Cool 3D Optical Illusion GIFs Make Things Pop Out Of The Screen

Some of these 3D optical illusion GIFs are really really good. Scrat — the sabretooth squirrel from Ice Age — really achieves the effect. It’s perhaps the best of this collection.

This Six-Second Animation Short Is Better Than Most Studio Movies

Screw whatever’s on TV tonight. The only thing I want to see is this tiny short by Wayne Unten showing the imagined takeoff of Olivia Wright in 1903, “the first to pilot the great grasshoppers of North America”.

It Looks Like An Accident, But This Is How They Unload Timber In Canada

Reddit user JM2845 recently shared this amazing GIF of a barge in British Columbia emptying a load of timber into the water in a most unusual way, by tilting at 30 degrees and having its cargo tumble right off the side. Amazing.

Jumping On A Frozen Trampoline Looks Like A Lot Of Fun

Here’s the money shot in slow motion, but go to Digg for the whole thing at full speed. It’s a nice change from all the people Instagraming themselves throwing pots of boiling water in the air.

The Splooge Of Making Pop-Tarts Is So Very Hypnotic

Splooge, fold, press. Splooge, fold, press. Splooge, fold, press. The machines making Pop-Tarts are so mesmerising. You just can’t take your eyes off the black magic that is creating addictive processed food.

Watch The Whole History Of iOS Homescreens In One GIF

iOS 7 is now here to change your phone, homescreen, apps and beyond. It’s a big transition, but the iOS homescreen has come a long way in its six years. Here’s exactly how far, in one glorious GIF.

iOS 6 Morphs Into iOS 7 In One GIF

Things are going to change once iOS 7 hits your iPhone soon. Doesn’t matter if you’re buying the new iPhone 5C or 5S or not, all those icons you’ve gotten used to will morph into brighter, flatter and larger versions of what you know.

GIF-Saving Tool GIFME Is My New Favourite Chrome Extension

Do you often find yourself searching desperately through bookmarks folders, trying to find that perfect GIF you saved that one time? Do you keep a spreadsheet of links that takes you 10 minutes to track down? Then you’ll love GIFME, a new Chrome Extension that makes everything easier.

These Adorable GIFs Are Like Tiny Moving Picture Books

Only a handful of individuals have succeeded in making the GIF into something artful. We can definitely add artist and designer Guillaume Kurkdjian to that list, because his collection of lovely, child-like animations are dioramas of whimsical delight.

I Could Stare At These Animated Beer Labels All Day

The (figurative) craft beer explosion has provided no end of delights, be it cornucopian variety or xxxtreme hops or increasingly creative labels. But its greatest gift of all might turn out to be this ingenious Tumblr that GIFs all of the things.