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Tesla's Model 3 Unveil Is Part One Of A Bigger Launch

Tomorrow, at 2:30PM — set your watches, ladies and gentlemen — we’ll get our first look at the Tesla Motors Model 3. The Model 3 is the “affordable” Tesla, pegged to start at around US$35,000, and marks the first step into large-scale mass production for the Californian electric vehicle company.

But tomorrow’s launch won’t be all we learn; Tesla will keep some Model 3 secrets close to its chest until the car is nearer to its late-2017 production.

Here's The Aussie Queue To Pre-Order Tesla's Model 3

Over 50 people in Sydney and a similar number in Melbourne are lining up to pay $1500 to secure an early delivery of Tesla’s new Model 3 electric car — with some queueing for the last two days — despite not knowing what it will look like, how it’ll drive, or even how much it’ll cost. This is commitment.

People Are Already Lining Up To Buy Tesla's Unannounced Model 3 In Australia

Tesla’s newest and most affordable electric car is set to be unveiled this Friday, but confident buyers will be able to secure their place in line for pre-orders from Thursday morning. And there’s already a queue.

How (And When) To Order A Tesla Model 3 In Australia

Australia will be the first country in the world to take pre-orders for Tesla Motors’ upcoming Model 3 electric car. When stores open in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on March 31, you’ll be able to put down your cash and secure your place in line for Tesla’s mass-market EV — so here’s how much it’ll cost.

Toyota Says The New Prius Is Fun To Drive

The latest update to the Toyota Prius is the biggest one in the 10-year history of the iconic hybrid. With a completely new platform and smarter, more economical drivetrain and in-car comfort, the new Prius is 13 per cent more efficient than its predecessors — Toyota says it’ll sip just 3.4 litres of fuel per 100km of driving.

Morgan's EV3 Is A Fully Bespoke (And Also Three-Wheeled) Electric Car

Image Cache: Electric cars are certainly high tech, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, staid appliances. Morgan, a British company with a long history of bespoke, hand-laid motor cars, has unveiled the EV3 — a three-wheeled electric car made by hand and designed to be futuristic without the space-age trappings of plastic and glue. Instead, the EV3 is all about brass, copper and wood.

The Toyota Setsuna Is A Wooden Electric Car That Will Last 100 Years

Toyota will debut a particularly interesting concept car at Milan Design Week this year, making a point of being both environmentally friendly and emotionally valuable to the individual that buys it. The Toyota Setsuna, powered by an electric motor and with a retro open-wheel and open-cabin design, is built from Japanese wood — cedar and birch, with no nails or screws to hold it together — and is built to last a century of use.

Tesla's Self-Driving 'Summon' Is Now Available In Australia

Tesla has just released the latest software update for its all-electric Model S, and it adds the ability for the car to park itself and then return to the owner at the push of a button. Summon, as it’s called, has finally passed its regulatory hurdles in Australia, and that means the Model S is — again — the smartest car on our roads and in our carparks.

Here's A Good Look At How All-Electric Race Cars Work

Video: Formula E is the most exciting race series that you’ve barely heard of. It’s much like Formula One, but driven in all-electric vehicles on street circuits completely free of random rules and politicking. If you want to know more about how the cars work, this video is a great primer.

The New Toyota Corolla Gets Hybrid Power

Australia’s most popular car is about to get some more green credentials in the form of a hybrid petrol-electric drivetrain. The new Toyota Corolla, set to debut in the middle of the year, will use a third less fuel than the already efficient petrol-only hatchback, and marks the fifth vehicle in Toyota’s Aussie line-up to get an electric boost.

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