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Sony Made Pixels Even Lamer To Appease Chinese Authorities

Sony apparently didn’t care very much that the script to its new sci-fi comedy movie Pixels is pretty bad. It did, however, go to pains to ensure that Pixels would pass Chinese censorship boards with flying colours. Goodbye integrity, hello authoritarian-sanctioned blockbuster.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Behinds The Scenes Reel, Direct From SDCC

The Star Wars hype is real. It’s only going to get more real as December approaches and we once again explore a time long ago in a galaxy far away. Only fitting then we’d get a taste of behind the scenes deliciousness, straight from San Diego Comic-Con and boy, I think I might need to change, well, all of my clothes.

See Who Nails Their Game Of Thrones Character In These Audition Tapes

The amazing visual effects of HBO’s Game of Thrones often get all the attention, but the show would be nothing without its talented ensemble cast… a cast that had to audition for their roles. Let’s see who killed it (figuratively speaking)? Spoilers ahead!

Self/Less Is A Fun Dystopia That I Hope Never Comes True

The quest for immortality has a long history in futurist circles. What if you could jump from body to body, complete with the same thoughts, the same memories, the same personality as before? That’s the idea behind the new Ryan Reynolds vehicle Self/Less. And while the film won’t change your life, it’s a fine way to spend two hours in the dark, thinking about the future.

These Alternate Jurassic World Endings Would Have Made A Lot More Sense

Video: Jurassic World was plenty entertaining and all (seriously, it’s a movie about a genetically modified raptor-rex on a murderous rampage! how could it not be?) but nevertheless, fans and science fiction bloggers alike have spotted a few, well, inaccuracies.

This Supercut Of Disney Movies Is Basically A Time Machine To The 90s

Video: There’s a stupid obsession with the 90s that’s weird because the 90s were pretty boring and really just speaks to our base desires of wanting to re-live childhood because all of us are old and slowly deteriorating into dust. But still, even cold hearted me can appreciate this supercut of Disney movies from the 90s.

Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer Sees Bruce Campbell At His Boomstick Best

With San Diego Comic-Con on this weekend, we’ve been spoiled with trailers galore. First the Star Wars reel, then Batman v Superman and now, for all you Bruce Campbell fans out there, the new Starz TV series, Ash vs Evil Dead. And yes, Campbell is reprising the titular role.

Check Out The New Batman V. Superman Trailer, Starring Wonder Woman

So she’s only on screen for a few seconds of the over three and a half minute long Comic-Con trailer for next year’s Batman V. Superman. They are the best seconds.

First Picture Of The New Ghostbusters In Front Of The ECTO-1 Is Badass

Briefly: Man, this is cool. Paul Feig just tweeted a picture of the new all-female Ghostbusters cast in front of the new ECTO-1. They look so cool and bad arse that I want to watch this movie right now. Or I’ll just watch Ghostbusters again for like the 14th time.

What's New On Netflix, Presto And Stan In July?

Need an entertainment fix? Or just an extra reason to upgrade to a streaming service? Here are the highlights of new TV shows getting released in July.

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