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Another One Of The Most Popular File-Sharing Sites Is Getting Shut Down

After over a decade helping people download movies, music and other files, popular file-sharing service RapidShare will shut down next month, by choice. The site is advising people who use it to secure their data before it gets deleted March 31, 2015.

Warner Bros. Fights Piracy With An Army Of Bots That Mimic Humans

Thanks to an $US80 million lawsuit between Hotfile and the MPAA, a judge just ordered Warner Brothers to unseal records that explained the inner workings of their super secretive system to takedown pirated content. Now, the secret’s out, and the secret is “robots.”

Popular Piracy Site Reveals Itself As A Trap

Piracy is a dangerous game. You never know if the hosts are out to get money, or maybe just out to get you. Turns out the guy who ran a pirate haven called Uploader Talk was the latter. Now, after a year of stealing uploader’s info from deep cover, the jig is up.

Google Just Bought The Coolest Way To Transfer Data From Phone To Phone

Remember Bump, that nifty little app that let you transfer data from phone to phone — or phone to computer — with a handy little NFC-free bump? Well now it belongs to Google.

The Pirate Bay Celebrates 10 Years With A New Blockade-Busting Browser

File sharing site The Pirate Bay set sail 10 years ago. While the site and its founders have had plenty oflegal trouble along the way, like Keith Richards, they refuse to abandon ship. They’re marking a decade of file plundering with a typically typo-laden decree and a new way to circumnavigate torrent blockades.

You Can Now Buy Stuff From Right Inside A Torrent

BitTorrent always has something cooking, from a streaming video protocol that never overloads, to a neat little private cloud storage system. Now the company’s invented a new kind of torrent that lets content creators pack their own little store right inside.

The Pirate Bay Is Now The World's Number One File-Sharing Site

While The Pirate Bay is certainly notorious, it’s always oddly lingered in the mid-table when it comes to real-world file sharing. However, according to fresh analysis by Torrent Freak, the site has now sailed into the top spot as the world’s most-used file-sharing site.

The Pirate Bay Leaves Sweden Over Legal Threats

The Pirate Bay is leaving Sweden because pressure from a local anti-piracy group representing the entertainment industry is getting too much for it. Instead, The Pirate Bay will be hosted across Norway and Spain, reports Torrent Freak.

BitTorrent's New Trick: Send Terabyte-Sized Email Attachments

Not too long ago, BitTorrent launched a little project called Sync that provides practically unlimited cloud storage. Now, the professional sharers are rolling out yet another service called “SoShare” that promises to let you easily send huge files to friends an coworkers with little to no hassle. Up to a whole terabyte at the click of a button.

Mega Is Going To Handle Password Resets Different Than Everybody Else

Right now, Mega, the zombie file-sharing service currently only useful for people with infinite patience and/or dial up internet, doesn’t offer any sort of password reset or recovery system. If you forget your Mega password, you’re out of luck.