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The Life Cycle Of A Tshirt

We love our geeky shirts—the stranger, the better—and we often wear them obsessively. But even we know that at some point we just need to let go and watch nature—and the tshirt life cycle—take its course.

Can A Shirt Pocket Ever Be Too Big?

Can shirt pockets ever be too big? Can you appear sane with a netbook crammed into your chest pocket? No matter the answers, this weird shirt can be ordered now for $US30. [Think Of The via The Awesomer via CrunchGear]

Special Ops Bunnies Are Watching You

We have a weakness for The Oatmeal’s comics around here, but we just discovered that he makes insanely adorable, rather geeky and slightly creepy shirts. At least that’s the only way I can sum up these fluffy-tailed spies. [The Oatmeal]

Yeah, But Does Your Keyboard Tie Actually Play Music?

On the left: a standard-issue keyboard tie. Sure, it looks great and makes you popular at parties, but acoustically it’s a dud. On the right: a fashionable tie that also makes beautiful music. Listen to the sound of neckware evolution!

Intel Lab Fashion: Miniskirts, Bunny Suits And Hippie Flare

A sterile microchip clean room is just about the last place you’d expect to find juicy cultural remnants. That’s why Intel’s photo archive is all the more interesting.

Hop Over The Sarlaac Pit With Adidas' Boba Fett ZX 800 Sneaks

Boba Fett armour-matching sneakers might be an idea more awesome in my mind than on my feet, but props to Adidas for celebrating the galaxy’s most bad-ass bounty hunter. Keep them in the toylike packaging for collector cred, of course. [Pursuitist]

Famous Robot Appliances T-Shirt: Ordered!

Featuring Optimus Dry, the Toaster, RD-BREW2, Mega Hair and the special guest star of Bender Bending Rodriguez as the Steamer, there was little I could do to resist not ordering this $US18 Threadless t-shirt. [Threadless]

Perhaps Fangirlism Should Stop At The Nails

I never liked nails painted with any motif – I personally use plain hot-rod, metallic red nail polish for mine – but I have to admit that these tech icons, from iPhone apps to Mario to Domo-Kun, look preeeeetty nice.

Proudly Show Off Your Inner Maths Nerd With The Pi Necklace

The Pi Necklace lists the first 100 decimal places of everyone’s favourite irrational number, pi. It’s the perfect accessory for Pi Day, or any other day, for that matter. [RGB Laboratory via Craziest Gadgets]

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