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Joseph Lechleider, Inventor Of Early DSL Internet Tech, Has Died

Joseph Lechleider, the first person to show that it was possible to reliably send broadband signals over traditional copper telephone lines, has died. He was 82.

The Promising (But Problematic) Future Of Ultra-Fast Internet

While you weren’t looking, the internet got super fast. I’m not talking Google Fiber fast. I’m talking Star Trek fast. Today, it’s not just possible to download a movie in seconds. New technology makes it easy to download dozens of movies in fractions of a second. Fast is almost too slow a word to describe such speed.

In The US, Next Generation DSL Pumps 1Gbps Through Copper Phone Lines

Well here’s an interesting twist on the whole national fibre debate. We’re talking the US copper network here — a completely different beast to Australia – but let’s take a look at the new US G.fast standard. It promises to deliver fibre optic speeds over their existing telephone lines.

AT&T To Impose Data Caps On DSL, U-Verse Customers Starting May 2

Citing an official confirmation from AT&T rep Seth Bloom, DSLReports is, well, reporting that AT&T will pull the trigger on data caps on heavy users of its U-Verse and DSL offerings, starting May 2.

How Ma Bell Shelved The Future For 60 Years

What would the world be like if fibre optic and mobile phones had been available in the 1930s? Would the decade be known as the start of the Information Revolution rather than the Great Depression?

Verizon Customer Service: DSL Upgrade Will Burn Your House Down

Michael just wanted to upgrade his DSL to a faster plan. Yet Verizon jerked him around, each successive rep saying something different, until he was told the upgrade would burn his house down. What?

Bird Beats Broadband! Pigeon Flies Faster Than South African DSL

South Africa’s broadband has got to be feeling pretty ill-equipped today considering a real, wing-flapping pigeon beat its transfer speeds. No really, a company found out that sending a bird with a 4GB USB drive was faster than uploading.

Optus Gets Naked, Bundles DSL With Mobile Plans

Like the geeky kid who snuck into the party, siphoned off some beer and after a glass and a half became drunker than Russell Crowe on Grand Final day, Optus has decided to go for a skinny-dip in the pool of Naked DSL. But instead of offering a VoIP home phone option like iiNet and Internode, they’ve decided to bundle their Naked plans with mobile phone contracts.

Internode Gets Naked (DSL) For Less Than $50

Most of you download-hungry Gizmodians probably won’t be able to make the most of these new entry-level Naked DSL pricings from Internode, but if you have a Nanna somewhere looking for some good value broadbandand VoIP bundles, you might want to point them in this general direction. Essentially, Internode has dropped the price of its entry-level Naked DSL plans to $50.

There are two plans: the Home-NakedExtreme-5 service, which runs of Internode’s own equipment and includes 5GB of data, or the Home-Naked-1, which runs of Optus’ wholesale equipment and includes 1GB of data. I’m assuming that which option you get depends on where you live and what exchanges Internode’s set up on.

On top of these plans you can bundle Internode’s Node2Phone VoIP service, with pre-paid bundles starting at $5 a month for $10 worth of calls. And if you exceed your monthly data quota, you’ll be happy to know that Internode has doubled the amount of data in their data blocks. So where $5 would have bought you 1GB, it now gives you 2GB.

It’s good to see ISPs pushing the naked bandwagon. Now all we need is for one of them to set up their equipment in my local exchange so I can move away from Telstra-run equipment…


Engin To Get Naked (DSL)

VoIP is good and stuff, but nine times out of ten it isn’t worth the effort (or the cost). Which is probably why Engin has been struggling in recent times.

To try and remedy this situation, Engin are planning on entering the Naked DSL market. Other naked DSL offerings include free VoIP services with their networks, so the move isn’t exactly surprising.

The plan is to launch the broadband services in October, according to their website, although there isn’t a lot of information on where the service will be available.

The mre companies offering the ability to get online and make cheap phone calls without line rental, the better in my opinion. Hopefully the pricing offered from Engin will be nice and competitive when it launches in a couple of months.

[via MIS Australie]

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