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This $1,000 Yoga Mat Made From Genuine NFL Football Leather Probably Smells Amazing

The United States NFL doesn’t use those pebbled leather footballs just because it’s tradition. They’re also a lot easier to grip, helping both quarterbacks and receivers make spectacular plays. You probably won’t end up in any slo-mo highlight reels using this Baller Yoga leather mat, but you also won’t find yourself slipping all over the place when you get sweaty.

Take A Day Off Between CrossFit Workouts, Study Says

Yeah, we know, your CrossFit gym has completely changed your life, you’ve never looked/felt better, and all other exercise programs pale in comparison. But you may want to ease off the intensive workouts now and then. All that over-exertion can actually impair your immune system, according to a new study just published in Frontiers in Physiology.

SymGym Is A Full-Body 'Exercise' Game Controller That'll Let You Kill At Pac-Man

Until recently, video games and exercise seemed mutually exclusive, though Pokemon GO has shown the two can be — unintentionally — combined. The “SymGym”, on the other hand, from the Illinois-based company of the same name, proffers an intentional melding. I’m not sure if it works.

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Exercising

It takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape, which is why it’s important to exercise on a regular basis. But it’s not always possible to remain active, and sometimes a few days off can turn into a more… extended hiatus. Here’s what happens to your body when you suddenly stop exercising.

Tim Peake Beat The Record For Running A Marathon In Space

The London Marathon was held on April 24, and among its runners? Astronaut Tim Peake, orbiting above the Earth on the International Space Station, and he set the world(?) record for running a marathon in space.

Look At The Graceful Path Of An Attack Helicopter As It Spits Fire

Image Cache: This is what a US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter looks like from a distance as it strafes the night sky: A graceful curve of light with only arcs of sparks to reveal that it’s actually spewing ammunition.

Lower Levels Of Fat Hormones May Contribute To Runner's High

Fat cells secrete the hormone leptin as a means of signalling the brain when we’re full after eating. But new research indicates that leptin may also play a role in motivating us to exercise as well — possibly contributing to the phenomenon of “runner’s high”.

This 45-Degree Treadmill Just Revealed Something Fascinating About Running Extreme Inclines

Standard treadmills only reach a maximum incline of around 9 degrees. But this one, developed by a team of physiologists at the University of Colorado Boulder, goes all the way to 45 degrees. The unique contraption is providing some insights into the best strategies for extreme uphill running.

 This Exercise Bike Turns Cycling Into A VR Racing Game

Working out can be a drag, especially if your only means of entertainment is an awful juicer informercial on five of the 10 gym TVs. But thanks to virtual reality, you can soon exercise your way through a video game — and starting today, you can preorder a VR-ready bike that lets you do exactly that.

How Much Do You Have To Work Out To Burn Off The Junk Food You Eat?

If you want to be remotely healthy, don’t eat junk food. It’s that simple. Because it’s really not worth it (oh but it is, sometimes) when you try to burn off all those bad kilojoules you just ate. Think about the exercise! Think about the weights! Think about the cardio! Think about all that when you’re about to eat a Big Mac and Fries because you need about an hour and a half of cardio or two hours of weights to whip that out your system.

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