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Android Wear Smartwatches Will Now Work With iPhone Too

Google just gave the Apple Watch meaningful competition. As of today, Android Wear is available for iOS with the iPhone 5 (and above) and running at least iOS 8.2. It’s a rumour we’ve heard a lot about, and now Google is making it official.

Google Wants To Help You Find A Plumber

Need a plumber or a locksmith? Google might be your new best friend. Yesterday, Google began rolling out a search feature that displays listings for qualified home service providers when you search for telling phrases, for instance, “clogged toilet”.

In Just A Few Days, Chrome Will Effectively Kill Flash Ads

With the steady adoption of newer web technologies by browser vendors, Adobe Flash is inching ever closer to its electronic demise. Come 1 September, Google will be giving it a little push, when Chrome will start pausing Flash-based advertisements by default.

Flash Takes One Step Closer To Complete Annihilation On September 1

The death of Flash has been slow and agonising, but the Chrome team taking another shot at the woozy fighter. Following up on a promise made in June to phase out Flash ads in Chrome, the world’s favourite browser will be pulling the plug on all Flash elements “not central” to the web page.

Leaked Photos Show The New Moto 360 May Come In Two Sizes, Like The Apple Watch

The first smartwatch to get us excited about Android Wear last year, the Moto 360, is due for a new version. In new leaked images of the supposed update, we’re getting a look at what appears to be two different versions of the smartwatch.

This Google Street View Car Drove Through A Tomato-Throwing Festival In Spain

Apart from the Running of the Bulls in San Fermin, Spaniards enjoy some other wild festivals from time to time. One of them is called “La Tomatina”. Once a year, locals in the small village of Buñol engage in a massive battle with 136 tonnes of tomatoes as their only weapon of choice. Doesn’t seem like the best day to drive by and say hello in a Google Street View car.

How To Get Instant Movie Reviews From Google

In Google’s ideal world, you would never have to leave the search results page to find the information you need, which is why it continues to extend its Knowledge Graph strategy to bring you more bite-sized summaries before you’ve clicked through to any other site. The latest stream of data to be added to Google’s system? Movie reviews.

Google Wants To Use Your Car's GPS To Track Potholes

Potholes are more than just a driving annoyance, they can actually damage a vehicle. So in addition to providing traffic warnings, Google now wants to use a car’s GPS navigation system to detect potholes on a road and use that info to plot a more comfortable route to a destination.

Leaked Pics Of Huawei's Rumoured Nexus Show Off One Bizarre-Looking Phone

Until now, the 5.7-inch Nexus smartphone by Huawei has only been a collection of well-founded rumours and hearsay. But new leaked images are finally putting a face to the name, and it’s a little weird-looking.

Google Project Fi Review: My Time With Google's Telco Was A Disaster

I used Google’s Project Fi. I glimpsed the future, before it collapsed into bullshit.

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