F-22 Raptor Makes A Rainbow As Sunlight Diffracts On Its Vapour Trail

Briefly: They may not have not fought in any war yet, but the most expensive fighter jet ever sure makes some really pretty rainbows. Oh well, make love, not war. Those damn US Air Force hippies.

The Only Thing Keeping The F-35 Lightning Relevant Is The F-22 Raptor

Even if they are primarily just cheap knockoffs, China’s rapidly growing fleet of next-gen aircraft are poised to seriously challenge American air superiority in the coming years. To prevent that, argues Chief of US Air Force Air Command Command Gen. Michael Hostage, the US will need plenty of fifth-generation fighters of its own — no matter the cost.

Why Are F-22 Raptors Patrolling Las Vegas?

The skies above Las Vegas, Nevada have been packed with military aircraft over the last week. It’s not another reboot of Red Dawn, mind you, but rather the second round of the Red Flag war games held at Nellis Air Force Base. Check out these sweet shots of the F-22 Raptor — America’s first and most reliable stealth fighter — staying sharp in case the Q-313 ever gets off the ground.

The F-22 From The Melbourne Air Show Thought It Was A Rocket

The F-22 has had more than its fair share of problems, but when it isn’t crashing or suffocating its pilots it’s a sight to behold. Here’s some footage of one at today’s Melbourne Air Show going for a vertical climb that makes it look like it had wanted to be a rocket when it grew up. The guy inside that cockpit definitely has balls, and doubly so because he’s in a Raptor. [reddit]

Another $420m F-22 Stealth Fighter Crashes And Burns

Over the weekend, a gigantically expensive F-22 stealth fighter crashed. Again. And just like every other time, the US Air Force is throwing up its hands and stroking its chin about why the thing crashed.

These Kids Want To Blow Up The White House

Hordes of children ran around as wild as a locust swarm at the recent USA Science & Engineering Festival. The main attraction: the Lockheed Martin booth, with its faux F-22 cockpit and Orion spacecraft simulator.

Whoa, Huh, The F-22 Is Still Broken

I’m hoping you’re all planted deep in your seats with an oxygen mask strapped on, because the New York Times is reporting that the US Air Force still can’t fix the F-22, the most expensive fighter jet in history.

Toxic Glue Causes Mysterious F-22 Pilot Syndrome, Says Expert

There is still no official explanation for the ongoing hypoxia-like symptoms experienced by F-22 Raptor pilots. The US Air Force has no idea what’s going on. Now, someone else claims to know the source of the problem, which has grounded the fleet repeatedly.

Is China Stealing America's Top Stealth Fighter Jet Secrets?

This is going to make some people scream. On the right, the J-20 stealth fighter jet, made in China for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. On the left, the F-22 stealth fighter jet, made in the America exclusively for the United States Air Force.

F-22 Ground Crews Are Also Having Mysterious Breathing Problems

We knew the F-22 has a mysterious problem that causes breathing problems in pilots. Well, the plot is now thickening. It seems that ground crews are having hypoxia-like symptoms too and, of course, we don’t have a clue about what’s causing this.

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