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Samsung TVs Reportedly Use Less Power In Efficiency Tests Than In Real Life

A series of tests by EU-funded research group ComplianTV suggest that Samsung TVs use more power in real-life conditions than they do when undergoing efficiency tests.

Shell Concedes That Oil Drilling Off The Alaskan Coast Is A Really Bad, Really Expensive Idea

After spending $US7 billion drilling for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, oil giant Shell announced today it will cease all drilling due to “a clearly disappointing exploration outcome.” This means there might be zero drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast in the near future.

Article From 1975: The World Will Be Out Of Oil By 2015

The idea of peak oil has haunted us for decades. I say haunt because the concept that sooner or later we’d run out of the stuff has contributed to some terrible public policy in the United States.

The Northern Hemisphere Just Survived The Hottest Summer In Recorded History

Four months ago in New Delhi, the streets melted and the power grid flickered as temperatures soared well beyond 43 degrees Celcius. India was in the midst of the fifth deadliest heat wave in its history, and summer hadn’t even begun.

Australia's Electricity Companies Will Fight Tesla Over Powerwall Batteries

Opinion: Tesla’s Powerwall battery is coming to Australia later this year, and it promises to lower your power bills by charging from your house’s solar panels or when off-peak energy generation tariffs are in effect. But it may face competition and obstruction from Australia’s existing energy suppliers and retailers, whose current businesses are built around power generation and consumption, not storage.

New Coating Radiates Heat To Keep Solar Cells Cool -- And More Efficient

Solar cells suffer a strange problem: the hotter they get as the sun pours down on them, the less efficient they become at converting light into electricity. But now a team of Stanford researchers have developed a new transparent coating that can help them keep a little cooler — and more efficient.

Fuel Made From Algae Could Help Fukushima -- And The Rest Of The World

In the ongoing search for a non-nuclear energy, Fukushima could find a partial answer in living, green, microalgae. And algae can help the rest of the world, too.

Some Simple Slices Could Help Solar Cells Track The Sun

The vast majority of solar cells sit fixed in place on top of buildings — but that means they miss out on absorbing some energy, as the sun moves through the sky. Now, researchers suggest that a few simple cuts could help create simple solar cells that track the sunlight throughout the day.

New Hybrid Solar Cell Produces 5 Times Higher Voltage Than Competitors

Solar cells are becoming increasingly efficient, but many still fail to make full use of the radiation that falls upon them. A new hybrid cell, however, converts unused light into heat to boost its efficiency by 20 percent.

Power Outages Are Getting Longer And Catastrophic Weather Is To Blame

Has your electricity gone out this summer? Did it feel like it was out for a long time? You may not be imagining things: A huge data analysis by a team of Berkeley scientists gives us a glimpse at the future of our drought-addled, storm-riddled electrical system.

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