41 Century-Old Predictions For Our 21st Century Socialist Utopia

Mail via pneumatic tube? Weather control? A three-hour workday? These sound like futuristic predictions straight from the 1950s and ’60s. But proving yet again that there’s nothing new under the sun, these predictions are actually over a century old. And unlike the more libertarian-tinged versions of these ideas that would emerge after World War II, those at the turn of the 20th century were firmly rooted in lefty politics.

How Close Are We To Building A Full-Fledged Cyborg?

The dream of the cyborg is coming true at an exhilarating rate. As humans gets better and better at making machines, we keep attaching those machines to our bodies to make ourselves better humans. It seems at times that the only question left is if we can put a human brain in a robotic frame. Actually, it’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Gizmodo Meets Dan The Automator, Kid Koala, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

In May of 2000 these three legends of hip-hop formed a supergroup and created something nobody saw coming: A futuristic, sci-fi rap album. Over the years, Deltron 3030 has developed an almost fanatical cult following. The long awaited sequel — officially released in October — is likely to do the same.

When I Actually Wear Google Glass

So far, most of what’s been written about Google Glass has been united by one commonality: It’s been written from the perspective of someone who had to wear Glass. Because they were going to write about it. But here’s when you’ll actually want to wear it. Or at least when I do.

Elon Musk Has No Intention Of Building The Hyperloop Himself

Elon Musk, enthusiastic entrepre-nerd that he is, might have gotten a little bit ahead of himself with all the Hyperloop talk recently. On an investor call, he indicated that he has a pretty good idea about the design for the high-speed travel concept, but no plans to move forward with it — at least not with the gusto he’s pursued lofty goals like electric vehicles and private space exploration.

Psychedelic Space Station Concepts From The 70s Will Blow Your Mind

40 years ago, the world was still high on the astronomical success of the moon mission and on the idea that space age innovations would keep happening at a breakneck pace. Well, we got the shuttle, and we got the Mars rover(s). What we did not get, however, were mind-bending super space stations capable of holding entire civilizations inside.

The Inspector Gadget Tech That Ended Up Becoming Real

Back when many of us were still kids and many more had yet to even be twinkles in our mothers’ uteri, Inspector Gadget was the apotheosis of all of technology’s promises — many of which, it turns out, came true. Vanity Fair has compiled a wonderful collection of those gadgets of the inspector’s that were particularly prescient.

Will We Have Cognitive Computers That Feel And Smell In The Next Five Years?

At the end of each year, IBM releases its “5 in 5″ — five technology predictions that IBM researchers foresee coming to fruition within the coming five years. These predictions are based on everything from emerging market trends to cultural and social behaviours to actual technologies IBM has incubating in its many labs. And if this year’s predictions are to be believed, many computational systems — from your tablet and laptop to your smartphone — are about to get a lot more sensory, learning to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell in their own digital ways.

New Google eBooks Translation Mark The Beginning Of Deep Cultural Change

Google eBooks just got upgraded with real time translation. This feature is another step towards the destruction of language barriers that limit worldwide cultural sharing. Something that, eventually, will deeply change the core of the human species while preserving our tribal identities.

Flying Fire Fighters (And Other Things That Didn't Come To Pass)

Flying firemen. Radium-heated homes. Robot-assisted architects, tailors and barbers (eek!). These are the technologies of the year 2000, as envisioned by French illustrator Villemard in a series of beautiful drawings produced in 1910. They are pretty wacky…except when they aren’t.

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