The Best And Most Influential Film Special Effects In Recent History

You can agree or disagree with the selection of films in this compilation of the most influential special effects since the 1980s, but your brain will be on a sensory overload from beginning to end.

What If Crash Test Dummies Became Sentient Right Before The Car Crash?

Here’s a fascinating 3D animation short from Malek Rizkallah. Called Crush, it entertains the idea of crash test dummies becoming sentient from a timely spark in the precious moments before the car crashes. The execution is crisp and clean but the concept is so interesting that it makes you feel real emotions in the eyes of CGI-robots in just a few seconds.

How Spielberg, Lucas, And Kasdan Came Up With Indiana Jones

How did a “scruffy”, “rough and tumble”, “bounty hunter of antiquities” become one of the most beloved heroes in film history? Read this transcript from a 1978 meeting featuring Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, as they workshop the concept of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Why The Blair Witch Project Is Still The Scariest Movie Ever

On a Friday afternoon in 1999, I went to the matinee showing of a movie that I knew barely anything about. The film ended, the credits rolled, the house lights went up, and no one moved for a very long time. As we stumbled into the daylight, someone verbalised what we were all thinking: Was that real?

This Week's Top Comedy Video: Veronica Mars

Although the Veronica Mars movie hit an unanticipated speed bump today, we’re still thrilled that it got made. We’re betting the Kickstarter backers who got speaking roles in the movie are even more excited. See if you can spot them in this clip!

Here's 4 Minutes Of Captain America Kicking Arse In The Winter Soldier

A trailer’s one thing , but to get a feel for just how badass Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be, might we recommend this four minute scene? Why yes, yes we might!

Can Anybody Really Understand True Detective Without Subtitles?

Here’s an essential clue to discover the identity of the Yellow King: “My mamma said: dog face to the banana patch.” The rest is all in this video.

I Don't Recall Indiana Jones IV Being So Damn Terrible (but It Is)

I think we can all agree that Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is the very worst of the Indy movies, but I don’t recall it being as bad as this Everything wrong with… episode shows.

Found: The Long-Lost Short Film Shown Before The Empire Strikes Back In Aussie Cinemas

Black Angel is a 1979 short film that was put together for the sole purpose of preceding The Empire Strikes Back in cinemas, back when it was still a thing cinemas did. Its relationship with penultimate movie in the Star Wars franchise (chronologically, at least) is nearly zilch, except for the fact that it used an editing technique that found its way into Lucas’ somewhat more famous work.

A Farscape Movie Could Be On Its Way

It wasn’t exactly Battlestar Galactica, but Farscape did scratch a certain sci-fi itch — a goofy one to be sure, but an itch nonetheless. It’s been a while since we last saw the likes of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun grace our screens and some would debate their time has come and gone, but it looks like they could be set to return, with news that a movie script is in the works.