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An Absolutely Massive Volcano Is Exploding In Chile Right Now

Calbuco, a stratovolcano in southern Chile, began erupting yesterday at 7pm local time. First spewing massive ash clouds, then, at 10pm, erupting explosively as its fragile structure collapsed inwards. Here’s all the stunning imagery and video. You can see it from space!

Watching Delicious Food Explode In Slow Motion Makes Me So Hungry

Video: The intention of this ad might be to sell a new intelligent fridge that helps you keep a healthy diet. But I can help but to get hungry watching these delicious food blowing up in beautiful slow motion.

Samsung Battery Reportedly Catches Fire In Some Guy's Pocket

What you need to remember about batteries is that inside of them is a volatile mix of chemicals, carefully harnessed to keep your gadgets alive. You’d be forgiven for thinking the worst thing that can happen to them is that they run out too fast, but really the most concerning thing is when they malfunction and, well, explode.

Watch NASA's Morpheus Moon Lander Crash, Burn And Explode In Testing

This video from NASA is proof that even if you land a nuclear-powered car on Mars, there’s no such thing as a perfect week. The Morpheus Lander — NASA’s eco-friendly lander designed to carry things like rover vehicles to the moon — had its first powered-flight test this week. Sadly, the results were fiery, explosive and downright sad to watch.

Toshiba Laptops: Shiny But Deadly?

There’s a word for this story, and that word is “ouch”. A New Zealander is seeking compensation from Toshiba after a spike of metal flew out of his laptop and impaled his hand.

Copper Thief Cause Massive Explosion

Check out this UK video of a row house explosion. Taken by the Engine cam, it’s frightening and amazing at the same time.

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