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Hail Satan: A Map Of All The Places In The US Named After The Devil Himself

Hell exists, and it’s right here on earth. Or at least, it does in name. Designer Jonathan Hull has made a map of all the places with names derived from the devil.

Platform Networks Hacker 'Evil' Gets Jail Time

Remember the 25-year old truck driver who called himself “Evil” and hacked his way into Platform Networks a few months back? He’s been trialled and sentenced this week in an Orange court (the place, not the colour), and now he’s off to jail.

Google Violated Its Own Evil-Free Policies While Promoting Chrome

The first rule of not being evil is: don’t do things you think are evil. So it’s a shame that Google has violated its own policy by giving bloggers cash in exchanges for writing about its browser, Chrome.

Can I Hackintosh My Laptop?

I have a Sorny Inspironbookmate 2564300iP00. Can I make Hackintosh? But seriously, I know a lot of people ask if they can hackintosh their obscure laptop that nobody has ever heard of and I understand it’s very unlikely that they can, but when is it possible? When can Mac OS X be installed on a out-of-the-box laptop and run just like it would on a real Mac?


Nothing says “asshole” quite like this parasitic bike “emergency pump” from Instructables user Aleksi. Need some air? The local public parking lot is your oyster. [Lifehacker’s Evil Week via Inhabitat via MAKE via Boing Boing]

How To Open An Aeroplane Lavatory Door From The Outside

Next time your kid locks him/herself in the aeroplane bathroom, or you just feel like being particularly creepy with a stranger, here’s how you can easily unlock an aeroplane lavatory with nothing but your finger.

Samsung NX100 Offers Control Through The Lens

Samsung has taken the wraps off their next EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens) camera, the NX100, and it has a rather interesting feature – a little button on the new lenses which lets users control the camera through the lens.

Bag Of Rice, Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

As you know, duct tape can be used for pretty much anything, and rice fills a large hole when needed. Coupled with some Xbox 360 controller parts though, they can make a disabled chap get his game on.

Sony NEX-3 And NEX-5 Available For Pre-Order

Did those interchangeable lenses linger on the mind last night, and you’ve woken up this morning with the resolve to snap one up ASAP? Hotfoot it over to SonyStyle now. [SonyStyle]

Hands-On: Sony Alpha NEX-5 Interchangeable-Lens Camera

Eagerly anticipated ever since Sony floated its wood-block concept designs at the PMA show in February, Sony’s Alpha NEX-5 and NEX-3 have finally arrived. Its debut models are the smallest entrants to date, and are aggressively priced given their features.

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