You Can Own An Edible, Android-Shaped KitKat

Android KitKat, the latest update to Google’s mobile OS, is now public, but there’s a burning question that’s yet to be answered: How delicious is it? Through the magic of eBay, you can be one of the few to get an answer, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Why Sell Your Giant AT-ST Walker? Because Your Girlfriend Is Sick Of It

Last week, we told you about how there’s a gigantic AT-ST Walker for sale on eBay right now. It’s still there, but why sell such a masterpiece in the first place? Because your girlfriend is freakin’ sick of having it around.

You Can Buy Your Own Giant AT-ST Walker On eBay For Just $16,000

How many of us, at some point or another, have actively fantasized about how cool it would be to own an Imperial AT-ST Scout walker? The answer should be “all of us”. There’s a chance to make that dream come (kind of) true, and it only costs $US15,698.62. Roughly.

Teen Tries To Buy WikiLeaks Server With $33,000 Of His Dad's Money

The eBay auction for the server that once hosted the WikiLeaks documents, including Cablegate, has finally come to a close with a winning bid of $US33,000. There’s only one problem: the winner is a 17-year-old boy who used his dad’s account to bid and is in no position to cough up the cash.

The WikiLeaks Server That Hosted Cablegate Is For Sale On Ebay

Shopping for a new server? Want a piece of whistleblower history? Want to piss off Julian Assange? You can do all three of these things at once, if you buy the server that hosted hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks a few years ago. And it still works!

An Aussie Guy Is Selling Humble Bundles For A Profit On eBay

EA’s Humble Bundles are excellent. They’re a great way for gamers to get great titles for cheap, and it’s an opportunity for a big studio to support a charitable cause. Then somebody comes and pees in the proverbial pool and starts ruining it for everyone. Meet Aussie eBay user jazz_singh.88, who is selling Humble Bundles for a profit online.

Ebay's My Gadgets Organises Your Tech To Make It Easier To Sell

eBay.com has officially announced the launch of My Gadgets, a new little wrinkle to eBay that lets you organise and track the value of the gadgets you have accumulated over your years of buying stuff you probably don’t need. It’s like an online portfolio of your stuff, add the gadgets you own and see what the average selling price of it is on eBay.

Firefox OS Phones Are Finally For Sale On eBay

Firefox OS caused a bit of a stir at a few months ago, and the first handset bearing the new software is finally hitting the market for purchase! The best part is that it’s cheap, and anyone can buy it.

A Real NASA Moon Camera Is On eBay Right Now

Ever wanted to take pictures like an astronaut? Now’s your chance. There’s an original Hasselblad 500EL Electric Camera kit on eBay right now. Just like the ones that were used on the lunar Apollo missions. If you act fast — and have a spare $US74,950 laying around — it could be yours.