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You Can Control This Blinding Green Laser Pointer With Your Smartphone

There’s really no practical reason anyone needs to own a high-powered green laser pointer (sorry stargazers, not buying it), but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. Especially now that Wicked Lasers has just revealed the Evo, which can be customised and controlled via an app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

HTC Evo View 4G: Wanna Buy A Giant Phone That Doesn't Make Calls?

The running joke since the iPad laced up its shoes is that tablets are big, over-glorified phones. That’s silly! They share electricity, touchscreens, apps and rectangularity, but that’s about it. Except the Evo View, which is the joke’s punchline.

HTC Evo 3D Won't Have Premium Cost For Pointless Feature

The HTC Evo 3D is the first major 3D phone to hit these shores, but the price tag doesn’t reflect the bonus dimension; according to this leaked RadioShack flier, the handset will cost $US200 on-contract. And ship with a movie!

HTC Kingdom Appears Destined For Sprint, With Gingerbread

The HTC Kingdom first popped up last week in image only. This week brings unconfirmed specs: 1.2 GHz processor (presumably dual-core), 4-inch qHD display (960×540), 768 megabytes of RAM, and Android 2.3 out of the box (Gingerbread!). [MobileCrunch]

Sprint Evo 3D: The 3D Phone You Might Actually Want

Three Dees and Four Gees. That’s the Evo 3D. But it’s more than that: The screen’s a killer 960×540 auto-stereoscopic display, meaning it’s almost as high-res as the iPhone 4 and pulls off 3D tricks without glasses (like Nintendo’s 3DS).

HTC Evo 3D And Evo Tablet Coming Soon?

Boy Genius says that the wraps are coming off the HTC Evo 3D smartphone and the Evo View 4G Tablet at CTIA this year.

How To Pick An Android Smartphone

The last few months have been phenomenal for Android fans, with Samsung’s Galaxy line hitting all four carriers and Verizon getting a few new, better Droids for their customers. But which should you pick? It’s actually an easy decision.

Android 2.2 Fix Now Rolling Out To HTC EVO Owners Who Downloaded Early Or Unofficial Build

Apparently the version of Android 2.2 which could be downloaded straight from HTC’s servers before the over-the-air updates even started wasn’t final. To fix any troubles those who downloaded and installed that update may be experiencing, Sprint is rolling out a fix:

Android 2.2 Updates For The EVO 4G Begin Rolling Out OTA

Woohoo! The promised Android 2.2 updates for the EVO 4G have begun rolling out over the air. Anyone spot theirs yet? [Engadget]

Android 2.2 Download Now Available For HTC EVO

Android 2.2 is supposed to roll out to the Sprint EVO next week, but it looks like there’s a direct download already available through HTC. Here’s how to get it:

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