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The Future Of Active Eyewear: An Interview With Oakley's R&D Division

The pinnacle achievement in active eyewear was once simply making a pair of sunglasses that were light and wouldn’t shatter into your eyeballs. While that’s still important, technology has obviously progressed. So what is the future, exactly? Heads-up displays? Augmented reality? Cybernetic retinal implants?

Powder Is No Match For Smith's Peeper-Protecting Snowboard Goggles

If you plan on hitting the mountain before the end of the snow season, you need to make sure you’re gear is good to go. Smith I/O Goggles will at least have you covered in the protective eyewear department.

These Pixelated Glasses Are The Definition Of Computer-Geek Chic

Paris-based eyewear designer Dzmitry Samal gives a whole new meaning to the idea of so-called hipster glasses, with his pixel-inspired “5DPI” frames.

What Happens When Polaroid Lets Lady Gaga Design Something

These funky Polaroid shades are Lady Gaga’s brainchild. They’ll put a little OLED display under each of your eyes and show off any image or video you choose – whether from an SD card or shot using the built-in camera.

Tag Heuer's Squadra Night Vision Glasses Are For Alpha Eyeballs Only

Tag Heuer, best known for their fancy, manly watches, also makes fancy, manly eyewear, and the Squadra night vision glasses are their newest pair. They have titanium arms, high-contrast lenses and make all the other spectacles nearby feel kinda wimpy.

Vuzix Wrap 310 Video Sunglasses Look Less Dorky Than Ever

Vuzix is continuing to try and fine tune their video glasses into something we would actually be interested in buying. This time around, the emphasis seems to be on creating a more natural look.

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