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Google Swears Android Auto Isn't Spying On You (That Much)

The era of car computers is upon us, and it’s a little scary from a privacy perspective. Look no further than the recent controversy of how much data Google is collecting about drivers using Android Auto. We know this much: Google is probably collecting more data than you realise.

The US's First Autonomous Buses Will Drive Around A California Business Park

The robot cars are here! The robot cars are here! For the first time in the US, driverless shuttles will zip around employees of a Northern California office park. The first public trials are set to start next summer, pending local approval.

16 Searches You Can Run On Wolfram Alpha That Don't Work On Google

There are all kinds of different ways to use Wolfram Alpha, and it’s often a better idea to load up the computational knowledge engine rather than your search portal of choice. Here are 16 of the most useful queries that Wolfram Alpha can handle but leave Google stumped.

Everything The Perfect Smartphone Needs

Opinion: I get the privilege of trying out a lot of different phones, and they’re almost always very good. None of them, though, has as yet proved good enough to keep me interested for more than a couple of months at a time. The problem I’m faced with is that of all the dozen different flagship smartphone releases of 2015, each does a couple of things well but also gets a couple of things wrong. There are a few small improvements that could be made across the board. I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Is Out Today: Here's Why You Want It

It’s been four months since we learned about the forthcoming release of Android Marshmallow, fka Android 6.0. Today, it begins rolling out to Nexus phones, and soon…the world. What will this much-hyped software release bring to your phone?

Nest's Big Solution For Smart Homes Is Being Made And It Looks Awesome

We saw this one coming. Nest, a favourite smart thermostat of many, is now ready to take over your entire home with a new protocol that lets all kinds of devices talk to each other quickly and seamlessly. It’s called Nest Weave.

How To Animate GIFs In Your Google Search Results

Are you the type of person who Googles for GIFs? Then you’re going to love this new Chrome Extension.

Google Becomes Alphabet Today

Remember how Google announced plans to create a new parent company to rule them all? It’s called Alphabet, and the company just announced that today is the day the plan becomes reality. When markets close, Google shares will become Alphabet shares.

Four Hours With Android Auto

Yesterday, I took a drive from Sydney to Goulburn and back for the opening of Tesla’s first rural Supercharger. I was in a 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero, the Japanese car brand’s first vehicle with Smartphone Link Display Audio — an in-dash entertainment system that, as well as doing the usual touchscreen CD, Blueooth, AM/FM/digital radio thing, also gives you access to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. I plugged in my phone and hit the highway.

Amazon Just Banned The Sale Of Google Chromecast And Apple TV

When competition heats up, you can expect somebody to get burned. Today, Amazon absolutely scorched Google and Apple by banning the two companies’ streaming TV products from its marketplace. Amazon says it’s “to avoid customer confusion.”

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