blow Your Mind With 360-Degree Videos

We told you that YouTube would support 360-degree videos. Now, they’re here: as of today, Google’s streaming video service now serves up videos that let you look in any direction — not just where the camera is pointing. Needless to say, this could be a Big. Freaking. Deal.

Google Should Hire Kanye

Right now, Apple reigns as the premium brand for mobile products; its monopoly on status symbol status is way too secure. Look upon at how excited people got about the Apple Watch when Android Wear does almost exactly the same damn thing. Spectators fawned over the new gold Macbook even though it’s an $1800 laptop with the processing power of a glorified tablet.

These Legendary UI Icons Are Now Hanging In A Museum

The original Mac OS icons. The Google Maps pin. The power-on symbol. These marks, which have been with us for years on our screens (or decades, in some cases), are all on display this month at the Museum of Modern Art.

Google's Great New Calendar App Comes To iOS

The fantastic Google Calendar revamp that Android users have been enjoying for a while now has finally hit iOS.

WSJ: Android Is Coming To Virtual Reality

Well, if Google’s small cardboard-based foray into virtual reality last year wasn’t a big enough hint, a new report from the Wall Street Journal says that Google is about to get even more serious about VR — by trying to become the standard OS for headsets everywhere.

You'll Need A Nexus 6 To Enjoy Google's New Wireless Service

More details have emerged about Google’s plan to become a wireless carrier without actually being a wireless carrier. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google’s service will launch later this month but only on the Nexus 6. In other words, this Google wireless experiment is just that, an experiment.

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