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Google Maps App Now Gives Suggestions Based On Weather And Time Of Day

The Google Maps app has proved invaluable for the intrepid urban explorer in navigating the city. Now, a new update for iOS and Android can provide specific contextual details about what’s around you depending on your location, time of day, and even the weather. So if it’s raining (or about to), it will warn against going to a nearby park, for example.

Google Maps For Mobile Now Lets Cyclists Avoid The Hills

Good news for cyclists everywhere: Google Maps for mobile now provides you with an elevation chart of its routes, so you can choose to avoid the hills — or take them on.

Google Maps Update Lets You Measure Distances (Or Aimlessly Doodle)

Ever try measuring the straight-line distance between two points on Google Maps? You had to hold some object or appendage up to the little scale, then eyeball-measure the distance on your screen. What a mess. No more — a new update puts the task a right-click away. Also, you can doodle with it.

Awww, The Little Google Maps Guy Is Wearing Socceroos Gear!

Briefly: World Cup madness is sweeping the internet — even the little yellow guy on Google Maps is wearing his soccer gear. Apparently, he’s wearing the uniform of whatever nation you view him in — naturally that means the green and gold for Australia.

Explore All 12 World Cup Stadiums (No Riot Gear Required)

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the known universe. The only thing is Brazil is a long trek for most of us, and, y’know things around the world cup tend to get a bit… rowdy? Well, Google Maps is bringing Street View to all 12 of the stadiums, so you can explore them from the convenience/safety of your own couch.

Here's A Fun Little Google Maps Easter Egg

Briefly: Ask for directions from Snowdon to the Brecon Beacons in Wales, and it will estimate travel time by car, bus, foot, plane, bicycle or… dragon! The journey takes 21 minutes by the country’s national emblem apparently, compared to 3 hours 20 minutes by car. [The Next Web]

Google Maps Now Shows How Steep Your Bike Route Is In Australia

Bike directions are an amazing feature of Google Maps, but if you don’t know the landscape, you might find yourself pedaling up some steep hills. No longer. Google is now providing elevation info so you can avoid, or seek (you beast), those inclines.

Cambodia's Angkor Wat Might Be The Prettiest Street View Yet

Fresh out of Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the latest addition to Google Maps’ already considerable portfolio of beautiful places you can explore using Street View. It’s one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, and Google stepped up its game accordingly.

Google Maps Stays Neutral By Only Showing Your Side In Border Disputes

Border disputes are still going on in a bunch of places around the world. That makes life difficult for mapmakers, and especially difficult for the world’s favourite online map service, Google Maps. As The Washington Post points out, Google strives to not get stuck in the middle of a territorial struggle, by showing you the border you most likely want to see based on where you’re Googling from.

You Are Here: The 'Australians' Who Built Google Maps, And Changed The World Forever

A big clock is ticking before his eyes. A wave of awkward yet supportive laughter washes over the crowd. It’s the final dose of calming energy Lars Rasmussen needed to settle into his groove up there on the stage. He’s looking down at his slide remote now, with that big TEDx logo beaming back at him from the illuminated floor. Lars just told everyone that he’s imagining them naked to try and relax about speaking, and with the chuckles he’s ready. Like a bright red ‘You Are Here’ marker on the map of his life, Lars is centred, and ready to tell his story. He built the future once, with the help of his brother and a small company called Google. The future of Maps came from right here in Australia, and with the help of Lars, it served to shine a light down the road at the next 10 years of navigation innovation for mere mortals like you and me. This is the journey.