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American Pilots Forget How To Fly Manually, Says US Department Of Transportation

Don’t read this if you’re about to board an aeroplane. A new report by the US Department of Transportation warns that US pilot training no longer maintains their ability to fly commercial flights manually because of the surfeit of autonomous technology inside the cockpit.

Report: The US FAA's Drone Registry Will Be Public, Including Names And Addresses

On Monday, the US FAA will launch its online registry for American drone operators with the aim of collecting personal information from the owners of these unmanned aircraft. But according to a report from Forbes, all those names and addresses will eventually be publicly available. Which seems… kinda scary?

Americans Must Register Their Drone With The FAA Starting December 21

If you are a proud American drone owner — or are one of the thousands of Americans who’ll purchase one this holiday season — the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to know about it. And the agency has finally set a deadline.

This Flamethrower-Equipped Drone Looks Like A Legal Nightmare

The same Connecticut teen whose shotgun-outfitted drone video went viral this summer is back — this time with a flamethrower attached to an unmanned aerial vehicle. Reminder: there is currently no US law formally banning individuals from weaponising drones.

US FAA Releases New Drone Rules, Including One Fairly Shady Loophole

After a remarkably speedy bureaucratic process, a US government task force finally released the details of new rules on hobby drones. The 14-page document confirms earlier reports that pretty much all drones will need to be registered. It also includes a mysterious FOIA exemption.

Google Says Project Wing Drones Will Be Delivering To Doorsteps By 2017 

Google’s Project Wing seemed very far from reality when it started getting attention while testing in Australia last year. But now the project’s lead, David Vos, is saying the drone delivery service could be flying goods to people as early as 2017.

Amazon And Walmart Are Joining The US FAA's Drone Registry Taskforce

The US FAA seems to have suddenly realised every dad in America is getting a drone for Christmas. So, it’s setting up a ‘drone taskforce‘ to try and register every drone before US airspace is shut down by a million plastic quadrotors. Amazon, Google and Walmart seem to be on board.

Drone Crash Kills Power To Hundreds Of LA Residents

Drones: beloved by amateur photographers, scourge of air traffic controllers and firefighters. Now, you can add power companies to that list.

Confirmed: America's FAA Will Require Registration For Some Small Drones

America’s droning hobby is about to get a little more complicated after an announcement of a new task force from the American Department of Transportation. The group of 25 to 30 will decide which drones won’t need to be registered with the feds. The takeaway? Some drones will need to be registered.

Report: Drone Owners Will Now Have To Register With The US Government

Hobby drones have come under heavy criticism recently for interfering with firefighting efforts and flying too close to airports. According to NBC News, the Department of Transportation plans to have all drones in the country registered by Christmas.

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