Turns Out Apple Pay Can't Solve Credit Card Fraud

Among other things, Apple’s Second Coming of the Mobile Payment Solution was meant to fix our broke-arse credit card security system. Only, according to (unconfirmed) reports, it’s doing exactly the opposite.

GoFundMe Is A Great Way To Scam People

I’m not the morality police over here, but I’m just gonna go ahead and say that people should not scam each other. Think of a scam free world! We would be free to trust unlucky Nigerian princes and Publisher’s Clearing House. So, first of all: Don’t rip people off. It’s rude. But if you were going to perpetuate a scam, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe is a great way to do so.

Report: A Flaw In Visa's Contactless Card Lets Anyone Charge It $US999,999

Contactless credit cards are a hit in the UK. But a British research team has revealed a serious security flaw that allows anyone to charge up to $US999,999.99 in foreign currency to a nearby card, even while it’s still in a wallet or purse.

You Can Buy Fake University Email Accounts For As Little As 16 Cents

Want to pretend you went to the Ivy League? If you have some money and know how to log onto China’s version of eBay, Taobao, it’s not so hard. It is, however, illegal.

Beware Crooks Stealing Your Card Details At Car Washes

There’s a new trend sweeping the credit card fraud business, and it takes the concept of money laundering quite literally: Criminals are swiping card details from car washes.

Signifyd Checks Your Tweets To Make Sure Your Spending Spree's Legit

When it works right, fraudulent charge detection is great. But sometimes businesses mistakenly freeze your legit purchases — usually when you’re travelling somewhere far-flung and can’t easily straighten things out. Signifyd, launched today, hopes to fix that by watching your social media to see when you’re really on a Caribbean shopping spree.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Charged With Hacking And Fraud In Sweden

Pirate Bay cofounder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg has been charged on suspicion that he hacked into a variety of companies, as well as fraudulently withdrawing money from the Swedish Nordea bank. Prosecutors claim he — along with three others — hacked IBM mainframes belonging to tax firm Logica and the bank.

How The CSIRO Allegedly Ripped Off A Major Pharmaceutical Company

I love the CSIRO. You probably do, too. I love the idea of a group of really smart people coming together to further our collective knowledge, so to hear that the organisation is being accused of deliberately misleading a major pharmaceutical company by reportedly selling it simple chemicals masked as a complex, in-house anti-counterfeiting technology is something that can take a bit of getting used to. Here’s how it all allegedly went down.

ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific On Payment Terminals And Ticket Machines

ATM skimming has become an art in recent years, with the devices that crooks use becoming ever more sophisticated. But fraudsters are broadening their reach, with payment terminals and ticket machines now just as much targets as ATMs.

One Day Your Credit Card Will Recognise Your Signature

A signature-based security approach is only effective if a cashier actually checks what’s scrawled across the back of a credit card. Even then there’s still plenty of opportunity for fraud. One day, your credit card might be capable of spotting a forged signature.

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