Carry Zelda's Homework In This Fantastic Hylian Shield Backpack

It’s bad news if you’re a rabid Legend of Zelda fan. It turns out there’s only one of these brilliant Hylian shield backpacks available from Ivana Roso’s Etsy store. So if you’ve got $60 to spare, and are quick on the ‘Add to Cart’ draw, you can snatch it up and save your own princess from having to carry her books to class.

The Best Possible Use For All Your Mismatched Socks

As cliche as the problem sounds, socks really do have a way of going missing in the wash. But why resort to just throwing single socks away, or suffering the embarassment of wearing a mismatched pair, when you can just stitch them all together into a eye-catching throw rug?

You Won't Mind Stepping On This Aussie Lego Ottoman

Anyone who’s ever writhed in pain after crushing a Lego block underfoot will appreciate Melbourne-based Luxford St’s take on the classic Ottoman. Crafted from recycled pool table felt and stuffed with sturdy polyurethane foam, the footrest is a perfect 1:20 scale version of a size four Lego block. It’s perfect for putting your feet up — or building life-sized forts.

Unorthodox Alphabet Blocks For Your Budding Mad Scientist

It doesn’t matter what unspeakable acts or atrocities they grew up to commit, at one point all mad scientists — from Dr Frankenstein to Dr No — started life as adorable infants. But what turns an innocent toddler into an adult with a penchant for world domination? This set of mad scientist-themed alphabet blocks might be one cause.

R2-D2 Now Stashes The Most Useful Weapon Of All: Booze

Like an intergalactic Swiss Army Knife, R2-D2 has an untold number of tools and accessories hidden away inside. But unless you’re piloting spacecraft through asteroid fields, battling Sith Lords or intimidating Ewoks, they’re all useless compared to what this R2-D2 skinned flask is stashing away.

Etsy For iPad: The Homemade Hipster Haven Goes Tablet

Chocolates shaped like bike wheels. Artisanal pen ink. Vegan beard oil. These are just a few things you might on Etsy. Now you can browse the online market for homemade goods on your iPad.

Vintage Headphone Cups Make For Wonderful Coat Hooks

Koss Pro4AA headphones are ancient classics you can still buy for $US100, but if you’re finding their steel construction a bit uncomfortable these days, why not repurpose the old cans into a delightful wall accessory?

Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Wasn't So Awesome

The light-up coin slot belt buckle is made from recycled arcade game parts. It not only holds your pants up, but it doubles as a great date-repellant.

The Giant Junk Yard Fish Lamp That Will Frighten You Every Night

Well this thing is weird, but then again there is no shortage of strange on Etsy. If you have $US8000 burning a hole in your pocket, please consider the Deep Sea Angler Fish lamp.

These USB Typewriters Type On Your Screen And On Paper Simultaneously

Jack Zylkin has created a hack that turns any kind of vintage typewriter into a modern keyboard for tablets and computers — one that also can type on paper. Appropriately called USB typewriters, watching them in action is nothing short of fascinating.

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