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$10,000 Is All It Costs To Bring Down The Internet

For just US$7500, you can buy access to a botnet of shitty, compromised Internet of Things gadgets that can break the ‘net. You’ve got to know where to look, who to pay, and what digital target to aim at, but still. $10,000 is cheap.

How To Make Your Windows 10 Computer Work Like New Again

Reinstalling Windows is an easy way to fix a PC that’s been giving you problems. It can resolve most common issues including lagging to mysterious app crashes. With Windows 10, it’s easier to do than ever before. Here’s how to get that brand new PC feeling on your machine.

Women Will Direct Every Episode Of Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones continues to slay, both in front and behind the camera. Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg announced at Transform Hollywood that all 13 episodes of season 2 will have female directors.

The Internet's Best Conspiracy Theories About Julian Assange

Suppression by “powerful states and organisations” is, according to Julian Assange in his 2012 book Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, “one of the hardships WikiLeaks was built to endure.” That claim must reek of false bluster now that his whistleblowing organisation has since been compromised by the US government, according to the internet’s greatest conspiracy theorists.

Yahoo's NSFW Neural Network Makes The Creepiest Porn

I’m not quite sure this is what Yahoo had in mind when it decided to release the source for its work on a neural network designed to filter NSFW images out of its search results. Machine learning enthusiast Gabriel Goh decided to flip the switch on the code from “input” to “output” and the results… well, it gets very not-safe-for-work here on in.

UberEATS Is Delivering Free Smashed Avo Around Australia

Millenials. Rejoice. You can eat your smashed avo on toast this weekend and save for a house. UberEATS is running a promo that’ll deliver you free smashed avocado directly to your face for zero dollars.

Here's What's Going On In The First 'Logan' Trailer

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine (it’s Old Man Logan you guys!) and brings some serious goosebumps along for the ride in the new trailer for ‘Logan’. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve chucked it down below for you — then read on to see our breakdown of everything that’s happening (including some predictions, and maybe a touch of overthinking it).

Google Pixel: Australian Review

Google built a phone. For real this time.

This Is Nintendo's Next Console: The Switch

Nintendo’s successor to the Wii U has arrived, and it’s called the Switch. It’s portable, it’s cute and it’s weird as all get out. Watch the three-minute trailer right here.

All Tesla Cars Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

Tesla just dropped more info on its upcoming Model 3 electric car — y’know, the one we can all afford. It, along with Tesla’s current cars, are now being built with the hardware to make full self-driving autonomy possible.

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