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Faux Loko Gummi Bears: Highly Caffeinated, Incredibly Alcoholic Candy

Do you remember when we taught you how to get really drunk off Gummi Bears? Of course you do. Kind of. And surely you recall our recipe for Faux Loko: The DIY Four Loko we shouldn’t have told anyone about? Both were unforgettable, classic episodes of Happy Hour. Now, we just found a way to combine them: Faux Loko Gummi Bears, people. Faux freakin’ Loko Gummi Bears.

Faux Loko: The DIY Drink I Really Shouldn't Be Telling You About

Remember Four Loko? That horrible, fruity malt liquor that combined loads of alcohol, caffeine and other insane drugs? Most of the caffeine and other uppers were pulled out of it, making it significantly less deadly, meaning everybody lost interest. But now, suddenly, there’s an easy way to make your own. Proceed with extreme caution.

Two Teens Found Dead With Empty Can Of Four Loko

Two teenagers in California were found dead in a vacant apartment with an empty can of Four Loko, the banned alcohol and caffeine concoction, and other evidence of drug use. There goes any hope of a brand revival.

How Four Loko Destroys My Body: A Liveblog For Science

Four Loko, the caffeinated alcoholic poison drink, has been in the news a lot lately. It’s being banned in some US states, forcing the manufacturer to strip out the caffeine. But what’s it do to your body? Let’s find out.

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