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This Is How South Florida Ends

It’s a scorching midsummer day, and the sawgrass is still under a pale blue sky. Waist-deep in water and sinking slowly into the muck, I fend off mosquitoes as a man from South Florida’s Water Management District mixes a bag of salt into a hot tub-sized bucket on the side of the road. Nine metres away in the marsh, another city official wearing waders and a bug hat stands on a narrow steel walkway, dangling the end of a long hose over a plexiglass chamber.

Beautiful Blue Lakes Are Invading East Antarctica And That's Not Good

Something strange is happening to one of the coldest places on Earth. Dazzling blue lakes are blooming like summer wildflowers atop the East Antarctic ice sheet’s Langhovde Glacier. And that’s got scientists worried — because they have seen these lakes before.

Terrifying California Bushfire Consumes 30,000 Acres In 24 Hours

A ferocious bushfire erupted in the San Bernardino mountains yesterday, ripping through more than 30,000 acres of brush in less than 24 hours. As of this morning, the Blue Cut Fire has forced more than 82,000 residents to evacuate.

Why This Weekend's Record Flooding In Louisiana Was So Extreme

Historic, record flooding gripped southeastern Louisiana this weekend after neighbourhoods from Baton Rouge to Livingston were swamped under an absolute torrent of rainfall. As of this morning, 20,000 people had been rescued from their homes, and the danger is far from over.

Six Million Americans Have This Toxic Chemical In Their Drinking Water

You might want to reconsider drinking the water next time you visit the States: A new Harvard study has found that six million Americans drink water containing unsafe levels of obscure industrial pollutants associated with cancer and other severe health consequences.

Eerie Time-Lapse Footage Shows Exactly How Australia's Coral Self-Destructs

Earlier this year, record warm ocean waters triggered a massive coral die off in the Great Barrier Reef, prompting a flurry of scientific research into the underlying cause. Now, for the first time, biologists have captured the process of coral bleaching as it happens, showing us how corals kill themselves in gory scientific detail.

Did The Apocalypse Just Start?

Over the past 48 hours, compelling evidence has emerged that a long-anticipated End Times is finally upon us. Let’s have a look.

A Volcanic Eruption Hid A Critical Climate Signal For 20 Years

As our planet heats up, the pace of sea level rise is expected to quicken, making it harder for cities like Miami to stay above water. But since 1992, scientists have studied Earth’s mean sea level via satellites, and they have watched it rise at a steady 3mm per year — no evidence for acceleration.

The Sneaky Reason US Coastlines Are Becoming More Polluted

When we think of coastal pollution, we tend to picture dirty water and garbage drifting down river into the sea. But deep underground, our filth reaches the beach by a more secretive route: Groundwater channels. A first-of-its-kind mapping analysis has now revealed that a fifth of US coastlines are susceptible to pollution from below the surface. And the problem goes both ways.

How Olympians Can Survive Swimming In Sewage

Rio’s water is vile — full of raw sewage and dead bodies — and later this week, humanity’s top athletes will plunge into this hellish stew for a jolly ol’ international sporting competition.

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