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Mysterious 'Hybrid' Animal Discovered In 18,000-Year-Old Cave Art

By combining archaeological, paleontological, and genetic evidence, an international team of researchers has identified a previously unknown hybrid species that contains both bison and cattle DNA. The discovery solves a longstanding mystery about the origins of modern European bison.

This Freaky Plant Has An Incredible Trick For Luring In Flies

Plants employ a wide variety of tactics to lure pollinators, but an ornamental plant popularly known as Giant Ceropegia takes it to another level. Its flower smells like a honeybee under attack — an odour that freeloading, meal-seeking flies find absolutely irresistible.

This Trailer For The French Sci-Fi Movie Evolution Will Creep You Out So, So Much

Video: The trailer for Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s Evolution begins with a young boy discovering a dead body, and that’s not even in the top 10 of the creepiest things happening in it. There’s the fact that the island seems to be populated solely by other young boys and very stern older women. There’s a lot of medical equipment around. And then… there’s the starfish. Look, just watch the trailer.

The Sixth Mass Extinction Will Be Like Nothing In Earth's History

The sixth mass extinction — the one that seven billion humans are doing their darnedest to trigger at this very moment — is shaping up to be like nothing our planet has ever seen. That’s the conclusion of a sweeping new analysis, which compared marine fossil records from Earth’s five previous mass extinction events to what’s happening in the oceans right now.

Watch As Bacteria Evolve Antibiotic Resistance In A Gigantic Petri Dish

By building a gigantic petri dish, researchers from Harvard Medical School and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have produced a jaw-dropping visualisation showing bacteria as it mutates to become resistant to drugs.

Skeletal Analysis Suggests Lucy Died After Falling From A Tree

The world’s most famous human ancestor, an extinct hominid named Lucy, died after falling from a tall tree, according to scientists. It’s a revelation that points to tree-dwelling behaviour in recent evolutionary history, but some scientists aren’t convinced.

Humans Have Big Brains Because We Are Good At Judging Others

Scientists have long wondered why humans often give without accepting anything in return, or why we tend to help unrelated strangers. Apparently, what others think means a lot to us as a species and that has contributed to the size of our big brains.

Scientists Are Rethinking The Role Climate Plays In Human Evolution

Centuries-old theories surrounding human height as it correlates to evolution have stated two things: Those closer to the equator were more linear and longer, while people who lived closer to the poles were wider and shorter, but generally bigger. This is according to Allen’s Rule and Bergmann’s Rule, which were both proposed during the 19th century.

How Ancient Whales Turned Sound Into A Killing Tactic

Say hello to the “Echo Hunter”, a 27 million-year-old toothed whale that’s helping scientists understand how these ancient sea creatures evolved the ability to hear high-frequencies underwater, and then turn that ability into a killing technique.

The Evolution Of Joker In Film And TV History

Video: The Joker is easily one of the best villains in film and TV (and obviously, comic book) history, but who is the best Joker? Jack Nicholson combined the mischievous campiness of the character with the deranged thirst for violence. Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker is somehow just as iconic as Nicholson and fit Christopher Nolan’s Gotham perfectly. And Mark Hamill has basically become the standard-bearer of the Joker through his work in the animated Batman series.

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