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Furloughed US Government Employees During The Shutdown, Visualised

Sometimes a picture can help make sense of a situation. This visualisation shows the proportion of government employees who are currently furloughed. It’s as grim as the rest of the shutdown news.

The Day IBM Let Married Women Work

It seems utterly and incredibly sexist today, but 60 years ago many companies required female employees to resign when they married. This internal memo marks the day that IBM decided that was a stupid idea.

Rumourmodo: Apple Using Retail Store Employees To Fix Maps?

MacRumors claims that Apple is “turning to select Retail Store employees to help improve Maps for iOS 6”. What a genius idea!

Foxconn Shuts Factory After 2000-Employee Brawl Breaks Out

Foxconn has had to close down a factory in Taiyuan, China, which employs 79,000 people after a massive brawl broke out amongst 2000 of its workers. Bloomberg is reporting that the fight left 40 people hospitalised and some employees arrested.

China Watchdog Report: Labour Abuse Extends To More Gadget Factories

Another report from a Chinese labour watchdog suggests that reports of underage and abused employees in the gadget manufacturing industry only scratched the surface.

The Inspirational Note Apple Gives To New Employees On Their First Day

Chances are you’re probably pretty pumped if you land a job at Apple. But just in case you need an extra kick in the berries, this is the inspirational note waiting for you on your first day of work.

Google Engineers Are Smarter, Make More Money Than Motorola Counterparts Says WSJ

Here’s a report that’ll raise the hackles of some Motorola employees. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google employees are better fed at work, make more money and are smarter than their Motorola colleagues.

Hyatt Fires Heat Lamps At Striking Hotel Employees

Taking a page from 19th century American robber barons, the managers of a Chicago Hyatt decided to whip together some old-fashioned strike breakin’ fun with the help of 10 large heat lamps, the Tribune reports. USA! USA! USA!

The Unhappy RIM Employee Emails Keep On Coming

RIM is dying, sure. But what’s a demise without a few good death throes? On the heels of yesterday’s scathing anonymous teardown of the BlackBerry maker – and RIM’s counterpoint – comes a new wave of malcontented employees. BGR’s got more grumblings from the BlackBerry’s underbelly. [BGR]

Why Apple's 'Geniuses' Feel Dumb

Apple Store employees are supposed to smartly guide your crucial, Apple related life decisions. But now some regret their own choice to take the company’s underpaid retail jobs, and their hipster existential crisis could produce the trendiest union ever.

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