The Quest To Build An Elevator To Space

Forget buying a stairway to heaven. Serious people are trying to build an elevator to space.

The Tallest Lifts On Earth Are Being Tested In An Old Mineshaft

Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower will be taller than any other structure ever built. At more than 1km high, this supertall will require feats of engineering that, until now, have been the stuff of science fiction. Like the world’s tallest, longest and fastest lifts — which are being developed in a mine shaft in Finland.

Who Invented The Elevator?

The history of the elevator, if you define it as a platform that can move people and objects up and down, is actually a rather long one. Rudimentary elevators are known to have been in use in ancient Rome as far back as 336 BC, with the first reference of one built by the talented Archimedes.

China Commissions The World's Fastest Lifts

Today, the Japanese tech giant Hitachi announced a contract to build two of the fastest lifts in the world for a forthcoming skyscraper in China. Seems innocuous enough, right? But buried within the press release are a few fascinating details that illustrate how China’s skyscraper boom is affecting the global economy — including the fact that it bought a whopping 60 per cent of all lifts sold in 2013.

Why Take The Stairs When You Can Travel By Pneumatic Tube?

It takes work to go upstairs, but it doesn’t have to. That’s why elevators were invented. If you want an elevator in your home, though, it takes some serious construction. Why not travel through pneumatic tubes like the Jetsons? No, seriously, you can.

Ride An Outdoor Lift To A Walkway In The Sky

If you’ve ever walked around in a hilly city, you’ve probably done your share of avoiding uphill paths. Hills have a way of carving dividing lines into a city. In Pamplona, Spain, two neighbourhoods separated by elevation could be connected by this striking new outdoor lift.

Microsoft Is Building Smart Lifts That Know When You Want To Get On

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances. Why not smart lifts? That’s the question Microsoft asked — and then answered, by putting a Kinect camera in a lift, training it to recognise when people want to get on, and teaching it to open the doors automatically when needed. Smart, indeed.

New Lift Tech Will Double How Tall Our Highest Buildings Can Be

China may be quick on the path to constructing the world’s newest tallest building ever, but, should it succeed, its reign is probably going to be fairly short-lived — and all because of a lift. More specifically, a lift that can travel up to 1000m — two times higher than any built before it.

That Ghost-Girl Lift Prank Just Got A Terrifying Sequel

As a follow-up to its terrifying Ghost in the Elevator prank, Programa Silvio Santos is back with another way to terrify Brazilians who apparently don’t know the correct way to transport a coffin.

It Takes 20 Seconds To Get Annoyed About Waiting For The Lift

Theresa Christy, a mathematician who works for Otis Elevator Co (they probably power your building), told the WSJ that once you press a button and wait for the lift, it takes about 20 seconds before you start getting impatient and annoyed.

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