Astronauts Can Power Their Bodies And Spacecraft With Pee

Astronauts have been able to drink their own (treated and filtered) urine for years, but scientists have managed to squeeze one more benefit out of an inevitable byproduct thanks to a new technique. Now, astronauts can use their urine to keep both their bodies and their spaceships running smoothly.

An RC Plane That Flies On Seawater Fuel

It’s been almost a year and a half since we first reported on the US Navy’s plans to produce cheap liquid fuel from seawater. And, as a proof of concept, the unmodified two-stroke engine in this P-51 Mustang remote control model plane was recently powered using the new liquid fuel instead of traditional petrol.

Scientists Have Created Bio-Rocket Fuel

For those of you concerned that rockets, jet fighters and the like aren’t environmentally friendly, some good news: scientists have worked out how to use bacteria to create rocket fuel.

LaCie's Fuel Tank Is Filled With 1TB Of Wireless Storage, Not Petrol

Even if you’ve splurged on the most capacious smartphone or tablet you can find, at one point you’re still going to run out of storage space. And in lieu of constantly swapping tiny memory cards, LaCie’s new Fuel offers a full terabyte of storage that’s available to your mobile devices via a direct wireless connection.

What Causes Spontaneous Combustion?

Most of us experience combustion, a chemical process where a fuel combines with oxygen to produce heat and light, in the form of a fire where both the fuel and ignition source are well known.

Editorial From 1925 Predicted Decline Of Coal, Rise Of Atomic Energy

Coal has been keeping our lights on and our houses warm for centuries. But coal’s inherent messiness — both in mining it and burning it — has always been a problem. So it’s no surprise that many people today advocate for cleaner alternatives. What may come as a surprise, however, is that some people were dreaming of a cleaner energy future nearly a century ago.

Artificial Photosynthesis: Making Cheap Hydrogen From Water And Light

Hydrogen is one of the most promising fuels of the future, but right now it’s expensive to produce in bulk. Enter the work of a team of Stanford researchers who believe they can make it as cheap as fossil fuels — using just some water and sunlight.

An RC Car That Runs On Water Is A Positively Charged Step

People have been talking about running cars on water for years, but it’s a slow march from science fiction to reality. Even on a small scale, development is difficult. But the i-H2GO is the second revision of an all-water remote controlled car that seems to actually work.

This Eternal Flame Burns As A Result Of Natural Fracking

This is a light that never goes out: an eternal flame, hidden behind a waterfall in Erie county, New York, which is a result of natural gas seeping out from underground rocks.

Giz Explains: What Biofuel Is (And Where It Comes From)

Cars didn’t always run on petrol. Henry Ford envisioned his Model T’s puttering along with tanks fully of ethanol. Early diesel engines ran on peanut oil. Of course, the discovery of massive petroleum reserves at the turn of the 20th century quickly put the brakes on that notion — why bother creating biofuel when petrol and diesel are cents on the litre? But now that petrol is about $1.30 a litre, interest in biofuels is on the rise. Here’s what we’ll use to power 21st century transportation.