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Do You Still Rely On Free Paper Products For Random Things?

Earlier I caught a spider in my apartment by trapping it in a glass, slipping a takeout menu under the rim to cover the opening, and then tossing the spider onto the fire escape. Last week I needed to fill space in a package I was mailing so I got some copies of a free altweekly and balled up the pages. And, you know, sometimes you just need a pamphlet to put your gum in.

These Flexible E-Paper Tablets Could Change Your Desk Forever

Everyone dreams of an electronic display they can roll up and shove in their pocket — but now it’s closer than ever. These flexible e-paper tablets are the stuff of dreams.

Pebble Smart Watch: Why Is It Delayed?

A few weeks ago, the team behind the Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch — you know the ones — said that they wouldn’t be shipping the record-breaking smart watch in September like they had promised at the start of the project, and to be honest, Eric and the Pebble team were pretty abrupt about it. Now the team has apologised and come clean about what’s taking so long.

New Rewritable E-Paper Could Someday Save Trees

Researchers from Taiwan have developed an eco-friendly type of electronic paper. The rewritable i2R e-paper uses heat to store images, isn’t backlit, and does not consume electricity.

Cartons Made From E-Paper Could Tell Us When Milk Goes Bad

Rotten milk must be the most disappointing thing in the world; unless you have another carton lurking in the back of your fridge. Small sensors could change your morning disappointment in the future, with information about the milk’s quality.

E-Paper To Be As Disposable As Normal Paper?

Well, as disposable as RECYCLING that paper is, anyway. (You do recycle, right?) University researchers have found a way to turn paper into e-paper—that is, the same electronic screen in a Kindle.

Meet Sony's Future Reader Displays - Flexible E-Paper

A few months back Sony demonstrated their ultra-thin flexible OLED panel, which was thinner than a human hair and could be wrapped around a pencil. While not as visually impressive, their flexible e-paper at least has a chance of launching.

Flexible 19-inch E-Paper Will Be Mass-Produced By LG

Samsung may’ve ditched the e-paper production business, but South Korean neighbour LG has throw its weight behind producing that 19-inch flexible e-paper we heard about a few months back. A 9.7-inch colour e-paper screen is also in the works.

TokyoFlash's E-Ink E-Clock

TokyoFlash didn’t invent the e-paper/e-ink watch, but they are the first to present something truly different with the tech.

Western Digital My Passport Studio Drives, Now With E-Paper

Don’t expect to read a book on ’em, but Western Digital’s latest My Passport Studio hard drives feature a customisable e-paper display that stays on even when the drive is unplugged.

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