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People Are Already Lining Up To Buy Tesla's Unannounced Model 3 In Australia

Tesla’s newest and most affordable electric car is set to be unveiled this Friday, but confident buyers will be able to secure their place in line for pre-orders from Thursday morning. And there’s already a queue.

How (And When) To Order A Tesla Model 3 In Australia

Australia will be the first country in the world to take pre-orders for Tesla Motors’ upcoming Model 3 electric car. When stores open in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on March 31, you’ll be able to put down your cash and secure your place in line for Tesla’s mass-market EV — so here’s how much it’ll cost.

Toyota Says The New Prius Is Fun To Drive

The latest update to the Toyota Prius is the biggest one in the 10-year history of the iconic hybrid. With a completely new platform and smarter, more economical drivetrain and in-car comfort, the new Prius is 13 per cent more efficient than its predecessors — Toyota says it’ll sip just 3.4 litres of fuel per 100km of driving.

Morgan's EV3 Is A Fully Bespoke (And Also Three-Wheeled) Electric Car

Image Cache: Electric cars are certainly high tech, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, staid appliances. Morgan, a British company with a long history of bespoke, hand-laid motor cars, has unveiled the EV3 — a three-wheeled electric car made by hand and designed to be futuristic without the space-age trappings of plastic and glue. Instead, the EV3 is all about brass, copper and wood.

The Toyota Setsuna Is A Wooden Electric Car That Will Last 100 Years

Toyota will debut a particularly interesting concept car at Milan Design Week this year, making a point of being both environmentally friendly and emotionally valuable to the individual that buys it. The Toyota Setsuna, powered by an electric motor and with a retro open-wheel and open-cabin design, is built from Japanese wood — cedar and birch, with no nails or screws to hold it together — and is built to last a century of use.

Tesla's Self-Driving 'Summon' Is Now Available In Australia

Tesla has just released the latest software update for its all-electric Model S, and it adds the ability for the car to park itself and then return to the owner at the push of a button. Summon, as it’s called, has finally passed its regulatory hurdles in Australia, and that means the Model S is — again — the smartest car on our roads and in our carparks.

Here's A Good Look At How All-Electric Race Cars Work

Video: Formula E is the most exciting race series that you’ve barely heard of. It’s much like Formula One, but driven in all-electric vehicles on street circuits completely free of random rules and politicking. If you want to know more about how the cars work, this video is a great primer.

The New Toyota Corolla Gets Hybrid Power

Australia’s most popular car is about to get some more green credentials in the form of a hybrid petrol-electric drivetrain. The new Toyota Corolla, set to debut in the middle of the year, will use a third less fuel than the already efficient petrol-only hatchback, and marks the fifth vehicle in Toyota’s Aussie line-up to get an electric boost.

All The Coolest Tech From CES 2016

Even before we trekked out to the desert for the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a good idea that CES would be flush with smart cars, televisions, virtual reality and a bunch of weirdness. We were right! But as always, there were some surprises in store.

Faraday Future Will Challenge Tesla With This Crazy Electric Batmobile Concept

Officially cementing CES as the next great auto show, this week Faraday Future unveiled its electric car concept platform that the company hopes will let it compete with the likes of Tesla. And possibly Wayne Enterprises, because the FF-O1 is clearly something right out of Batman’s garage.

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