Chase Jarvis Breaks Down His Most Essential Photo Gear For Any Job

“Essential” gear is a relative term. Each situation and budget has its own necessities. But this video of noted photog Chase Jarvis explaining his core kits is a solid breakdown of how to be ready for any situation.

Samsung Gear Fit Review: The SmartWatch Fitness Tracker

After releasing a critical dud last fall with its first major smartwatch release, the Galaxy Gear, Samsung surprised a lot of folks in the industry when it announced an attractive new entrant into the wearable computing category, the Gear Fit, just a few months later.

Supercut Of Heroes Getting Geared Up Will Make You Want To Kick Arse

Before confronting great adversity, your favourite film hero has to prepare him or herself mentally, physically, and with massive weaponry. That’s the delightfully simple premise of this supercut, which collects some of the best gearing up moments from film.

Under Armour's Clutchfit Shoes Conform To The Shape Of Your Movement

Under Armour is about to release a new line of gear coated in a sheath of sturdy plastic, designed to provide support while also flexing with the shape of your movement. “Clutchfit,” as the new tech is called, isn’t aesthetics — it’s science.

A Bullshit-Free Guide To The Gear You Need To Commute By Bike

So you’re thinking about commuting to work by bike this summer? Congratulations, your life is about to get a zillion times more fun. But where to begin? The insular world of cycling can seem a little, uh, confusing to those unfamiliar with it — it’s hard to know what you really need to get started riding.

You Can Decide What NASA's Next Spacesuit Prototype Will Look Like

The Z-2 suit is the newest prototype in the Z-series, NASA’s next-generation spacesuit platform. After creating the Z-1 prototype, the U.S. space agency wants you to get involved to the development process, because they have three quite different design concepts — and, some times, professionals need a little help.

Report: Australian Pricing For The Samsung Gear 2, Neo And Fit

Luke’s various encounters with Samsung’s new line of Gear wearables last month indicated the company could be onto a good thing. We’ve just been missing a critical piece of information — price, though it now looks like we have some ballpark figures.

Nepal Will Force Each Everest Climber To Collect 8kg Of Rubbish

Mount Everest might be the be-all, end-all of mountaineering, but it’s also a dumping ground for the climbers striving upon its face — which is littered, as National Geographic puts it, “with garbage leaking out of the glaciers and pyramids of human excrement befouling the high camps.” This week, Nepal announced a new rule aimed at cleaning it up.

I Could Stare All Day At These Beautiful Studio Portraits Of Cameras

It’s true that photographers have a way of fetishising their gear. But it’s fun to appreciate the craft and aesthetic of cameras, just like in these amazing studio portraits by photographer Julian Calverley.

A Website Devoted To What's Inside Photographers' Gear Bags

If you find it fascinating to see how other photographers work, their choices and habits, then ‘ is perfect for you. It’s a submission-based collection of photographers and their gear bags.