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Apple's New Ads Are Excruciatingly Patronising, But They Aren't For You

We’ve seen some great ads come out of Apple in the last few years, but the company’s newest set of ads playing up Apple’s Geniuses are almost painful to watch. I’ve done some thinking and I’ve figured out that they’re ok, simply because these ads aren’t for us.

Say It Ain't So: Apple's 'Get A Mac' Ads Ending?

Floppy-haired Justin Long has said in an interview with the AV Club that the ‘Get A Mac’ adverts “might be done…I think they’re going to move on.” Move on to more ads with disembodied hands and loud indie-pop?

Get Dry With The Complete Collection Of 'Get A Mac' Adverts

If you’ve got nothing better to do between now and the January 27th, head over to AdWeek where all 66 TV adverts starring John Hodgman and Justin Long have been saved for posterity’s sake. [AdWeek]

You'll Be Seeing Justin Long's Smarmy Apple Face A Lot More Soon

Windows 7 launches a week from today, so you’re probably ready for the Microsoft advertising blitz that’s already started. But are you prepared for the Apple Windows 7 onslaught?

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