This Australian Video Is A Satirical Glimpse Of Earth's Dystopian Future

Video: Made by Duncan Elms, this video imagines a future where Earth has been ravaged by wars, cyclones, food shortages, destructive weather and horrible humans and turned into areas of uninhabitable zones. And yet cities would still make bids to host the Olympic Games, even if they’re during a nuclear winter.

Futurama In 3D Is Absolutely Stunning

Whoa. Artist Alexy Zakharov re-imagined the world of Futurama in 3D and transformed a flat cartoon into a completely stunning vista. It makes me want to watch a movie version of Futurama, set in this world, right now. Hell, it makes me want to cryogenically freeze myself so I can live in this world when I wake up.

Video Explains What Graphene Is And Why It's A Magic Material

So what’s the deal with graphene and why does everyone think it’s the next big thing? Well, as SciShow says, it conducts electricity better than silver, it conducts heat better than diamonds and even though it’s only one atom thick, it’s even stronger than steel. So why isn’t it more popular and everywhere?

Stealth Bomber Concept Splits In Three, Reassembles Like Voltron

This “Voltron” stealth bomber seems out of a science fiction movie, but it’s one of the aircraft concepts that military powerhouse BAE Systems is working on: A single bomber/drone would fly as one from the home base, then divide into three aeroplanes to execute different tasks in the same area and reassemble to return to the base.

Aeroplanes Of The Future: Mid-Air 3D Printing, Real-Life Transformers

BAE Systems has thrown a few wild ideas out there today, revealing what it thinks, hopes or possibly just imagines cutting-edge military aeroplanes may be like in the year 2040. One of BAE’s bizarre imagination exercises is an on-board 3D printer knocks out a quick UAV to deploy for investigation purposes.

The First Personal Maglev Transport System Is Being Built In Israel

SkyTran — a NASA Space Act company — is finally building a pilot of its computer-controlled, two-person, high-speed maglev transport system. Cars run six metres above the ground and can be ordered by a smartphone app.

What A Space City Would Actually Look Like In Real Life

We are used to seeing space settlements in sci-fi illustrations and movies, but these are not realistic. Bryan Versteeg — from Spacehabs — uses scientific principles to develop concepts that can actually happen one day. The Kalpana One Space Settlement is one of them. Bryan has sent us new renders of this awesome place.

The Future Of Earth And The End Of The Universe Visualised

Video: Hold on to your time machine seats and dive into this neat visualisation of the future Earth and the universe — from 100 years from now to 10^100 years, when the universe should shut down according to the theories based on the evidence gathered so far.

We're Living In The Future, Just Not The One We Were Promised

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future II and its vision of technology in 2015? Marty and Doc arrived in a world with giant shark holograms for movie adverts, flying cars, hoverboards and massive interactive screens on every surface. The problem is, that’s not where we are going.

Australia 2025: Let's Put Medical Science Under The Microscope

How will science address the challenges of the future? In collaboration with Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb, let’s look at how each science discipline will contribute to Australia now and in the future. The past is prologue, or so we should hope for biomedical research. And Australia has a proud history with four Nobel Prizes for Physiology or Medicine given for work done here…