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Samsung's Galaxy Note7 Is Officially Banned From US And Australian Flights

As of right this second, no one is allowed to bring a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto a flight in the United States because they can combust. The same is true of all four major Australian carriers, too. If you’re travelling and haven’t had a chance to exchange your phone yet, this is going to be a big pain.

Qantas Prohibits Passengers From Charging Samsung's Exploding Smartphones

Yesterday, the US FAA told Gizmodo it was “working on guidance” concerning Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of the devices exploding when charged, but at least one Australian airline appears to have already taken action, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Amazon Busted Illegally Shipping Dangerous Chemicals Again

Amazon just racked up two more fines — amounting to a total of $US130,000 ($173,364) — from the FAA for improperly shipping dangerous chemicals. Turns out putting acid and flammable gas into a box and putting it on an aeroplane is not OK.

Amazon Should Have Known Better Than To Ship 'Amazing Liquid Fire' By Air

The Federal Aviation Administration is fining Amazon $US350,000 ($473,568) for not realising it should take more precaution when shipping a product called “Amazing! LIQUID FIRE”.

All The Big Drone Makers Have Formed A Coalition To Lobby For Drones

Between them, DJI, 3DR, Parrot and (soon) GoPro dominate the market for consumer photography drones. So when all those companies announce that they’re forming a group to lobby for sensible drone policies, it’s worth taking note.

An iPhone Is The Latest Thing To Catch Fire On A Plane

Lithium-ion batteries and aircraft have some bad blood: Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners were grounded three years ago because of battery fires, the US FAA banned all lithium batteries in hold luggage, and now an innocent iPhone has caused a fire on an Alaska Air flight.

Drones Might Not Be Dangerous For Planes After All

Drones getting sucked into the engines of aircraft is the defining nightmare scenario that has airports buying countermeasures, and the US FAA deploying an app. But what if a drone encountering a 747 wouldn’t be as bad as everyone thinks?

American Pilots Forget How To Fly Manually, Says US Department Of Transportation

Don’t read this if you’re about to board an aeroplane. A new report by the US Department of Transportation warns that US pilot training no longer maintains their ability to fly commercial flights manually because of the surfeit of autonomous technology inside the cockpit.

Report: The US FAA's Drone Registry Will Be Public, Including Names And Addresses

On Monday, the US FAA will launch its online registry for American drone operators with the aim of collecting personal information from the owners of these unmanned aircraft. But according to a report from Forbes, all those names and addresses will eventually be publicly available. Which seems… kinda scary?

Americans Must Register Their Drone With The FAA Starting December 21

If you are a proud American drone owner — or are one of the thousands of Americans who’ll purchase one this holiday season — the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to know about it. And the agency has finally set a deadline.

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