Skrillex Made Some Expensive Phone Cases With Google

Skrillex and Google have “teamed up” to bring a new line of Live Cases that juice your phone with new features.

Google's Designed An Intelligent Robot Teddy Bear That Can Recognise You

Google’s hoping there’s a market for sophisticated artificial intelligence voice assistants you can hug. The company’s most recent patent design for an anthropomorphic voice assistant/toy reads like someone dreamt it up after watching an AI and Ted double-feature (and had obviously never seen Child’s Play).

Google Tone Sends URLs To Nearby Computers Using Sound

Google has published a Chrome extension that allows you to share URLs in an interesting new way. Click a button and a simple chirrup from your computer’s speakers sends the link to other devices in earshot.

Why Apple Won't End Up Paying More Tax In Australia

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s budget promise last week to “stop multinationals using complex schemes to escape paying tax” suggested a comprehensive regime to address tax avoidance by companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, as well as BHP and Rio Tinto.

All these five companies appeared before the recent Senate Committee hearings on corporate tax avoidance. However, a close look at the draft legislation suggests that the proposal is far from comprehensive.

Google Maps Update Brings Mapping To Android Wear

An update to Google Maps has brought with it an interesting added bonus for Android smartphone users: access to maps, right there on your wrist.

Three Handy Uses For Chrome Beyond Browsing The Web

You probably think of Chrome as a web browser — and so you should — but it has a few more tricks up its sleeve than you might have realised. Here are three of our favourite alternative uses for the software, which to a large extent work the same in Mozilla Firefox too.

Google's Prototype Driverless Car Hits US Roads This Winter

Google’s first consumer-focused prototype driverless cars will takes their first drive on public roads this winter, taking to the streets of Mountain View in the US. In a blog post, Google’s self-driving car project director Chris Urmson explained that a handful of the cars will be rolled out in Google’s neighbourhood.

Check Flights, Reservations And Events In Google Maps For Android

Version 9.8 of Google Maps for Android didn’t exactly make the national news headlines earlier this month — and rightly so — but there are a couple of new features worth flagging up for you to make use of.

Seductive Design: 5 Future Concepts We Love

This is it, you guys. We are in the future. And while we might not have hoverboards (thanks for getting our hopes up, Tony Hawk, you jerk) there is a lot to be excited about. These are the concepts that keep us believing.

A Prank Image Of A Peeing Android Killed Google's Maps Editor

Google has temporarily shut down its Map Maker program while it figures out how to stop people from inserting pranks into its maps, like the image of an Android robot taking a big pee on an Apple logo that prompted an apology last month.