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The Cheapest Fitness Tracker Yet

There’s no screen to display your burned calories, no flashing LEDs to keep you motivated, and no way to strap it to your wrist. But Misfit’s new Flash Link fitness tracker has a killer feature that others to date do not: a cheap $US20 price tag.

Can Spotify's Algorithm Improve Your Workout? It Can't Hurt To Try

Running is big business. There are shoes, clothes, fitness trackers, apps and countless other products that promise to make us faster — or at least distract us from our pain. For me, music is the only thing that’s ever worked. So when Spotify announced a way to “change the way you run forever,” I leapt at the chance. More accurately, I ran.

VR Workout Station Lets You Tone Your Abs While Travelling To Jupiter

Working out at a gym, with nothing but TV news or your more physically fit peers to stare at, can be a bit disheartening. But don’t despair: The future where technology allows you to stand over a volcano or fly to Mars while flexing your gluts in the confines of your basement isn’t far off.

Sony Smart B-Trainer Australian Price and Release Date

Need motivation to get fit this winter? Sony has you covered with the B-Trainer, which can even choose music based on heart rate. So how much will it cost you?

Jawbone UP2 Australian Pricing and Release Date

The new entry level band is smaller and lighter without sacrificing any of the features you want. But how much will it cost here in Australia?

Jawbone UP3 Review: A Fitness Fiasco

The UP3 was supposed to be so much better. It was supposed to be fashion-forward. It was supposed to be waterproof. It was supposed to be more intelligent than any other fitness tracker. It isn’t. I spent the last couple weeks trying to like this band, and I just can’t do it.

2 Technologies You Didn't Know Existed In Running Shoes

Not all running shoes are created equal, and over the years the tech making sure your feet are comfortable while they pound the pavement has advanced significantly. Manufacturers have certainly been working on it long enough, as evidenced by this wonderfully old school Discovery Channel special with hilarious egg-dropping experiment sequences (check out the computer monitors for an indication of how ancient this is!). But what exactly is going on inside our shoes these days?

Build The Ultimate Playlist To Improve Your Workout

It feels like listening to music while we exercise helps pump us up. But is there scientific backing to that claim, and how can you build the ultimate workout playlist? Giz explains…

Spire Fitness Tracker Review: Keep Calm And Keep On Walking

The Spire is a fitness tracker that also measures your breathing, so you can keep tabs on your lungs as well as your steps. Why would you want to do that? Creators Jonathan Palley and Neema Moraveji, of the Stanford’s Calming Technology Lab, claim it can help make you a calmer person.

Fitmodo: These Are The Most Time-Efficient Fat-Burning Exercises

Gizmodo speaks with an Australian sports science and fitness expert to uncover which exercises provide most bang for buck. Perfect for making the most out of your lunch hour. The elliptical? Rowing? Or is there a better option? Here are the facts.

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