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What's New On Netflix, Presto And Stan In July?

Need an entertainment fix? Or just an extra reason to upgrade to a streaming service? Here are the highlights of new TV shows getting released in July.

Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story Of How Monster Lost The World

There’s never been anything like Beats By Dre. The bulky rainbow headphones are a gaudy staple of planes, clubs and footpaths everywhere: as mammoth, beloved and expensive as their namesake. But Dr Dre didn’t just hatch the flashy lineup from his freight train chest: The venture began as an unlikely partnership between a record-industry powerhouse and a boutique audio company best known for making expensive HDMI cables.

Apple's Beats 1 Radio Will Start Its Never-Ending Transmission On Wednesday

Tuesday morning sees the launch of iOS 8.4, and with it Apple Music. And even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, there’s still some joy to be had in the world: the Beats 1 radio station, DJed by Zane Lowe and free for everyone with an Apple ID, will start its broadcast at 5pm Wednesday AEST.

Paramount Invites Fan To Pitch New Star Trek TV Series

We could all go for a new TV series of Star Trek, but it’s hard to imagine it being in a form Gene Roddenberry — or serious Trekkies — would approve of. There have been rumblings Paramount is considering a revival and if recent news is anything to go by, the entertainment giant might be more keen than we previously thought.

Game of Thrones: Here's How They Did That Scene From 'Hardhome'

“Hardhome”, the latest instalment of Game of Thrones, was rather intense (spoiler warning), especially considering the slower pace of the episodes that came before it. What will stick with most is Hardhome’s final sequence, which understandably had a lot of work put into it by the writer, director and particularly the set builders. Spoilers for the TV show from this point onwards!

Extinction Looks Like It'll Be Smarter Than Your Average Zombie Flick

Zombie flicks tend to focus on the “during” part rather than “after” though exceptions do exist, including 28 Weeks Later and, er, Fido. Soon you can add Extinction to the list, a post-zombie apocalypse movie starring Lost’s Matthew Fox, where a small group of survivors used the inclement weather to “outlast” their undead aggressors.

San Andreas without The Special Effects Looks Even More Ridiculous

Video: You know what happens in a real earthquake? A pause. And then slight confusion. And then frantically trying to remember what elementary school taught you on where you should go. And then panic because you don’t remember. You know what happens when you film an earthquake disaster movie such as San Andreas? Comedy.

Video: The Underrated Importance Of Chairs In Movies

Video: Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting focuses in on something that’s not always noticed in movies but is incredibly important in how we view a film: chairs. Yep, the things we sit on. By focusing on chairs, he’s making a larger point about production design but it’s really interesting to see how something as simple as a chair can affect so much.

Good Kill Makes A Point About Drone Warfare You Never Considered

Good Kill is the latest high tech parable from director Andrew Niccol, best known for sci-fi flicks GATTACA and In Time. Set in 2010, it deals with “actual events” in the lives of drone pilots flying assassination missions over Afghanistan. The movie is uneven, but it will give you a look at drone warfare that’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

Action Heroes We Love: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest special effect of all time. And I know that sentence seems weird. “Darren”, you say, “Arnold is a person, not a special effect.” Is he though? Let me explain.

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