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Snag All The Images From A Website With One Click

Whether you’re gasping at the beauty of Earth or the wonder of modern-day architecture (or both), there may well be times when you need to quickly download all of the pictures on a particular page — even if you just want some new phone backgrounds to use. One such tool for the job is the I’m A Gentleman extension for Chrome.

This Chrome Extension Will Block Star Wars Spoilers For You

When Star Wars starts screening for the masses later this week, the internet is going to be full of spoilers. Hell, after last night’s premiere, it probably already is. But don’t worry: this Chrome extension will keep you safe.

How To Snooze Tabs Until Later In Firefox

Tab management isn’t always easy, and your browser of choice no doubt comes with an option or two to combat tab overload. The latest tool is SnoozeTabs, an experimental new utility for Firefox.

Mozilla's Radical Firefox Changes And How They'll Affect Your Add-Ons

Building extensible software is a tricky business. On one hand, you want your platform to be as customisable as possible, while on the other you want the flexibility to update APIs to make them faster, more secure and feature-rich. These aims aren’t always compatible, as we’re now discovering with Mozilla and the fundamental changes it’s making to Firefox’s add-on infrastructure.

You Can Bring Back The Tags On YouTube For More Flexible Searches

Back in 2012, YouTube started hiding the tags associated with videos to stop people copying popular combinations. They can still be attached to clips — and they’re still factored into searches — but they’re not visible while you’re browsing around the site. If you find them useful, you can bring them back with the help of a simple Chrome extension.

You Can Make Cortana Ditch Bing For Google In Windows 10

Cortana makes the jump to the desktop in Windows 10, meaning you can get a more personalised experience through voice commands or the good old mouse and keyboard. But what if kind of hate Bing’s search engine? You can use a browser extension to redirect Bing queries to any search engine you choose.

Use The Ballloon Extension To Save Files Straight To The Cloud

If you’re a card-carrying member of the cloud storage club, then you might opt to save images, links and other files straight to the cloud rather than your local drive. Ballloon is a simple extension for Chrome to save files directly to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and so on.

Supercharge Your Email With Mixmax

We’re all looking for ways to boost productivity and make the sight of a crammed inbox a little less daunting, and free Chrome extension Mixmax is one of your options for Gmail.

Keep Your Chromebook Screen Awake With This Add-On

Part of the appeal of Chromebooks lies in their lightweight minimalism, but that does mean you miss out on some advanced OS features — such as being able to set a display time-out interval. If you want to stop your Chrome OS screen from dimming then there’s an extension that can help.

This Chrome Extension Reminds You To Stop Being Such A Jerk On Twitter

The simplest browser extensions are almost always the greatest browser extensions. And TweetFired is no exception. Its one simple function is to bestow you with the most important advice the internet can offer: Never, ever tweet.

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