Obamacare Customer Service Told Everyone To Reset Their Passwords

We’ve all done tech support for family members and it tends to start basic. Did you restart? Have you ever downloaded updates ever? Why are you trying to buy WD-40 from Amazon Japan? And often it’s as simple as resetting a password.

Wrap Yourself In Beautiful Errors With These Glitch Blankets

The problem with graphical glitches is that they generally show up when you’re trying to look at something else. Something not glitched. But if you’re just looking at them on their own, they can be be pretty fascinating, and even beautiful. That seems to be the idea behind Phillip Stearn’s Glitch Textiles, a set of very purposeful errors.

Some Guy Gets Blamed For Lost Phones Because Of Location Glitch

Las Vegas, the amazing place that sucks souls, wallets and dignities, is also really good at swallowing mobile phones. Drunk, partying, WHOOPS. And whenever a phone is lost, people who use location services to find their lost phones always seem to track it back to the same place: Wayne Dobson’s house.

Man Goes On US$1.5m Gambling Spree After ATM Glitch Allows Him Unlimited Withdrawals

Ronald Page, a retired General Motors worker living in the Detroit area, took advantage of one hell of a computer glitch, after happening upon an ATM that allowed him to make unlimited cash withdrawals.

Here's A Way To Break Google's Search Page

There’s an interesting glitch on Google’s search page that’ll misalign the page content when you search for the string “${“. It doesn’t appear to be serious; just surprising to see Google’s mighty coders make a mistake like this.

A Soul-Crushing Computer Glitch

This is how the State Department informed 22,000 people they were not, in fact, eligible for a special US visa program after a computer glitch bungled the lottery:

Is Your iPhone Taking Creepy Hidden Pics Of You?

Cameras that look back at us are becoming commonplace – and that’s a good thing! FaceTime is a lot of fun! Except if it’s glitchily taking secret pictures of us without us knowing, as some iPhone users are claiming.

Glitches Turn Video Games Into Sublime Art

First, he showed us the edge of the world. Now photographer Robert Overweg shows us some beautiful mistakes.

I Wish The Aussie Dollar Was This Good!

A glitch in the Bloomberg iPhone app, as sent in by tipster Sam… [Thanks Sam!]

So Banks Around The World Think It's 2016 Too? This Can't Be A Coincidence...

When Windows Mobile started sending SMS messages from the future the other day, it was a relatively harmless glitch. But as multiple news outlets are reporting, both the Bank of Queensland and Bankwest are suffering the same glitch, and it’s actually hurting businesses.