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Ford Is Killing Off The Falcon

The Australian car industry has been in a bit of a crisis for the last few years, and uncertainty over its future has been rife. Today, however, the death knell sounded for Ford’s Australian operations: come 2016, Ford won’t make cars in Australia anymore. That means the death of the Ford Falcon in Australia within the next three years.

Kogan Launches Campaign To Counter Carbon Tax

They say any publicity is good publicity, and Ruslan Kogan’s no stranger to generating as much as he can for himself and his online gadget store. Today it’s no different, with the latest stunt emerging as a somewhat peaceful demonstration against the Gillard government’s carbon pricing scheme or “carbon tax”.

Barack Obama Receives A Digital Mixtape From Julia Gillard

Awww, this is so cute! As a way of showing the American President that Australia still loves the U.S. (despite Charlie Sheen), our red-headed Prime Minister has presented Barack Obama with an iPod full of Australian music.

Aussie Election Gets The News Animation Treatment

I know the election is done and dusted – well, it will be next week once postal votes are counted and the two parties pucker up to kiss the independents’ butts – but I still couldn’t resist sharing the latest animation from NMA.

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