This Iconic Coffee Maker Just Got A Super Stylish Facelift 

The Moka Pot is one of the most time-honoured — yet often misunderstood — ways to make coffee. It’s also one of the most recognisable kitchen gadgets, thanks to the ubiquitous Italian design left largely unchanged since 1933. A new collaboration between Blue Bottle Coffee and designer Joey Roth revamps the Moka Pot with a brand-new and pretty-dang-beautiful design.

This Minature Hand-Powered Espresso Machine Takes Caffeine Everywhere

As addictive mind-altering substances go, coffee is actually pretty hard to hit up on the move. If you’re out of range of a Starbucks, getting a hot, caffeine-rich epsresso generally requires a 20-pound machine and mains electricity, which is exactly the first-world problem this dinky espresso machine exists to tackle.

A Waffle Made From Ice Cream Means You Get To Eat Dessert For Breakfast

Dominique Ansel, the Willy Wonka of desserts and creator of the Cronut, has announced his latest imagination busting, tastebud oozing creation: The Waffogato. It takes the delicious affogato, which is basically ice cream topped with espresso, but remixes it by making the ice cream a waffle made from ice cream and mixed with Belgium waffle bits, tapioca balls and a bit of salt.

Watching Espresso Pouring In Slow Motion Is So Hypnotising

Normally coffee gets you all hyped up, but this slow motion footage of an espresso shot being pulled is so relaxing I can hardly take my eyes off it.

Coffee Mastery Lives In Counter Culture's Geared-Out Training Centre

Behind the veneer of bearded hipsters that floods the world of high-end coffee lies an intricate field of science, gadgetry and taste requiring years of experience to master. Counter Culture is at the forefront of coffee education, and its new NYC training centre is the apex of techniques and technology.

Espresso 101: The Methods And Machines Behind The Perfect Shot

Espresso is a mysterious drink. Not many people really know what it really is, how it’s made, or even what it should taste like. We’ve all been lured into a haze of misunderstanding and misinformation by the likes of Starbucks, Nespresso, Krups and countless other brands looking to make espresso easy and cheap. Don’t take the bait. Espresso, done right, is wonderful. Here’s how the best in the business do it.

Putting Together An Espresso Machine Is Music For Your Morning

The last thing you want to hear in the morning is noise. But when that noise comes from a beloved espresso machine? Combined with that sweet smell of coffee beans? That’s sweet cup music for every morning.

Exploring Where Espresso Machines Are Born

Coffee in the US has a bad rep, but if you walk into a good coffee shop that serves espresso, you will likely see a machine from one of these companies sitting on the bar: La Marzocco, Synesso or just maybe, Slayer. And they basically all come from one place: Seattle. I took a trip behind the scenes a little while ago and filmed a bunch of cool stuff.

I'm Intrigued By This Cheap Home Espresso Machine That Might Not Suck

One of these two things is true: Your home espresso machine cost a small fortune, or your home espresso sucks. (Or, just maybe, you hacked a Rancilio Silvia.) That’s because home espresso machines can’t maintain consistant temperature and pressure.

Pocket Sized Espresso Machine Makes Tiny Shots Of Joy

There are times when I could really go a small coffee. As a matter of fact I could go one right now. Coffee shops aren’t hard to come by, but for the ultimate in portability, you need something a little more portable, like this pocket sized hand made espresso machine.