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How To Make A DIY Dyson Bladeless Fan With A Water Jug And A Plant Vase

Video: Dyson’s Bladeless Fans are wonderfully awesome but also ridiculously expensive. Am I really going to spend 450 bucks on a fan? Nah. Thankfully Rulof the master maker of things breaks down how to build the bladeless fan with a water jug, a few vases and a microwave fan.

Staggeringly Efficient Bathroom Fan Sucks Out Steam And Stink

The exhaust fan — that rattling, dusty vent hanging above the toilet — is the single most important gadget for the health of a bathroom. It eliminates the steam from a hot shower, helping battle the mould and mildew constantly threatening a bathroom’s finishes. The device also helps fix more immediate air quality issues — they’d never say it in front of a client, but in the salty slang of a plumbing supply house, pros refer to it as a fart fan.

iCufflinks For The iFan In Your iLife

These iCufflinks are so cool, yet oh so nerdy. I secretly would like to buy them for Father’s Day, but would be slightly embarrassed if my man actually wore them to our next formal occasion.

Here's A Knockoff Bladeless Fan That's Priced Like A Dyson

The imitation/knockoff market never ceases to amaze me. This bladeless fan from Abiko is a knockoff version of the Dyson Air Multiplier. But unlike typical cheap imitations, Abiko’s version, at $US223, is almost as expensive as the real thing.

How Dyson's Blade-less Fan Works

In case my passionate summary wasn’t enough, this info-clip will demonstrate how Dyson’s Air Multiplier moves air without blades—except that it fails to mention that there are still blades inside the machine (that factoid kills the magic). [boingboing]

NZXT Sentry 2 Touchscreen Fan Belongs In KITT's Dashboard

This is the NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller. It installs into any 5.25-inch bay, and you can use its touch screen interface to set the speed of up to five fans. Note: Leather pants are not included. [NZXT via BBG]

Solar Hand Fan

Like solar-powered air conditioners, this solar hand fan makes a lot of sense. Well, save for the part where you have to fan yourself.

Digital LED Fan Isn't any Colder than Normal Fan

This fan uses LEDs to display the temperature on its whirring blades. That way you can look over at it and realize just how hot it is and that you should have bought air conditioning instead of a gimmicky fan. Nice work, idiot.. –Adam Frucci

Product Page [via Book of Joe]

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