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This Elevator Moves Both Horizontally And Vertically

Willy Wonka’s glass elevator is real! Well, sort of.

How Would A Real Space Elevator Work And Is It Even Possible To Build?

Video: Kurzgesagt ponders the question of whether space elevators can be built and answers it as only they can. It’s fascinating to learn about the (obvious) benefits of having a space elevator — sending things to space becomes much, much cheaper! — but even if it will take forever and a half to build this mythical 36,000km structure (which we can’t yet with our current technology), it might be worth it just to better investigate our options for exploring space.

This Super Tall, Super Thin Tower Was Built Just To Test Elevators

How do you design a new type of elevator without installing it in an existing building? It’s a chicken/egg question that engineers have long struggled with — even using abandoned mine shafts to test new technology.

Trapped In A Lift? In Japan, At Least You'll Have A Toilet

You’re in an elevator. An earthquake hits. It’s scary. The power goes out, and now you’re stuck. And you gotta go, bad. Luckily, Japan is putting emergency toilets in lifts to prevent such nightmares.

How To Fix The Elevator

High rise buildings have used the same elevator system for decades. So why mess with a good thing? Because that good thing is one major waste of space. Friends, it’s time to redesign the elevator.

Future Lifts Will Use Maglev To Go Up, Down -- And Sideways

Is only going up in the lift getting you down? Not for much longer: ThyssenKrupp, the German steel and engineering company, has announced that it’s building the next generation of lifts that will use magnetic levitation to travel up, down and side-to-side at speed in the buildings of the future.

How Fast Do The Elevators In The World's Tallest Buildings Go?

When you’re building supertalls, there are other problems to worry about than just making sure they don’t fall or blow over. One of the biggest is how to get people up to the top in a reasonable amount of time. If you’ve got a slow elevator the 125th floor might as well not exist.

The Quest To Build An Elevator To Space

Forget buying a stairway to heaven. Serious people are trying to build an elevator to space.

The Tallest Lifts On Earth Are Being Tested In An Old Mineshaft

Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower will be taller than any other structure ever built. At more than 1km high, this supertall will require feats of engineering that, until now, have been the stuff of science fiction. Like the world’s tallest, longest and fastest lifts — which are being developed in a mine shaft in Finland.

Who Invented The Elevator?

The history of the elevator, if you define it as a platform that can move people and objects up and down, is actually a rather long one. Rudimentary elevators are known to have been in use in ancient Rome as far back as 336 BC, with the first reference of one built by the talented Archimedes.

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