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Bloodthirsty Ticks Have A Seriously Weird Genome

Ticks — those unbreakable, blood-lusting arthropods that haunt your childhood memories — have some fascinating genetic secrets. The tick genome tells a tale of weaponised spit, expandable armour and how to drink 100 times one’s body weight in blood. Strangest of all, it’s utterly enormous.

Alien Life Goes Extinct Early, According To A New Fermi Paradox Explanation

We have yet to discover a single trace of alien life, despite the extremely high probability that it exists somewhere. This contradiction is popularly known as the Fermi Paradox. A new theory attempts to solve this conundrum by suggesting that habitable planets are quite common in our galaxy, but nascent life gets snuffed out very quickly.

Evolution Of Robots In Movies And TV

Video: Science fiction movies and TV shows don’t really count unless they have iconic robot characters. That’s a completely true statement, by the way. Nobody cares how good a story is unless they can pretend living in a reality where sentient robots, awesome droids and fun little machine pals exists. We want to live in the future where Roombas go on adventures with us! Artist Scott Park illustrated all our favourite robots from movies and TV shows — think R2-D2 and HAL 9000 and Optimus Prime and Johnny Five — to show the evolution of these synthetic characters.

A Fossilised Ancient Ant Queen Emerges From A 46-Million-Year-Old Rock

This fossil of an ancient winged ant queen was recently discovered along the banks of the Flathead River in Montana. It’s the first of its kind ever discovered, and it’s forcing scientists to rethink when these creatures first appeared on Earth.

Newly Discovered Worm's Mouth Morphs Into 5 Radically Different Shapes

A German research team recently discovered what they thought were five distinct species of nematode worms on account of significant facial differences. But it turns out they’re a single species of worm — a fascinating creature that changes the shape of its mouth depending on what food is available.

Evolution Explained As Hilariously As Possible

Video: Evolution is a pretty simple to grasp! Traits in a species that are more advantageous for like, survival get passed down to future generations because those traits helped the species survive. Evolution is not always hilarious though. It is in this video from Casually Explained that combines jokes about topics including video games, platypuses, ducks, Donald Trump, burgers and Nazis.

These Fish Went From Saltwater To Freshwater In Just Fifty Years

Threespine sticklebacks hatch in fresh water pools near streams. When they mature, they need to make their way back to the ocean to live. So if their way to the ocean is cut off, they’re screwed. Or are they?

The Evolution Of The Bicycle In Less Than One Minute

Video: The design of the modern bicycle seems rather obvious, right? Two symmetrical wheels attached to a simple frame. But it took a while for us to get to the streamline design of bikes today. Bicycles before were illustrious and ornate and frankly, ridiculous forms of transportation. Here is animator Thallis Vestergaard showing us the evolution of a bicycle for Visual Artworks.

We Still Don't Know Why The Heck There Are So Many Blue Tarantulas

A very particular shade of blue hair has evolved independently on eight separate occasions and in at least three different ways in tarantulas, a new study finds. And scientists are having a hell of a time figuring out why.

How Ancient People Saved The Pumpkin From Extinction

If it weren’t for our distant ancestors, that gourd that Americans go wild about every October wouldn’t even exist.

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