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Don't Worry, The Earth Is Not Locked Into 7 Degrees Of Warming

The internet is abuzz with a new climate study that seemed to deliver a bombshell conclusion: The amount of carbon humans have put into the atmosphere may have already committed the planet three to seven degrees Celsius of global warming.

Those Used Coffee Grounds Could Get The Lead Out Of Your Water

Those used coffee grounds you dump into the trash every morning might just help remove lead and mercury from drinking water one day, according to a new study by a team of Italian scientists.

The Sound Of Australian Fish Talking Is Weird As Hell

Most of us, when we picture life beneath the sea, tend to focus our imaginations on the sights — shimmering schools of fish, predatory sharks, luminous reefs. We seem far less concerned with what it sounds like beneath the waves — which is why you may be surprised to learn that marine life has a lot to say.

Dramatic Visualisations Show Just How Quickly The Arctic Is Melting

On September 10, the Arctic hit its annual summertime ice minimum. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, it was the second lowest summertime low since satellite record-keeping began. And as a series of new visualisations show, this trend is not going anywhere.

The Paris Climate Agreement Just Passed A Major Milestone

Good news, Earthlings: The Paris climate agreement had passed a critical milestone toward adoption. At a UN General Assembly meeting in New York this morning, 31 nations officially signed onto the accord, making it very likely that the deal will enter legal force this year.

Tiny Fossils Suggest Antarctica's Largest Ice Sheet Could Collapse

Scanning electron micrograph of diatom-rich sediments from the Southern Ocean. Image: Scherer et al. 2016. At the bottom of the world atop the forbidding Transantarctic Mountains sit the fossilized remains of microscopic, ocean-dwelling diatoms. For thirty years, scientists have argued over how these tiny algae came to rest thousands of feet above the sea. Now, sophisticated ice sheet models offer one of the best explanations yet — and it doesn’t bode well for our future.

Australian Researchers Say Feral Cats Are An Ecological Disaster

If you’re like me, your brain is so riddled with cat virus that you never want to hear anything negative about our whiskered overlords. But sometimes, the truth is so dark it simply begs to be thrust into the light. This is one of those times.

Scientists Baffled As Hundreds Of Dead Horseshoe Crabs Wash Ashore In Japan

Horseshoe crabs are known as “living fossils” and for good reason. The blue-blooded, side-walking arthropods have been around for 200 million years, surviving the last five mass extinctions. But something appears to be wrong as hundreds of dead horseshoe crabs have recently washed ashore in southern Japan, leaving scientists confounded.

Trump's Environmental Policy: You're Fired, Earth

Trump never was much for the environment. The man who calls global warming a Chinese hoax and questions the existence of California’s drought has made it clear that he has better things to do than worry about his Florida properties going underwater. But today, we got a little more insight into the environment nightmare that awaits us should this toupeed corndog assume the Oval Office next year. And it’s terrifying.

Russia's Blood Red River Is Worse Than We Thought

Last week, strange images of a river that had turned blood red emerged out of Russia. Now satellite images show that the red waters run much further through the area — and it’s been happening for decades.

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