This Week's Top Comedy Video: Amazon's Mystery Product, Revealed

This week, Amazon put out a teaser video of people reacting to a mystery product the company will reveal on 18 June. The first version of the video never showed the product, but we got our hands on the uncut video. Now you can see exactly what those smiling people had their fingers in.

Every Single Nicolas Cage Laugh Ever Compiled In One Single Video

Video: Get ready, my friends. Get ready to feel all kinds of emotions. Get ready to love, to cry, to hate, to look away, to stop this video in disgust only to start playing it again because you can’t resist keep looking at it. Get ready for every single Nicolas Cage laugh ever compiled in one single video. The clip includes 64 movies, from Best of Times (1981) to Rage (2014).

'Creative Differences' See Ant-Man Director Edgar Wright Off The Film

Marvel’s had a good run with its string of in-universe movies; Captain America: The Winter Solider has done well commercially and critically and Guardians of the Galaxy is almost on our doorstep. Ant-Man might not be as well known as say, the “Cap”, but a film is already on the way, with comedian Paul Rudd cast in the title role and Edgar Wright of Shaun of the Dead fame directing. Well, Wright was directing, but not so much any more.

Meet The Illustrator Who Drew Kids' Books, Anti-War Posters And Erotica

At one point in the documentary Far Out Isn’t Enough, French illustrator and provocateur Tomi Ungerer is sitting on a bench in a quaint town square, when from off-screen someone hands him a small, disembodied doll’s arm. His face lights up; then he picks his nose with it. Meet one of the most wonderfully artistic, blissfully twisted octogenarians on the planet.

Interstellar May Be The First Movie That Shows Realistic Warp Travel

At last we got to see the full trailer for Chris Nolan’s Insterstellar. The drama seems centred around a worldwide food crisis fired by climate change and resource depletion — a quite probable future. The space travel part seems equally plausible, showing what may be the first realistic depiction of a real warp drive.

Steven Moffat: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Was 'The Unwritable Script'

Of all the episodes of Doctor Who ever to air, none have quite the same weight as “The Day of the Doctor”, better known as the show’s 50th anniversary special. As head writer, it fell on Steven Moffat to pen the episode which, as you can imagine, was a monumental task given everything it had to achieve, for fans and the franchise alike.

This New Simpsons Couch Gag Is Most People's Lives In 40 Seconds

I love the latest Simpsons couch gag because it’s really dark comedy — like life itself. Take a look. Instead of going through his usual going-back-home-after-work routine, Homer goes through all his existence in The Game of Life, always ending up on the wrong spots.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Stuff

Video: Did you bring the stuff?

5 Seasons And No Movie: NBC Cancels Community

Those hoping for the debut of Mr Egypt or Intensive Karen may have gotten their wishes granted, with NBC calling it quits on sitcom Community after five seasons. Despite losing its way in earlier seasons, the latest block of 13 episodes were quality, mostly thanks to creator Dan Harmon coming back on board. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to right the ship.

Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story Of How Monster Lost The World

There’s never been anything like Beats By Dre. The bulky rainbow headphones are a gaudy staple of planes, clubs and footpaths everywhere: as mammoth, beloved and expensive as their namesake. But Dr Dre didn’t just hatch the flashy lineup from his freight train chest: The venture began as an unlikely partnership between a record-industry powerhouse and a boutique audio company best known for making expensive HDMI cables.