YouTube Now Lets You Make GIFs From Videos

Making short GIFs of YouTube videos is a pretty well-established practice now — so much so that there’s dozens of websites dedicated to this finest of art forms. But YouTube might be about to make them all obsolete, thanks to a new built-in GIF maker.

These Animated X-Ray GIFs Show How The Inside Of Our Bodies Work

Briefly: Cameron Drake create these excellent animated GIFs that reveal how various joints in our bodies bend and fold and work under the all seeing see through eye of the X-ray. Under our skin, we all have the same beautiful machinery.

Why Twitter GIFs Aren't Actually GIFs

Twitter GIF are VIFs. They’re regular MP4 files that basically play in a loop.

These GIFs Turn Famous Buildings Into Shape-Shifting Toys

Buildings: they are giant and they are unmoving (for the most part). But what if you could play with them as freely as a Lego set? That seems like the kind of fun Axel de Stampa had when creating this series of super-fun GIFs.

Reckless Biker Escapes Death Five Times In Just A Few Seconds

Those Russian kids may be crazy but, if they fall from the top of those buildings and towers, it will be their problem. One day, they may make a mistake, fall, splat against the ground, and that would be it. This reckless biker, however, is playing with his life and the life of others, at least missing five collisions in this video.

A GIF Of A Vine Of A Video Of A Flipbook Of A GIF Of A Video Shows The Internet Has Gone Too Far

Take a video of roller coaster ride. Then GIF it. Make a flipbook from your GIF. Record a video of that flipbook in action. Put it on Vine. Turn that into a GIF. And this is what you get!

This Seems Like The Hardest Way To Make An Animated GIF

Video: Street artist INSA mixes graffiti and animation and calls it GIF-iti. He thinks big and doesn’t shirk, producing multiple super sized wall filling works which he digitises and repeatedly overpaints, rendering the results. Street art is by its nature temporal but INSA’s work will last forever — or at least until they pull the plug on the web.

Cool 3D Optical Illusion GIFs Make Things Pop Out Of The Screen

Some of these 3D optical illusion GIFs are really really good. Scrat — the sabretooth squirrel from Ice Age — really achieves the effect. It’s perhaps the best of this collection.

This Six-Second Animation Short Is Better Than Most Studio Movies

Screw whatever’s on TV tonight. The only thing I want to see is this tiny short by Wayne Unten showing the imagined takeoff of Olivia Wright in 1903, “the first to pilot the great grasshoppers of North America”.

It Looks Like An Accident, But This Is How They Unload Timber In Canada

Reddit user JM2845 recently shared this amazing GIF of a barge in British Columbia emptying a load of timber into the water in a most unusual way, by tilting at 30 degrees and having its cargo tumble right off the side. Amazing.