Santa Barbara Still Reeling From The Worst Oil Spill In Decades

Last Tuesday, an onshore pipeline belonging to the Texas-based oil company Plains All American burst, spewing roughly 105,000 gallons of crude down a storm drain and into an undeveloped stretch of coastline just north of Santa Barbara. Roughly a fifth of that oil made its way into open water.

"Ya Ever Feel Like Galileo?" Bizarre Highlights From A US Climate Change Hearing

This is one of the greatest/saddest highlight reels I’ve ever seen from a U.S. government hearing on climate change. Last week, the Committee on National Resources got experts and politicians together to explore whether climate change and carbon emissions should be considered “environmental impacts” in federal projects.

Saving Coral Reefs With... Electrified Rocks?

Biorocks might be the prettiest forms of environmental remediation you’ll ever see. Part art, part science, these artificial structures are slowly helping coral recover from environmental devastation.

Here's What Sharks Do When You Give Them Cameras

Fisheries biologist John Shepherd once said that “counting fish is like counting trees — except you can’t see them and they move.” This can make animal behaviour research extremely difficult. And while increasingly advanced electronic telemetry tags can tell us a lot, there’s just no substitute for seeing a behaviour on video.

The US Is Testing A Storm Surge Warning System For Hurricanes

The wall of wind-driven ocean that accompanies a hurricane is called a “surge” for a reason: This isn’t a gentle rising of the water level, it’s violent and destructive — sometimes more so than the hurricane’s winds. This hurricane season, for the first time, the National Hurricane Center will be testing a prototype storm surge warning system which it hopes will be fully operational in 2017.

What The US Can Learn From Australia To Avoid A Mad Max Future

The drought is no longer a California problem. The Colorado River, which supplies water to one-eighth of the population of the United States, is now reporting record low water levels. The US needs a little perspective when it comes to how bad this is going to get. Luckily it has one: Australia.

Apple's Teaming Up With World Wildlife Fund To Save Chinese Forests

In its ongoing quest to do good — or at least, better — Apple has announced that it’s joining forces with the World Wildlife Fund to help protect and create sustainable forests that produce the paper used in its product packaging.

Unused Forest Foods Could Help Solve The Global Hunger Crisis

About one in nine people globally still suffer from hunger, with the majority living in Africa and Asia. The world’s forests have great potential to improve their nutrition and ensure their livelihoods. In fact, forests could be essential to global food security, particularly when considering the importance of diverse, nutritionally-balanced diets.

Researchers Discover Fracking Fluids In Well Water

Researchers using a sensitive chemical analysis say they have found evidence of fracking fluids in well water near a shale gas drilling site in Pennsylvania. It’s one of the first scientifically documented cases of fracking fluids seeping into drinking water.

The GOP's New Budget Proposal Is A Big Middle Finger To Earth Science

The GOP is trying to eviscerate NASA’s Earth science program. At best, the US House Science Committee’s new budget proposal would slash NASA’s Earth science funding by $US300 million. At worst, the Earth sciences stand to lose over half a billion federal dollars.

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