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That Angry Trump Twitter Account Is Fake. No, The Other Angry Trump Twitter Account

Before you retweet some hilariously indignant missive from Donald Trump, we suggest you look a bit closer. Granted, Trump is known for saying outlandish things on Twitter. But there are so many fake Trump Twitter accounts, you might be retweeting a “parody” account.

American Powerball Maths: $1.3 Billion Divided By 300 Million Is Actually $4.33

There’s a lottery meme spreading amongst American Facebook users claiming that if the current US Powerball jackpot was divided evenly, every American would get $US4.3 million. But that’s not right at all. Why? Simple maths.

No, Ammon Bundy Didn't Compare His Militia To Rosa Parks (He's Not On Twitter)

A lot of news outlets were enraged about tweets by Ammon Bundy, the leader of a group that’s currently “occupying” a bird sanctuary building in Oregon. The only problem? Bundy doesn’t have a Twitter account.

This Viral List About America In 1915 Is Full Of Lies

A list of fun facts about the year 1915 in America has gone viral. But many items on the list are false or misleading. As we’ve seen time and again, never trust the internet for your fun facts. It’s all lies.

9 Viral Images That Are Totally Fake

Some days it feels like everything on the internet is fake. And I’m here to tell you to trust that instinct.

The Pope's Tablecloth Trick Was A Miracle! (Of Modern Computer Graphics)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the fantastic feats of Chill Pope! Today, he’s showing off a classic: The old ‘yank a tablecloth, leaving everything else on the table undisturbed’ trick. It’s a miracle! Except that it’s totally fake.

Study: You Suck At Spotting Fake Images

We all like to think we can spot a real from a fake. But a new study by researchers from the the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul suggests that, actually, we’re pretty awful at telling a real digital photo from a fake.

Don't Fall For The Facebook Dislike Button Scam

Take this survey and win a free iPad! Take this survey and win a never-ending pasta bowl! Take this survey and get Facebook’s Dislike button! Wait, what?

Six Easy Ways To Tell If That Viral Story Is A Hoax

“And so it begins … ISIS flag among refugees in Germany fighting the police” blared the headline on the Conservative Post; “with this new leaked picture, everything seems confirmed”. The image in question purported to show a group of Syrian refugees holding ISIS flags and attacking German police officers.

This Is NOT Albert Einstein With His Therapist

We’ve debunked it before, but this photo just won’t go away. The 1948 picture above doesn’t show Albert Einstein with his therapist. The guy Einstein’s meeting with is Cord Meyer Jr, president of the United World Federalists. Meyer, a CIA operative, was merely discussing world politics with the famed scientist.

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