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This Lamp Is Powered By A Plant

Electricity doesn’t grow on trees — but it can, perhaps, be generated with their help. A new energy recovery system harnesses electrons from the microorganisms imparted into soil by growing plants, producing enough electricity to power a lamp.

Yet Another Study Finds The US Could Quit All Fossil Fuels By 2050

Earlier this year, the Clean Power Plan pledged to cut US power plant carbon emissions by 32 per cent by 2050. A new study says the US can do way better than that: reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent and running the country entirely on renewable energy by 2050.

The UK Is Shutting Down All Its Coal Power Stations

The British Government has announced that it plans to shut down all of its coal-powered fire stations by 2025, with restrictions put on their use as early as 2023.

This Solar-Powered Plane Doesn't Come With Batteries And Doesn't Need 'Em

A few years ago the Volta Racer — a solar-powered electric toy car — helped educate kids about the virtues of harnessing the sun’s energy. The Volta Flyer does the same thing, except that it’s able to take to the skies after just 90 seconds of soaking up the sun’s rays.

A New Laser Could Make Materials Hotter Than The Sun Almost Instantly

Ever feel like an insanely high powered laser could solve your problems? Fusion researchers sure do! And now, they may have the blueprint they have been searching for. New theoretical work indicates it could be possible to build a laser that heats materials to temperatures hotter than the center of the sun — within a millionth of a millionth of a second.

Going Solar? Meet The Smart Services That Will Make The Most Of Your Power

Reposit Power is pioneering a new take on the traditional power station. It doesn’t have a generator running on dirty coal — but neither does it have huge fields of wind turbines or solar panels. Instead, Reposit’s ‘power station’ consists of a network of homes across Australia that have solar panels and battery storage, and want to sell their power back into the grid in a smarter way.

World's Biggest Coal Company Has Been Lying About Climate Change, Surprising No-One

A two-year investigation into Peabody Energy has concluded something that two minutes with Google could probably tell you: the coal giant has been telling some big fat lies about climate change.

How To Save Power (And Money) Cooling Your Home This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and even in the early days of spring we’ve seen some incredibly hot days. It may be tempting to crank the air-con up high and keep your house at sub-arctic temperatures until the weather outside finally cools down, but it’s worth thinking about the impact that’s going to have on your bill. There are plenty of ways you can cool your house in a more economical way — or, if you can’t bear turning off the air conditioner for a minute, we’ve collected a few tips so that you can use it more economically.

This Insane Fusion Reactor Is About To Switch On

If “The Stellarator” sounds like an energy source of comic book legend to you, you’re not that far off. It’s the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the world, and it’s set to turn on later this month.

Solar Power Will Keep This Ice Hotel Nice And Cold All Year

Usually, ice and the blazing hot sun don’t mix. But at the famed IceHotel in Sweden, solar panels will keep the establishment frosty all day, all year.

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