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Artists Turn Tectonic Activity Into Stunning Data Visualisations

We usually use words like “immensely powerful” and “destructive” to describe Earth’s tectonic forces. But to artist Ken Goldberg of the University of California, Berkeley, even the most violent agents on Earth have an inner beauty.

Watch The Moon Cross The Face Of The Earth In This Incredible Video

Video: Here’s an absolutely stunning video that shows our moon fly by and cross the face of our Earth. The detail is incredible, the size difference is dramatic, and it’s just lovely to see the phenomenon happen from outside Earth. We see the moon streak the sky every night, this is what it looks like from space.

Stunning Full Colour HD Video From The ISS Shows Life On Earth In Motion

This video is taken from space. And yet we can see so much detail on Earth that it’s almost unbelievable. Cars are driving on roads and buildings are moving throughout the day and boats are crawling through rivers, remember this isn’t your run of the mill drone footage, this is all taken from an ultra-HD camera mounted on the ISS.

Planetary Scientists Are Officially Done Finding Craters On Earth

Science is meant to be an unceasing, always-sceptical search for knowledge, so it’s not often that scientists can call it a day, declare a problem all scienced out, and move on. But that’s exactly what the team counting asteroid craters on Earth are doing.

30 June Gets A Leap Second Because Earth's Rotation Is Slowing Down

If you’re the sort of person who lives by the motto that every second counts, next week, you get to put your money where your mouth is. That’s because, as we first learned back in January, we’re all being gifted a leap second on 30 June.

Night-Shining Clouds Are The Craziest, Most Beautiful Phenomenon

Clouds are not usually the most enthralling part of nature. But in the late spring and summer, weather conditions conspire to create noctilucent or ‘night-shining’ clouds, high-altitude clouds that glow with an electric-blue hue long after the Sun has set.

Should We Terraform A New Planet Or Fix Our Own?

Before we talk about terraforming another planet like Mars, we have to talk about Earth — and whether we should be spending our resources trying to save it, or moving on to another pale blue dot. It’s a grim debate that some scientists say it’s time to have.

13 Years Of Cloud-Watching Makes A Beautiful Visual Of The Earth

This beautiful map shows an average of all of the available cloud observations from the Aqua satellite. The shades of blue represent the cloudiness of our planet.

Machines Sensed The Nepal Earthquake From Nearly 13,000km Away

When a massive earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, it created seismic waves that travelled around the world in a matter of minutes, propagating swiftly through Earth’s crust and mantle to rattle seismic stations in the US. The Nepal quake was devastating, but the fact that it was felt nearly 13,000km away is actually not unusual.

How To Save The Planet: An Interview With Two Iconic Scientists

What happens when two iconic scientists talk about saving our planet? Read on to find out what happened when E O Wilson and Sean Carroll — two giants in their field — sat down to discuss just that.

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