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Awesome Animated GIFs Show The Famous Characters Actors Play In Their Careers

Artist Prasad Bhat made this fantastic art series, The Evolution, that tracks the career of famous actors and the iconic roles they have played in different movies. It’s great because the expression of each actor never changes (and the expressions are so, so on point), even through all the characters’ costumes and wigs and facial hair and so forth.

Is A Gif Search Engine The Last Missing Feature That Was Keeping You From Using Twitter?

In a move aimed at persuading more young internet-type people to use Twitter, Jack Dorsey and friends are integrating gif search into its social network, following many messaging apps’ footsteps. The integrated search is a combined partnership between venerable gif havens Giphy and Riffsy.

24 Of The Most Delicious Food GIFs Of 2015

Our eyes got fat in 2015. With all kinds of yummy GIFs and daring food porn and meals that looked so good we considered eating our laptops and monitors in hopes of tasting the visual deliciousness, it was a hunger inducing year for eyeballs. Here are some of the best food GIFs we made in 2015.

Watch An Old Stormtrooper Transform Into A New Stormtrooper

Here’s an old Imperial Stormtrooper from the original Star Wars trilogy turning itself into a new First Order Stormtrooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in one sweet GIF. Made by GadgetLove, they say that the “size difference of the two designs makes it look as if they are breathing in and out while evolving.”

Hilarious Ad: What To Do When Your Friend Turns Into An Animated GIF 

When a commercial starts with a silly premise like:“What would you do if your friend turned into an animated GIF?” you know you’re about to watch something great. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Flying Horse’s ads. The Brazilian energy drink brand makes some of the weirdest and most hilarious commercials I’ve seen lately.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Poster Animated In A Neat Infinite GIF

Tumblr user AVBH transformed the official poster of The Avengers: Age of Ultron into an amazing animated GIF you can enjoy for the rest of the eternity. He broke it down to five smaller GIFs so we can appreciate all the details — and luckily, it doesn’t take forever to download.

This Is How Artists Create Their Fascinating Infinite GIFs

We already featured here the fascinating and yet disturbing black and white animations by Kevin Weir. This interesting short documentary shows how his creative process works.

Feast Your Eyes With These Cool Geometric Infinite Loops

These infinite loop GIFs by Dutch graphic designer Florian de Looij are so beautiful and perfectly crafted that I spent a while trapped inside their geometric patterns and moving colours.

The Future Of GIFs Is Killing What Makes Them So Great

Those wonderful looping animations we call GIFs are an unlikely story of survival in an age when digital formats come and go like the wind. The lure of the decades-old GIF format has caused people to ignore its flaws, but those looking to bring the format into modern times might just be inadvertently drowning its very soul.

Create GIFs Like It's Nothing With Imgur's New Tool

There are plenty of tools and apps out there for creating your own GIFs, but few are as straightforward to use as Imgur’s new offering. Even better, it uses the better-quality, more lightweight format that Imgur has been busy developing. Here’s how you can get a customised GIF from any YouTube or Vimeo clip in a few seconds.

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