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A Stealth Energy Startup Just Made A 10x Improvement To Its Fusion Tech

Tri Alpha Energy does not have a website. Its office in California is unmarked. But this stealth company apparently has hundreds of millions in cash. And now it has something to show for it, reports Science: The company claims it’s gotten ten times better at containing high-energy particles necessary for fusion energy.

Lockheed Martin's New Fusion Reactor Can Change Humanity Forever

This is the interior of an invention that could change civilisation as we know it: A compact fusion reactor developed by Skunk Works, the stealthy experimental technology division of Lockheed Martin. It is the size of a jet engine, power aeroplanes, spaceships, and cities — and they say it will be operative in only 10 years.

Monster Machines: An Overdue Reactor That Could Be The Key To Our Fusion Revolution

Even with the recent advancements in renewable energy technologies, it’s going to be tough to satisfy the electrical needs of our booming human population in the coming years. However, if this international nuclear reactor can ever come online, we may see fusion-driven, utility-scale power grids within our lifetimes.

Nuclear Fusion Just Got More Energy Out Of Its Fuel Than It Put Into It

It’s one of science’s ultimate goals, and perhaps the only thing that could prevent humanity’s ultimate depletion of the Earth’s resources — the ability to create more energy than is used to make it. Now, a new nuclear breakthrough has brought that feat even closer to becoming a reality.

Nuclear Fusion Has Broken Even For The First Time Ever

Nuclear fusion, the same process that powers the sun, could provide us with limitless cheap energy — but experiments to date have always used more power than they created. But now researchers have apparently tipped that balance, making fusion a real possibility.

Scientists Fire The World's Most Powerful Laser

Hidden away at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility is a terrifying 10-story laser. Recently scientists have finally started using it in anger, and now they’ve even smashed previous records to fire the most powerful laser shot ever recorded.

Man Arrested Before He Can Finish His Nuclear Reactor

If a man told you he was getting ready to build a nuclear reactor in his apartment, you’d think he was crazy. Too right. But one Swedish man went for it. And if he hadn’t been caught, he could’ve succeeded.

AMD Brings Its A-Game To Battle Sandy Bridge Laptops

AMD’s “Fusion Accelerated Processing Units” (APUs) combine the CPU and discrete Radeon graphics on the same die. There’s three tiers: C-Series (netbooks/tablets), E-Series (12.1- to 14-inchers), and the A-Series for bigger laptops and PCs. We’ve already seen AMD’s C-50 and E-350 chips, and here come the big guns. The dual-core A4 and quad-core A6/A8 APUs roughly target Core i3, i5 and i7 laptops, respectively — so get ready for a Sandy Bridge stoush. In Australia: HP, Sony, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba and Asus have already signed on.

HP Arms 11 Laptops With AMD's Sandy Bridge-Esque Fusion APUs

AMD says their Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit is “Sandy Bridge done right”, which combines a CPU and discrete ATI graphics on the same die, allowing more efficient processing, increased battery life and improved graphics performance. Now it’s in 11 new HP laptops.

AMD Fusion: GPU And CPU Hook Up For Better Battery Life

We’ve known AMD’s Fusion GPU/CPU hybrid has been incoming, but now we know exactly what to expect from the tiny chips—clean(er) video, low energy and the size of a fingernail.

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