Everything You Need To Know About The New Facebook

If you thought yesterday’s Facebook changes were dramatic, you’d better sit down before you see what’s coming next. Today at F8, Mark Zuckerberg led off by showing off Timeline: it’s the future of Facebook, and it’s a tectonic shift.

What Is Facebook Timeline? (Only Your Whole Life)

After yesterday’s Facebook revamp, Mark Zuckerberg still had a few new features to reveal at today’s f8 conference. The most important? Timeline, a complete reconceptualisation of your profile page.

Facebook Fails To Let Fans Share Music Across Platforms

Facebook wants to be the “connective tissue” desperately needed by music fans and the music industry alike, so that, at long last, people would be able to share music with each other without friction — and without breaking the law.

Watch Facebook Show Off Its New Sharing Goodies Right Here

Mark Zukerburg is getting ready to take the stage at Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference in San Francisco. Live streaming of the event begins at 2.30am AEST and you can watch it live here.

Facebook Music Might Not Be Quite What We Expected

All Things D claims Facebook’s rumoured Music hub won’t allow users to take tracks from US services such as Spotify and directly play/control them as originally planned. Instead, you’ll be directed to an external site or player.