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Meanwhile In The Future: Nobody Cares About Your Gender

Nerf balls are for boys. Dolls are for girls. Romance movies are for women, and action flicks for men. Nearly everything in our world is gendered in some way. But what if we lived in a world where gender was more like hair colour — something you could change at will, and that had little bearing on what other people thought of you?

Meanwhile In The Future: To Stop Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans

A lot of researchers are thinking about how to genetically engineer crops and food animals to help them withstand post-climate change heat and parched conditions. But what about genetically engineering humans to slow our constant carbon contributions?

The Key To Colonizing Mars Could Be These Tiny Green Microbes

Long ago, a clan of hardy microbes called cyanobacteria helped terraform the lifeless Earth into a vibrant biosphere. Today, the very same critters could be the key to colonizing Mars.

Meanwhile In The Future: Now You Can Buy An Invisibility Cloak

Scientists now have a way to method of cloaking something very small, making it effectively invisible. But what if scientists and engineers created a much larger version? What if we all had access to invisibility cloaks?

Where In Our Galaxy Are All The Aliens?

There may be billions of habitable worlds throughout the Milky Way, but where are the radio-blasting, starship-sailing aliens? Where are our cosmic Snapchat buddies? If they exist, they’re probably thousands of light years away from us, nestled somewhere toward the center of our Galaxy.

Meanwhile In The Future: We've Invented An Empathy Machine

When you were a kid and stole your friends’ toys, your parent probably asked you this angry hypothetical: “How do you think that made them feel?” But what if you actually could feel what another person is feeling? This week, we travel to a future where humans have invented an empathy machine.

Meanwhile In The Future: Everybody Has A Personal Drone Now

There are a million ways people might use drones in the future, from deliveries and police work to journalism. But in this episode, we’re going to talk about consumer drones — something that you or I might use for ourselves. What does the world look like when everybody with a smart phone also has a drone?

What Would You Do If You Could Teleport?

Forget all the technical details of trying to actually teleport. The fun stuff is imagining what you could do with your new-found superpowers.

The Unlikely Quest To Build A Tower Tall Enough To Take Astronauts To Space

The space elevator is a glorious science fiction idea that’s never gotten past the concept stage, mostly because it’s impossible to build one right now. Recognising this, a Canadian space firm is hoping to test the waters with a slightly scaled-down version — a space tower, if you will, that only rises into the stratosphere. Only.

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