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Etsy To Pilot Same-Day Delivery Service In New York

Need some hand-knitted gloves in a jiffy? You might be in luck if this trial goes well. This fall, Etsy is going to be pilot testing same-day and next-day delivery services in certain parts of New York City.

If Studio Ghibli Did Cthulhu, The Toys Would Look Like This

One would never describe the nightmarish visions of horror author HP Lovecraft as “cute” or “adorable”, yet here we are. Etsy crafter Mari Axel has an array of knitted (and eminently cuddly) Cthulhu toys available for purchase for a loved one who plans to never sleep again.

You'll Feel Like Iron Man Wearing These Glowing Laser-Etched Shades

There are countless reasons why it would be awesome to wear one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits, not the least of which being the slick heads-up display providing info on targets and other nearby threats. But for just $US55 (instead of billions) these laser-etched glowing plastic shades provide a similar experience on the cheap.

Play Magnetic Tetris On Your Fridge While You Try To Decide What To Eat

Poetry, even the magnetic kind stuck to a fridge, isn’t to everyone’s tastes. So Etsy seller The Back Pack Shoppe has created a set of magnetic wooden Tetris tetrominoes that let you stack, sort and re-arrange its various pieces while you’re trying to decide what will quell your afternoon snack cravings.

The Beauty Of The Solar System, Captured Around Your Wrist

Orreries are great to look at, but unless you’re a die-hard astronomer, they’re hardly romantic. If you’re after a gift that’s slightly more portable, encompasses the majesty of our celestial friends and looks fabulous around one’s limbs, you could do worse than this lovely “Galaxy Space” bracelet.

Hollywood's Most Terrifying Monsters As Life-Sized Recycled Metal Statues

I’m scared already and they’re just photos of the darn things. An Etsy magician by the name of “Kreatworks” crafts beautiful/horrifying sculptures from recycled metal, with the alien queen above just one glorious example of his work. You can buy them too… if you live in Thailand and have $15,000 to spare.

Even The Emperor Would Find This Infant Yoda Bath Towel Adorable

Though completely twisted towards evil by the dark side of the Force, even Emperor Palpatine would find it hard to resist cracking a smile at Etsy seller MiddleBrainedCanvas’ adorable Yoda-inspired hooded bath towel.

Reviews Of An Etsy Seller Who Poses Dead Mice As Pop Culture Icons

Beneath Etsy’s glitter-soaked, hand-stitched paisley exterior lies some of the weirdest, darkest wares the internet can offer. And in one of thee seedy offshoots, you will find some of the world’s biggest pop culture icons in the form of amateur, taxidermied mice. And people love ’em.

Skip The Gnomes And Put Ghostbusters' Keymaster Dog In Your Garden

It’s a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan as the film’s 30th anniversary has triggered a renaissance in collectibles and other memorabilia connected to the movie. For example, if the thought of posing sculpted gnomes in your garden seems tacky, why not opt for this statue of the dog-like Keymaster monster that possesses Louis (Rick Moranis) instead?

Someone Incorrectly Labelled This Rocket Ship Bed As A Kid's Item

We all make mistakes, and we can only assume that Etsy seller FableBedworks was in a rush when they posted this phenomenal transforming rocket ship murphy bed on their online store. Why else would they mistakenly refer to it as a “childrens bed” when there are certainly more than enough adults who would love a creation like this in their bedrooms?

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