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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080: Australian Review

Nvidia’s newest graphics card is — again — its most powerful, its most energy efficient, and its best for next-generation gaming in virtual reality and in Ultra HD resolutions. It’s also surprisingly cheap internationally, and unsurprisingly expensive in Australia. But price aside, if you do happen to pick up a new GTX 1080-based card either from Nvidia or any of its manufacturing partners, you’ll get yourself an extremely powerful and future-proofed card that also serves as a great bellweather for what will be a very important year in graphics technology.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray: No Region Coding, But Is It Worth It?

The arrival of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs heralds the end of the much-hated region coding that has long prevented Australian consumers buying movies from overseas. Until now, discs made for one geographic market wouldn’t play on machines coded for another, but the new generation of players just released abandons the old system, leaving movie buffs free to buy from the US Amazon site, for instance, with full confidence.

You Can Now Get A Delivery From Harvey Norman In Three Hours

From today, Harvey Norman is offering a three-hour delivery option to major cities across Australia following a partnership with delivery service Shippit, who recently teamed up with Australia Post.

You’ll now be able to schedule (and reschedule) a delivery time between 7am and 10pm on weekdays, and GPS track your small appliances, consumer electronics, and small goods deliveries in real-time.

The Lumia 650 Proves That 'Windows Phone' Is Dead

Search for the phrase “Windows phone” in Microsoft’s announcement of the new Lumia 650 and you’ll find… nothing. Sure, it’s a Windows phone, but Microsoft has well and truly decided to go all-in on its strategy of aligning its powerful Windows 10 tablet and laptop and desktop devices with the lower-powered Windows 10 Mobile platform to attract customers.

The Evolution Of Wolverine In Movies And TV Shows

Video: Wait, there was a Wolverine on screen before Hugh Jackman? No one is really sure. Hugh Jackman’s dominance of the character in the movies makes this evolution of Wolverine video from Burger Fiction seem like a look into how well he’s aged and how buff he’s gotten.

The First Australian NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Price Is: A Lot

Most of the specifications and performance-enhancing features of NVIDIA’s Pascal GPUs, the GTX 1070 and 1080, are largely known by now. And we also know what the American prices of those chips will be.

But nobody knows precisely how much Aussies will be charged for the king of GPUs. And as it turns out, the answer is quite a lot.

AFP Says Its NBN Raids Weren't Politically Motivated

Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin has just spoken to media on the topic of the police group’s overnight raids on Labor Senator Stephen Conroy’s offices, saying that the raids — conducted during the start of a highly charged election period and ongoing battle over the NBN between Labor and Liberal parties — were not influenced by the incumbent government.

Australian Federal Police Raid Labor Offices Over NBN Leaks

The Australian Federal Police has confirmed that it executed search warrants last night on the offices of Labor senator and former communications minister Stephen Conroy, as well as the home of Andy Byrne, a Labor staffer for opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare.

The raids are part of an investigation concerning “allegations of the unauthorised disclosure of Commonwealth information” which contained documents showing the overblown state of the budget and lagging schedule for the NBN, and were prompted after a referral from the National Broadband Network Company on 9 December 2015, since which time there has been an “ongoing investigation”.

Your Move, Apple

It feels like it’s 2001. A ton of companies had released a ton of MP3 players, and they all sucked. The iPod was just months away.

But it’s 2016, and instead we’re drowning in smarthome gadgets, most recently the voice-powered Amazon Echo and whatever Google Home is.

This Month In Dashcams: Crashes, Crashes, Crashes

Video: Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads — and this month, you get to see all the crashes and fender-benders you’ve been waiting for.

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