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The Microsoft Band Could Get Way More Interesting With DIY Web Apps

Soon, the Apple Watch will wirelessly monitor your glucose level. But you know what? The Microsoft Band can do that too. This is just one of many apps that could come to the beleagured Band — thanks to a new ability to turn web data into live tiles for the wearable.

Glucose-Measuring Implant Glows When Sugar Levels Increase

Instead of putting up with a mild pin-prick whenever your blood sugar levels need testing, Japanese scientists have invented a little implant that glows when the levels change. No pain, and a free glowstick for raves — high five, science!

Researchers May Have Found A Potential Cure For Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical centre have found that suppressing a single hormone may eliminate the need for insulin injections and may make the condition completely asymptomatic.

Injectable Glowing Beads In Bloodstream Can Indicate Glucose Levels

Diabetics may have yet another tool in their blood-sugar management arsenal – an implantable, fluorescent blood-sugar monitor. It involves small hydrogel beads that vary the intensity of emitted light depending on glucose concentration. They’re called Life Beans.

Implant Harnesses Electricity From Consumed Food

For the first time, scientists have successfully implanted a biofuel cell that generates power from glucose inside a body – an everlasting battery you could theoretically recharge by eating a Snickers bar.

Colour-Shifting Contact Lenses Alert Diabetics To Glucose Levels

Diabetics are saddled with the unenviable task of checking their blood sugar levels constantly. But a new non-invasive technology lets diabetics keep tabs on their glucose levels with contact lenses that change colours as their blood sugar rises and falls.

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