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Android TV Was Hiding In Plain Sight At CES Three Months Ago

Google TV has been dead in the water for a while now, but rumour has it that a flashy new successor, Android TV, is on the way. There are rumours, and also it was hiding in plain sight at CES three months ago.

Android TV: Google's Next Big Set-Top Box Push

The Verge just revealed that Google may venture into set-top TV devices with the as-yet-unannounced Android TV. Quoting internal documents, the report indicates Google is planning a device like Roku or the new Amazon Fire TV to put Android in your living room.

Netgear's HDMI Dongle Is Your Storage-Friendly Answer To Chromecast

While Google’s Chromecast might seem poised become the quintessential universal streaming device, it’s taking a hell of a long time to get there. So, in the meantime, Netgear’s new NeoMediacast dongle is picking up where Chromecast left off by offering streaming content with Micro SD storage capabilities — assuming you’re an Android user, that is.

Google Chromecast Rooted, Revealing Google TV Origins

We haven’t even known about Google Chromecast for a week, and hackers have already found a way to gain root access to the hardware. Now, it’s time to poke around and see what’s inside.

Report: Google Wants To Make A Streaming Television Service

The Wall Street Journal reports unnamed sources that say Google has approached big media companies about licensing TV shows for a streaming television service it wants to launch. Intel and Apple have also been working on similar services.

Kogan Outs Android 4.2 3D TV For Under $500

Cut-price technology vendor Kogan has just announced a 42-inch Agora Smart 3D LED TV running on the latest version of Android for an introductory “pre-sale” price of $449. Here’s a peek at the specs.

Aussie Release Date (Of Sorts) For ASUS' Google TV-Playing 'Cube'

The ASUS Cube (or “Qube” as it was once known) has rolled out in the States, but nary a word has been spoken by the company about a local release… until now.

Asus Qube Google TV Box Hands-On: Maybe Not As Simple As We Wanted

When we first heard about the Qube, we were hoping it would be the Google TV box that finally succeeded in making the serve simple and easy to use. Well, we still haven’t seen it in actual action — Asus’s demo model isn’t functional — but the remote is enough to give us a second of pause.

Netgear's New NeoTV Enlists In The Growing Google TV Army

Add Netgear to the long list of tech companies joining up with Google TV — it just jumped onboard the train with its NeoTV PRIME streaming box.

Hisense Now Has UHD TVs And Google TV

Hisense is a Chinese company you may or may not have heard of. It has jumped in on what seems to be the prevailing trend of CES with six UHD TVs.

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