Hashtag Gloves :(

There are gloves called Hashtag Gloves. If you make a hashtag symbol with your fingers and then speak, the gloves will tweet what you say. They are, objectively, the worst gloves.

Monster Machines: These Hard Suit Power Gloves Give You The Grip Of A Kraken

Lobsters never took over the world because their claws are terrible at grasping. It’s the same reason deep sea divers, especially those that venture so far down that they require Atmospheric Dive Suits to keep from imploding, have such difficulty manipulating their tools at depth — the suits’ conventional lobster-like “prehensor” grippers are complete rubbish. But these new robo-gloves from MIT startup Vishwa Robotics will offer divers superior, Ninja Turtle-esque grip even 20,000 leagues below the sea.

Nike's New Baseball Glove Comes Already Broken In

Nike’s new Vapor 360 fielding glove is specially designed to be used “straight out of the box,” according to Nike. Forget stashing it under your mattress for weeks until the leather loosens up — this glove is broken in from day one.

Control VR Mitts Are Like The Powerglove You Always Wanted

So let’s say you have your Oculus Rift headset on and it’s pretty awesome, but what could make it more immersive? How about looking down and seeing your hands. There are already some (sorta janky) solutions to that problem, but Control VR’s new glove controllers look like the best so far.

Are These Tear-Away Surgical Gloves Actually Safer?

Park Bomin, Jung Sumi and Chu Yeunho won a Red Dot Design Award for what they believe to be a big improvement to the surgical gloves used in hospitals. The trio’s Safe Cut Surgical Gloves feature a pull tab that not only makes the gloves easier to remove, but also prevents them from ever being reused — intentionally or not — which helps prevent the spread of disease.

Throwback Gloves That Take You Out To The Ballgames Of Yesterday

Some would argue that professional baseball of past eras was a simpler and purer version of the game, free from controversies like player strikes or steroid use. And this line of Shoeless Joe throwback gloves, that recreate designs from as far back as 1910, could help you relive those times — even if they’re named after a player who was banned from the game after the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal. Simpler times, right?

Colour-Changing Gloves Alert Lab Workers To Invisible Toxins

The trickiest part of avoiding exposure to toxic substances is that they’re often invisible, odourless and undetectable to our five senses. And as an alternative to expensive detectors and other electronic sensors, researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Regensburg have created a simple pair of gloves that turn colour in the presence of toxic airborne materials.

Turn Signal Gloves Increase Your Chances Of Surviving A Bike Ride

Your average motorist is more used to sharing the road with other vehicles than cyclists. So instead of just relying on your arms to safely signal an upcoming turn, consider these $42 turn signal gloves that let both cyclists and motorists alike know where you’re headed.

Secret Elixir Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Friendly

By now it’s almost impossible to find a glove that doesn’t work with touchscreen devices. But if you’ve got a favourite pair that predates the iPhone, this AnyGlove potion will let you use them with a touchscreen display without having to resort to sewing conductive thread onto the fingertips.

Control Your Smartphone With This Bluetooth Power Glove

It may not have been a runaway success for Nintendo, but a company called B.i.Tech is hoping there’s still some interest in the Power Glove concept. Its BEARTek gloves wirelessly connect to your smartphone or MP3 player over Bluetooth, providing full control of your device with simple fingertip taps.