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Meanwhile In The Future: Everybody Has A Personal Drone Now

There are a million ways people might use drones in the future, from deliveries and police work to journalism. But in this episode, we’re going to talk about consumer drones — something that you or I might use for ourselves. What does the world look like when everybody with a smart phone also has a drone?

What Would You Do If You Could Teleport?

Forget all the technical details of trying to actually teleport. The fun stuff is imagining what you could do with your new-found superpowers.

The Unlikely Quest To Build A Tower Tall Enough To Take Astronauts To Space

The space elevator is a glorious science fiction idea that’s never gotten past the concept stage, mostly because it’s impossible to build one right now. Recognising this, a Canadian space firm is hoping to test the waters with a slightly scaled-down version — a space tower, if you will, that only rises into the stratosphere. Only.

Two Books You Must Read If You Care About The Future Of Humanity In Space

Two of the most celebrated authors in science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson, released epic novels this summer about our future lives in space. And yet both Robinson’s Aurora and Stephenson’s Seveneves are actually about why we may never be able to leave Earth behind.

Is This Alphabet Thing All About Google's Tesla Envy?

As Silicon Valley struggles to understand the news about Google’s new parent company Alphabet, one thing has become clear. Alphabet is all about highlighting Google’s futuristic projects with things like connected devices, drones and longevity. It’s as if Larry Page and Sergey Brin wish they were running Tesla.

Meanwhile In The Future: Cross The Border Using Only Your Face As ID

This week, we go to a world where facial recognition is so good that any company can grab an image of your face while you’re walking down the street, and link it to everything from your social media profiles, to your credit score, to your workplace.

Testing Kids For 'Potential Depression' Seems Like A Bad Idea

What if you lived in a world where every kid got tested for potential depression when they were in primary school?

How Close Are We To Creating A Star Trek-Like 'Holodeck'?

Hundreds of years, if it’s possible at all. There are several main technologies that are on display in a holodeck, some of which we are closer to and some of which we are further away from.

Meanwhile In The Future: Extreme Body Modification

We all want to be our best selves. But what if you could add almost anything to your body and mind? A camera here, an exoskeleton there. This is the world that some biohackers imagine — one in which humans can extend their abilities beyond the limits biology has set for us. But what does that world look like?

The Guy Who Invented Mobile Phones Thinks Apps Suck 

The inventor of the first mobile phone thinks that someday we’ll all have tiny computers implanted behind our ears instead of phones. He also thinks apps are terrible.

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