Netflix Australian Launch Date Revealed: March 24

We’ve been waiting and waiting for when we can get Netflix in Australia, and now we know. You’ll be able to use it in Australia and New Zealand on 24 March.

Aussies Are Trolling Politicians Via iMessage, And It's Perfect

Bravo, Australia. Bravo. This is the best troll of pollies I’ve yet seen. Politicians who have their public Australian Parliament House email addresses linked to their iMessage accounts have been receiving iMessages all day from citizens who figured out they had a direct line to their devices.

Here's Telstra's Road Map To 5G

Forget 4G. 4G is so 5 years ago. Telstra’s already on the way to rolling out 5G by 2020. That’s ages away, but the good news is that you’ll be able to get theoretical maximum speeds of up to 450Mbps down by April this year. Here’s how it works.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Double-Edged Phone

Think that the Note Edge is the only device about to get the curved screen fun? No way. Samsung is doubling down on its Edge proposition with the new Galaxy S6 Edge: a phone with subtle curves all the way around.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Live Blog: All The News As It Happened

It’s premium Galaxy S6 time! We were on the ground in Barcelona to hear about the new S6 and S6 Edge (as well as the new Gear VR). Check out the news as it happened.

HTC Vive: The VR Headset Valve And HTC Built

Sound the alarm: Valve is getting into the virtual reality business with the help of HTC. Meet the Vive headset: the most ambitious VR project to date.

Fukushima Is Teaching Us How Radioactivity Spreads

After the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, scientists began a massive effort to monitor radioactive contamination of food grown nearby. And one good thing did come out of it — we learned how radioactivity moves through the ecosystem.

Why Is The NBN Co Hating On Fibre-To-The-Premises These Days?

The NBN Co was rebooted at the end of last year, and ever since then it has been behaving…strangely. All of a sudden, Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) is a giant steaming pile of arse. Wait, what?

This Might Be Our Best Look Yet At The Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung’s new flagship phone is due very very soon at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and we’re increasingly seeing leaked images of what it might look like. Now, another leak image shows what could the new S6 sat alongside its rather more radical, curved screen Edge stablemate.

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