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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: Australian Review

Electric vehicles are slowly infiltrating Australia. We’re still a while away from that all-electric world of the future, but hybrid vehicles have come a long way since the Prius’ 2002 debut. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV turns an important corner on that road to tomorrow; if you take a little care, you can drive it without spending a cent on petrol.

Here's The Difference Between Tesla Model S Variants

With the Tesla Model S coming to Australia extremely soon, and with pricing leaked, and a national Supercharger network confirmed, buying one is a pretty tempting proposition.

A New Battery Tech Could Revolutionise Electric Cars

A Japanese company has pioneered a low-cost, recyclable, high-performance battery technology that could see electric vehicles charging just as fast as a petrol car filling its fuel tank. Power Japan Plus’ Ryden dual-carbon cells are starting production in a few months, and could appear in electric cars within a couple of years.

Here's What The Tesla Model S Will Cost In Australia

The Model S from Tesla Motors is coming to Australia, and we now know the all-important price ahead of its official release date.

BMW Crushed Its ActiveE Test Fleet, And EV Lovers Are Unhappy

From the start of 2012 until quite recently, BMW had an innovative idea: it built and leased a thousand or so of its newly developed ActiveE electric cars, based on the coupe 1 Series chassis, to private citizens. Those drivers would basically be long-term test drivers, with telemetrics giving BMW an idea of how EVs work in the real world. That lease expired a few months ago, and with the test complete, BMW recycled the cars — and former owners aren’t happy.

Tesla Will Build A Supercharger Network In Australia

Buying a Tesla Motors electric car in Australia just got even more attractive. The electric car company will build a network of its Supercharger high-speed chargers around the country, letting Tesla owners recharge their vehicles for free.

Despite Poor Sales, Honda Will Keep Selling Hybrids In Australia

Honda sold less than 500 hybrid cars in Australia last year, and two of the strongest sellers from that mediocre number are being discontinued soon. Despite that bleak outlook, the Japanese manufacturer remains buoyant about the possibility of hybrid technology, although its local boss says more efficient petrol and diesel cars are taking centre stage for the time being.

Rolls Royce Is Considering An Electric Car

Briefly: It’s possible — remotely possible — that one day in the future, there might be an electric Rolls. The company has experimented with electric tech before, and one of its top executives is open to the idea.

Elon Musk Is Helping The Oatmeal Rebuild The Tesla Science Museum

Matthew Inman, better known online as The Oatmeal, is a huge Tesla fan — both of the Serbian-American scientist and electrical pioneer and the electric car company that shares his name. He raised $1.4 million to buy Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory, and just asked Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk for a helping hand. Musk said yes.

Australia On The Verge Of An Electric Vehicle Revolution

In Australia, our beautiful wide brown land means that we love our big cars. Holden’s Commodore and Ford’s Falcon dominated the top of new vehicle sales lists for decades; even in recent years, and even in light of both brands shutting down, they’re strong sellers. All of the five most popular cars in Australia are petrol-powered, but that looks set to change; you’ll just have to give it a few years first.