Telstra Kicking Off Voluntary Filter Trials, Seeking Volunteers

Fancy putting your hand up to be part of a voluntary filter trial involving deep packet inspection all designed to thwart piracy? Telstra wants to hear from you.

Five Questions About The Coalition Policy Backflip Giz Wants Answered

So hey Coalition, you declared that a Liberal/National government if elected would introduce a compulsory opt-out internet filter, and then about three hours later decided that actually, no, it wouldn’t. Confusing, we find. Voters interested in tech issues deserve to have some questions answered. Specifically:

Remember When The Coalition Backed Away Quickly From The Internet Filter? Apparently That's Now A Thing

That Internet filter that was rather plainly written into the Coalition policy announced earlier today? Apparently, it was just “poorly worded” and not what the Coalition meant at all. Or something.

Remember When The Internet Filter Was A Thing? Well, It's Back

Like a Zombie that just won’t go down, no matter how many headshots are sent its way, Internet filtering just refuses to die. The Coalition has announced a policy whereby a mandatory opt-out filter would be added to all Internet services in Australia.

This Is The Coolest Privacy Filter Ever

Tired of people looking at your screen on the train or in the office? Try this incredible home-made privacy filter on that means only you can see what’s on your display.

KFC Australia Accidentally Censored Gay Interest Material On In-Store Wi-Fi [Updated]

KFC Australia has been caught out censoring LGBTQI interest material on its in-store Wi-Fi network. That’s pretty unfortunate, but the chicken chain has told us this morning that it all happened as a big accident, pointing the finger at category definitions within Norton’s Wi-Fi platform.

Australia Just Told The World To Get Stuffed Over Internet Censorship

A few weeks ago you might have heard a bit of hubbub around the internet about a top-secret UN meeting to do with telecommunications. Basically, it was the International Telecommunications Union holding a top secret meeting about the future of international telco standards. The hubbub was caused because the ITU wanted these regulations to contain rules about how the internet ought to be governed in future. That’s when Australia put its foot down.

Why I Liked Australia Better When Politicians Didn't Know About Technology

Late last week I was perusing the Coalition’s plan for child safety online. It’s a rigid document that proposes strict plans for pursuing court action against cyberbullies, and a proposal that would see age-appropriateness ratings and classifications slapped onto mobile phone products. Respectfully, I would like to label this plan as a load of tosh. I liked Australia better when our politicians didn’t care about technology. Here’s why.

Will The Interpol Filter Slow Down Your Internet Connection Speed?

One of the major concerns with the proposed mandatory internet filter from the Labor government was the implications it would have on your connection speed. Various testing showed results that connection speeds languished but Stephen Conroy defended the plan to its dying breath, saying that speeds wouldn’t be affected. Will the new Interpol filter affect your connection?

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