Pimp The Web With The Best Chrome Browser Extensions

Tweaking Google’s Chrome browser with extensions to serve your every whim is one of its best features. Those optional little buttons sitting next to Chrome’s omnibox now number in their thousands, and add all manner of new functions to your net-navigating experience.

This Chrome Extension Turns New Tabs Into Aerial Art

Want an easy way to liven up your day? Download the new Earth View from Google Maps extension for Chrome. It shows you a striking new satellite image every time you open a new tab, and it’s delightful.

How To Keep Dozens Of Tabs Open Without Exhausting Your Browser

Those who lived through the tabbed browsing revolution will remember just how convenient it felt to be able to open up three or four tabs in the background without losing focus from the current one. Now that kind of behaviour is taken for granted, but if you queue up too many tabs to get around to later it can start to put pressure on your browser.

Back Again? Tracks Every Time You Visit A Site

Ever wonder exactly how often you visit your favourite sites in a week? Back Again? is a simple Chrome extension that tracks that data and shows you a small counter.

How To Get Rid Of Your Facebook News Feed

Remember the days when Facebook was simple? There was no News Feed, no FarmVille requests, no massive privacy violations — it was a nice, clean directory of all your friends and their basic information. Well, thanks to a developer from Hamburg, you can finally have that Facebook back.

This Browser Extension Lets You See Any LinkedIn User's Email Address

Looks like someone finally found a use for the LinkedIn profile you’ve been sitting on for the past five years. Thanks to a new browser extension, you can now reveal the email address of any one of LinkedIn’s roughly 260 million users — whether you’re connected to them or not.

Google Removes Spamming Chrome Extensions

Google has removed two Chrome browser extensions over the weekend, because the software appears to serve spam ads — in turn violating company’s terms of service. Both the “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” extensions were quietly updated recently, but in the process began feeding users undesirable ads, reports the Wall Street Journal.

This Browser Extension Uses Colour To Make You A Lightning Fast Reader

Those looking to read faster will find an endless supply of tips and methods around the web. Beeline Reader is a service taking a unique approach — using colour to guide your eye.

GIF-Saving Tool GIFME Is My New Favourite Chrome Extension

Do you often find yourself searching desperately through bookmarks folders, trying to find that perfect GIF you saved that one time? Do you keep a spreadsheet of links that takes you 10 minutes to track down? Then you’ll love GIFME, a new Chrome Extension that makes everything easier.

You Can Download Any Spotify Song As An MP3 With This Chrome Extension

At long last, Spotify has launched the web extension it introduced last year. Unfortunately, it left a gaping security vulnerability that leaves the songs wide-open to download with a simple Chrome extension. UPDATED.

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