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The Crazy Plan To Clean Up A Giant Island Of Garbage Might Actually Happen

An ambitious but controversial plan to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch moves closer to reality this week, with the deployment of an ocean plastic cleanup boom off the coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea.

This Pink Snow Does Not Bode Well For Our Future

Your first thought on seeing this weird pink snow might be an industrial accident or a nearby Big Foot massacre. Rest assured, it’s neither — just a perfectly natural, snow-dwelling algae. So why are scientists all in a tizzy about it? Because it’s causing glaciers to melt faster.

Take An Underwater Tour Of The Most Biodiverse Reef On Earth

Coral reefs have been having a rough time of it lately, have you heard? They’re in the midst of the largest, longest and worst mass die-off in history. But there’s a bright spot: When humans take action to protect reefs, they tend to do better. Sometimes, they even thrive.

The Worst Coral Die-Off In History Just Got Worse

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has just released an update on the state of the Earth’s coral reefs, and it’s bleak as hell. For the third year in a row, many reefs around the world will be exposed to hotter-than-normal temperatures, placing them at risk (again) for catastrophic die-offs.

Even The World's Deepest Trench Is Full Of Garbage Now

The Mariana Trench is the deepest spot in the ocean — and it’s home to some strange sights, sounds and creatures. But there’s one thing down there that’s very familiar: A whole bunch of garbage.

Chemists Just Turned Plastic Into Liquid Fuel

In news that offers hope that human civilisation won’t end up drowning in soda bottles and plastic wrap, Chinese chemists have developed a remarkably efficient method for converting polyethylene into liquid fuel. If it proves scalable, it could make a real dent in global plastic pollution.

The Last Spot On Earth Just Passed A Historic Climate Milestone

On May 23, something extraordinary happened at the South Pole. For the first time in four million years, carbon dioxide concentrations cleared 400 parts per million (ppm). It’s the last climate-monitoring spot on Earth to pass the historic milestone.

The Most Hopeful Place On Earth For Climate Change

Eastern Canada’s black spruce forests are one of the largest untamed wilderness areas on Earth. And in refreshingly optimistic news, parts of this ecosystem are expected to flourish in a warmer world, creating a refuge for species escaping drought-stricken regions to the south and west.

El Niño Has Pushed Our Planet Past A Major Climate Milestone

The monster El Niño of 2015-2016 is finally gone, but scientists are still coming to terms with its impacts on the planet. Among those impacts: Charging up the global carbon cycle and pushing atmospheric CO2 levels above 400 parts per million (ppm) for an entire year — a first in human history.

Report: America's Largest Coal Company Has Been Bankrolling Climate Denial

In a revelation that shouldn’t surprise anybody, Peabody Energy, the United States’ largest coal company, has been bankrolling think tanks, corporate lobbyists, trade associations and individual scientists at the heart of the climate denial movement, a new Guardian investigation reveals.

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