What Other Countries Call Santa Claus

Christmas Man. Daddy Christmas. Grandfather Frost. Yule Man. Yule Elder. Yule Gnome. Yule Goat. Father Christmas. Old Man Christmas. Biblical Magi. Christ Child. Christmas Log. All those names are names for Santa Claus in other countries around the world. Calling him just Santa Claus just seems so boring in comparison, doesn’t it?

We Still Have Time To Destroy Ourselves Before The Future Comes

According to Carl Sagan, the only thing that can stop us from reaching the stars is a) a global extinction event or b) nuclear self-destruction. I thought B was out of the question already but, according to the Wall Street Journal, perhaps we aren’t there yet. The news is that Russia has deployed SS-26 Stone mobile nuclear missile platforms — pictured in the photo — extremely close to Europe, on the Baltic Sea, near Poland and Lithuania.

Monster Machines: The UK Is Building Its First Nuclear Plant In A Quarter Century

The UK has set some very ambitious carbon reduction goals for itself — including the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 80 per cent by 2050, but this goal is proving more challenging than anticipated. At this rate, the UK will have to go fully-carbon free by 2030. So to meet its environmental deadline, they’re building the biggest, safest — and first — nuclear power plant on the British Isles in nearly 25 years.

Bike Your Way To Adventure With These Sweet City Cycling Guides

Rapha has been a one-stop shop for all kinds of cool bike accessories since launching its first collection in 2004; in addition to the stylish wearables, they’ve got a small batch of prints and publications dedicated to the joy of road climbs and racing. Now, they’re adding leisure travel to the mix with an eight volume collection of City Cycling Guides.

Fall Into This Mesmerising Timelapse Of Famous European Buildings

Even if you’ve never seen them in person, we’ve all gotten glimpses of the Palace of Westminster or the Arc de Triomphe on television, in magazines or wherever. And most likely those brief encounters have even been high res. But Luke Shepard’s Nightvision takes images of famous European architecture to a whole new level.

Court Says Europeans Have To Use Real Names On Facebook

Facebook’s crusade against pseudonyms and nicknames has just won out. After a German court ruled Facebook couldn’t force people to use their real, full names, a successful appeal from Facebook in another German court rules it can. The result? Europeans are stuck using their real names on Facebook.

Europe's Killer Drone Is Alive And Flying

It looks like a furious Cylon, it subsists on croissants and lattes, and now it’s successfully on its way to blowing things up: the European nEUROn drone just made a giant leap.

Apple Scores Europe-Wide Ban Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Another day, another Apple-Samsung death match. This time, Apple has succeeded in banning the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 across the entirety of Europe, because it was found to have infringed on Apple drawings that date back to 2004.

Optical Drive Cartel Suspected Of Keeping Prices High

Despite the fact that optical drives are probably on the way out, the European Commission has announced that it suspects thirteen manufacturers of being involved in a five-year bid-rigging cartel in an attempt to keep prices artificially elevated.

Blocking Pirate Bay On A National Level Doesn't Affect P2P Traffic

Two months ago, the Netherlands and UK governments ordered ISPs to block The Pirate Bay. Now, figures from a number of ISPs confirm exactly what we knew, although the governments didn’t: it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to P2P traffic.