How An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel Imagined The Future 122 Years Ago

La Fin du Monde (The End of the World), is a 19th century science fiction novel about a comet colliding with the Earth, followed by several million years leading up to the gradual death of the planet. The book was written by French astronomer and author Camille Flammarion, first published in 1893, and adapted to movie in 1931.

Your Tesla Is About To Become Autonomous

Earlier this week, we heard billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk describe his vision for the future of self-driving vehicles. Turns out, when Musk said “we’ll be there in a few years,” what he actually meant was, his company, Tesla, will be there this summer. Slip of the tongue.

How The Creators Of Monument Valley Are Re-Inventing The Car Instrument Cluster

Despite the total flexibility of a digital dashboard, for now they tend to look a lot like the physical dials and gauges that have been in use for generations. No one is suggesting this is actually the best way, but few have actually gone about designing something better. Until now.

Dubai's 3D-Printed Museum Of The Future Looks Like Hollywood

Dubai’s newly announced “Museum of the Future” is doing its best to live up to the name.

Is The Internet Killing Our Individuality?

This neat short film by British motion designer Thom Haig lays out some very interesting questions about our future: Is the internet and the new connectivity systems affecting our individuality? Are we capable of creating new thoughts or we are just simply replicating the same ideas over and over again?

Three Dystopian Cities Of The Near Future, Animated In 5K 

What’s stranger: A vision of the future that’s completely foreign to you, or a vision of the future that’s recognisable but different enough to feel alien?

What Do You Think Will Be The Doom Of Civilisation?

It’s probably true that every generation thinks it will be the last — I mean, the Doomsday Clock has been ticking since 1947. And though I accused us millennials earlier today of being the “generation that cried apocalypse”, I fully admit there are some damn legit reasons for that cry currently brewing.

The Medical Miracle Headlines Of The Future (From 1951)

On January 2, 1951, the Rex Morgan, M.D. comic strip featured a New Year’s greeting insisting to readers that time is measured by progress instead of simply by years. And it’s not a bad thought! But looking at the “headlines of the future” from 1951, one can’t help but be a little bummed out.

Magic Leap's Patents Are A Crazy Vision Of The Augmented Reality Future

Magic Leap is one of the most intriguing secrets in augmented reality tech right now. You can piece it together from the rumours and hearsay, but questions still remain. If these recently-published patents are any indication, the Magic Leap future involves a lot of insane wearables.

Drone Video Shows How Shanghai Looks Like A City From The Future

Thanks to years of violence being shoved down our throats by pop culture and the media, many of us have very strong stomachs — we tend to become very desensitised. Very few filmmakers are capable of pulling off a tastefully violent film. A film with violence that actually shocks you. Cinematic Japanese legend Takeshi Kitano is one of those few filmmakers and Outrage is as good as it gets.