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BMW i3 Australian Hands-On: The Car That Future Built

Today, I went for a drive in a Time Machine. That time machine is called the BMW i3, and it’s a car that belongs in 2050, not 2013. The best part? It’s affordable, and goes on sale later this year. Hit the road with us.

Ford's New Solar-Powered Electric Car Is Its Own Rolling Power Grid

Electric cars have come a long way in the past decade or two, but one glaring problem remains: you have to charge the dang things. What do you do when there aren’t enough charging stations (and there aren’t)? If you’re Ford, you build a car that charges itself.

This Futuristic Car Has No Engine And No Transmission

A team of engineers at Ohio State University want to change the way cars work. Not only do they want to build a more efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle, but they also want to build a car with better parts — in fact, so much better that you can do away with major components… like the engine.

These New Graphene Supercapacitors Could Finally Power An Electric Car

A team of South Korean scientists has developed a new graphene supercapacitor that can store almost as much energy as a lithium-ion battery, but charge in only 16 seconds. This makes it an ideal material to store braking energy and could be exactly what the electric car industry needs.

Parking's A Breeze In This Foldable, Smartphone-Controlled Electric Car

Researchers in South Korea hope to solve all kinds of problems with a revolutionary new vehicle that’s a real-life Transformer. The Armadillo-T is an ultra-light, ultra-compact electric car that literally folds in half at the flip of a switch. Sure it looks a little bit goofy but come on — you know you want one.

These Incredible New Buses Are Charged Wirelessly By The Road Itself

Imagine an electric vehicle that can travel endless distances without ever needing to stop at a recharging station. That sounds impossible, right? Because electric vehicles run on batteries, and at some point, you need stop and charge those batteries. Not this one.

An Aussie Firm May Have Just Perfected The Electric Car

What’s wrong with electric cars? Right now, the biggest one we can think of is the all-important battery range. Sure it’s fun saving Mother Earth but if you can only do 40km before recharging for 18 hours, what’s the point? Thankfully, an Aussie firm has cracked onto an ingenious invention that may just perfect the electric vehicle’s efficiency problem.

GoGet Has Electric Share Cars Now In A Great Leap Forward For Aussie EVs

Car-share service, GoGet, is a blessing for car-less city folk in need of some wheels. Now those city slickers in Melbourne are about to get a boost to their green credentials, as GoGet adds Toyota plug-in hybrids to its fleet. This is so great I can’t begin to describe it.

The Crazy Cars Of CES 2013

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just a place for smartphone cases and big TVs. No, instead it’s about showcasing some of the coolest car tech ahead of the Detroit Motor Show. Here are some of the best cars on show at CES 2013.

This Is Officially How You'll Be Fueling Your Car In The Future

The future of automobiles is upon us. Or at least it’s getting a lot closer. This week, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International announced the first official charging plug standard for US cars. The brand new plugs may arrive as early as next year.