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Trump's Autographed Bibles, Guitars, And Boxing Gloves Are On EBay If That's Your Kind Of Thing

Donald Trump rallies almost always devolve into autograph-signing sessions. And many of those signed items are showing up on eBay. A wide variety of Trump-signed items are just a click away, if that’s the kind of kinky shit you’re into.

Lunch Time Deals: 20 Per Cent Off eBay Tech Including Laptops, iPads, Portable Hard Drives

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. Today, eBay is running a massive 20 per cent off promotion across 28 major online tech stores like Betta Electrical, Milan Direct, EzyDVD and Grays Online. This means brand new gear at surprisingly cheap prices — we’re talking a Surface Pro 4 for $1240, guys.

Forget A Clear Backed Smartphone, I Want This Clear Plastic Apple Newton

A few days ago we were all oohing and awing over a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that was modded with a clear back panel revealing some of the components inside. But it can’t compare to the nerd lust some of your are probably feeling over this incredibly rare Apple Newton.

eBay's Innovation Lab Tracks Your Reaction To New Technology

eBay wants to know what the technology of the future looks like — and they need your help to do it. Overnight, a huge eBay branded dome turned up next to the IMAX in Darling Harbour, but it’s what’s inside that’s important. Gathered in this tent are some of today’s most interesting emerging technologies, but who’s to say whether they will be adopted by consumers or fall by the wayside as just another fad.

What's The Weirdest Thing You've Ever Bought Or Sold On eBay?

It’s a special day, and I’m not just talking about Force Friday Eve: It’s my birthday! I’ve known for years that I share my birthday with a few interesting entities like Charlie Sheen. But there’s one thing I did not know I shared a birthday with until today: Twenty years ago, a little company named eBay was born.

Dick Smith Is Selling The [Update: All Gone!] UE Boom For $99

Want a great, powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker at an alluring price? Courtesy of a crazy eBay sale, Dick Smith is selling the Ultimate Ears Boom for literally half the price of its $198 RRP.

The Fitness Wearable So Dangerous It Was Supposed To Be Destroyed

One of the first-ever fitness wearable was so dangerous it was banned by the US government for causing miscarriages and hernias. The line between “convenient exercise device” and “ornate torture tool” was thinner back in the 1950s.

These Amazing Cthulhu Warhammer Miniatures Could Be Yours

It’s been said that if you don’t go to the effort of painting your Warhammer 40K miniatures, you’re missing out on the best part of the (insanely expensive) hobby. But what if painting just isn’t enough to truly customise your army? Well, I suppose you could take some inspiration from HP Lovecraft and tentacle-up your Chaos Marines, like this guy did.

For Sale: 1960s Missile Site, Bring Your Own Missiles

Looking for a new place to live? Have I got a deal for you: Single family home, good school district, 1760 square metres. Did I mention it’s a former military base that housed Nike missiles from 1960 until 1966?

Apple Is Wrong To Pull Historical Games Featuring The Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag is a garbage flag that represents garbage ideas. But in an effort to purge the world of those garbage ideas, some companies are too quick to pull out the banhammer. Here’s one recent example: Apple has begun banning some games that feature the Confederate flag — even if that game is about the Civil War.

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