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Promising New Therapy Extends Lifespans Of Mice By 35 Per Cent

By flushing out cells worn with age, researchers from the Mayo Clinic have extended the lifespans of mice by as much as 35 per cent. It’s an encouraging finding that could eventually lead to similar therapies in humans.

We're Growing Twice As Much Food (with Far Fewer Farms) Than We Used To

How do you grow more food? One answer that makes sense is with bigger farms and more farmers. But if you look at the last half century-or-so worth of data, that’s not at all what’s been happening.

New Technique Allows Scientists To Read Minds At Nearly The Speed Of Thought

An experiment by University of Washington researchers is setting the stage for advances in mind reading technology. Using brain implants and sophisticated software, researchers can now predict what their subjects are seeing with startling speed and accuracy.

A Brief History Of Stephen Hawking Being A Bummer

Stephen Hawking is at it again, saying it’s a “near certainty” that a self-inflicted disaster will befall humanity within the next thousand years or so. It’s not the first time the world’s most famous physicist has raised the alarm on the apocalypse, and he’s starting to become a real downer. Here are some of the other times Hawking has said the end is nigh — and why he needs to start changing his message.

Cyborg Sperm Could Revolutionise Fertility Treatments

Some men produce sperm that are poor swimmers, a major cause of infertility. To help, researchers from Germany have developed motorised cyborg “spermbots” that can be guided directly to an egg.

The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True In 2015

It’s time to reflect on the most futuristic breakthroughs and developments of the past year. This year’s crop features a slew of remarkable scientific and technological achievements, from an actual working hoverboard to cyborgized brains. Here are 18 predictions that finally came true in 2015.

Derby, The Adorable Cybernetic Dog, Just Got A Major Upgrade

Derby is a dog born with underdeveloped legs and paws. Tech firm 3D Systems designed a pair of prosthetic limbs for the Husky mix, but they were too short, and they also prevented Derby from being able to sit normally. A new upgrade now overcomes both of these limitations.

Why Nominating 'AI Alarmists' For This Year's Luddite Award Is Misguided 

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation has released its nominees for its annual Luddite Awards. Recognising “the worst of the year’s worst innovation killers”, this year’s crop includes everything from restrictions on car-sharing to bans on automatic licence plate readers. But by referring to “AI alarmists” as neo-Luddites, the ITIF has gone too far.

Watch Out Yoghurt, Soon Drinking Water Might Go Probiotic

You’ve probably suspected that your household drinking water — which came from a reservoir, through underground pipes, to your filthy kitchen sink — wasn’t sterile. Now scientists are studying exactly what’s in that water.

The US FDA Just Approved Transgenic Chickens That Make Medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration has given the thumbs up to a genetically modified chicken that produces a drug in its eggs. It’s the latest addition to a growing area in medicine known as “farmaceuticals.”

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