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Mysterious 'Hybrid' Animal Discovered In 18,000-Year-Old Cave Art

By combining archaeological, paleontological, and genetic evidence, an international team of researchers has identified a previously unknown hybrid species that contains both bison and cattle DNA. The discovery solves a longstanding mystery about the origins of modern European bison.

Why Storing Tomatoes In The Fridge Is A Bad Idea

Most foodies warn against storing tomatoes in the fridge, saying it saps them of their flavour. New research confirms this culinary opinion, revealing the way cold temperatures prevent critical flavour-enhancing genes from doing their job.

World's First 'Three Parent Baby' Born Thanks To A New Fertility Technique

A new reproductive technique in which a baby is produced with the genetic material from three distinct parents has yielded its first human.

We Just Found Out There's More Than One Species Of Giraffe

It seems we’ve been wrong about giraffes since, well, forever.

Scientists Are Rethinking The Role Climate Plays In Human Evolution

Centuries-old theories surrounding human height as it correlates to evolution have stated two things: Those closer to the equator were more linear and longer, while people who lived closer to the poles were wider and shorter, but generally bigger. This is according to Allen’s Rule and Bergmann’s Rule, which were both proposed during the 19th century.

Mice Bred Over Several Decades To Get Wasted For Science

It’s tough to say whether studies that show there is an “alcohol gene” hold any weight, but a new study does attempt to drive home that genetics can play a role in somebody’s desire to get totally trashed. It’s all thanks to some drunk mice.

English Bulldogs Have Reached A Genetic Dead End

The English Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, but it’s also one of the unhealthiest. An upsetting new analysis now shows that these stocky, wrinkly-faced dogs lack the genetic diversity required to improve the breed, and that their current level of health is as good as it’s ever going to get.

DNA Resolves 80-Year-Old Mystery Behind Belgian King's Death 

Controversy has long surrounded the presumed accidental death of Belgium’s King Albert I in 1934, with conspiracy theorists crying murder. Now, 80 years later, forensic geneticists have successfully matched DNA< from blood found at the scene of his death with that of two of the late king's distant relatives, hopefully resolving the mystery once and for all.

We've Been Wrong About Lichen For 150 Years

Hundreds of millions of years ago, a tiny green microbe joined forces with a fungus, and together they conquered the world. It’s a tale of two cross-kingdom organisms, one providing food and the one other shelter, and it’s been our touchstone example of symbiosis for 150 years. The trouble is, that story is nowhere near complete.

What Are the Odds You'll Meet Your Evil Twin?

We’ve seen enough science fiction (and soap operas I suppose) over the years to know that your evil twin is just around the corner. But what if they have already taken over your life? What if you’re the evil twin??

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