How Our Early Ancestors Spread Far And Wide, Mapped

Over six million years ago, we split off from our common ancestor with chimps. But scientists have recently been finding fossils all over the planet that show that hominins diversified into a wide range of species away from their native Africa.

US TV Network 'Accidentally' Cut Evolution Out Of Cosmos

The Cosmos reboot was fairly generous as far as leaving room for religious interpretation goes. But apparently, one Fox affiliate station in Oklahoma City decided there was still just a little too much science talk for their liking, so they cut out the 15-second mention of evolution.

Scientists Find Striking Similarities Between Human And Dog Brains

It’s funny watching dogs do human things. It’s funny to watch them drive cars. It’s funny to watch them sit in chairs. But, seriously, new research shows that dogs actually are just like us. At least they are when it comes to processing voices and emotion — and, now, we have the brain scans to prove it.

First European Hunter-Gatherer Genome Reveals Blue Eyes Evolved Early

The first ever full genome sequence of a European hunter-gatherer has revealed that hunter-gatherers had far better immune systems that we thought — and evolved blue eyes way earlier than predicted too. The genome was sequenced from the remains of a 7000-year-old body found in a Spanish cave after DNA was extracted from its teeth.

A Simple Chart Shows How Dogs Today Evolved From A Wolf

How did we get from wolves to dogs of all sizes? How do pugs and chihuahuas and pit bulls and English bulldogs and German shepherds and so forth all come from the big Grey Wolf? Evolution! We domesticated wolves by adopting cubs and feeding them and slowly changing their habits. Over generations, the wolves changed and created a new species which we humans selectively bred (over-bred, probably) to exaggerate certain traits to perform certain tasks.

Evolution Doesn't Look Like What You Think It Does

There’s an iconic scientific image which depicts evolution, and it suggests that we went from monkey to man in six easy steps. The only problem is that’s kinda bull.

What Earth Would Be Like If Humans Had Never Existed

It’s one of those things you’ve probably idly wondered but never really lent masses of thought: What the hell would the planet be like if humans had never existed? Fortunately, this video tries to explain.

Giz Explains: Why We're Afraid Of The Dark (And Why It's Good That We Are)

Most kids go through a stage in which they’re afraid of the dark. Any creaking floorboard, rustling shutter, or random bump in the night fill them with terror. Good! Here’s why, and why we should maybe never grow out of it.

A Beautiful Illustration Of The Evolution Of Audio Equipment

A lot has changed in the world of audio over the last 170 years. Gone are the days of cranking a handle to make noise, replaced instead by silicon and circuity to pump out digital tunes. This beautiful illustration walks you through how and when those changes happened.

Watch Six Famous Corporate Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes

Just like the products and services they sell, company logos have a tendency to change over time. In this series of animations by Nick DiLallo, you can see how the logos of six big firms have changed over the years. Update: The videos have been removed from YouTube.