A Bar On Board A Plane? Now You're Talking

When you talk about the price difference between economy class and business class, or business and first, you have to find some pretty significant differences before you can justify that extra cash. (Unless someone else is paying, or you can snaffle an upgrade using points or some smooth talking.) But if you’re looking for a good reason, the Emirates A380’s onboard bar has to be pretty much up there.

What It's Like Jumping Out Of An Airbus A380

If you’re taking a long-haul international flight, you hope to god that it goes smoothly and nothing untoward happens. And it barely ever does, to be fair, with the odds of a fatal airline accident being something one in 10 million. But every airline crew goes through extensive training to ensure that if anything happens, you’ll be able to escape safely through emergency exits and evacuation slides.

Inflight Internet Is The Most Useful Thing In The Entire World

As I write this right now, I’m over the coast of southern India, about 41,000ft in the air on an Emirates Airbus A380. But I’m not disconnected from the world; the ‘net up here is actually quite fast.

A380 Montblanc Pen Only For Wealthiest Of High Flyers

Want this Montblanc Skeleton pen, shaped like an Emirates A380 plane? Those 28 diamonds, 18-carat gold plating and lure of winning free flights will never be yours – unless you fork out $US19,335 for it. [AMEinfo via Moodiereport via BornRich]

Emirates' iLingual App Half Solves The Language Barrier

There are a few different iPhone apps out there designed to make inter-language communication an easier proposition, but none of them are quite like the Emirates iLingual app. Combining either French, German or Arabic with those stupid mouth replacement gimmicks you see on late-night TV infomercials, the app lets you “speak” another language through the iPhone.

iPhone Translation App Speaks Three Languages With Your Mouth

Somewhere on the App Store spectrum, between the travel phrase books and those apps that replace your mouth with a slightly weirder mouth, you’ll find iLingual, an app that steals your lips and uses them to speak three different languages.

Airbus A380s Interior Too Quiet, Eliminates Precious Privacy

The last bastion of privacy on airplanes is their blanket of white noise, but that may soon vanish: Pilots are complaining that the Airbus A380 jumbo is so quiet, they can’t get any rest.

Tailcam Video Shows Awesome Plane's-Eye-View of A380 in Flight

This video is a feed from the Tailcam in an A380 as the aircraft takes-off. The cam feed can be shown on the seat-back displays and gives you an almost Superman-like view of the aircraft from 24m up at the top of the tail. It’s pretty amazing watching the behemoth aircraft surge slowly down the runway and into the air… and there’s another vid, showing it landing in to SFO as part of the recent Emirates tour.

Biggest Aeroplane Model in the World Eaten by Biggest Cargo Aircraft

This is an Airbus A380–the largest passenger aircraft in the world–eaten alive by an Antonov AN-124–the largest mass-produced cargo aeroplane in the world (which I filmed inside at Dubai’s airport). Before you exclaim “Photoshop!”, this is a real photo by Dmitry Avdeev. However, it’s not a real A380: it’s a 1/3 scale model, which makes it the biggest aircraft replica in the world. So big, in fact, that its 26.5m wingspan is a metre wider than a real Concorde. Seeing it completely built in video gives you an idea of its gigantic scale.

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