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Phony Nintendo DS Units Seized At Japanese Border

The real, honest-to-goodness Nintendo DS is made in China. Phony Nintendo DS handhelds are also made in, you guessed it, China. Funny, that.

Australians Love Themselves Some Nintendo Hardware

Nintendo has sent out some pretty impressive sales figures today. Turns out that Australians have a long-term love affair with Nintendo hardware.

Lightning Review: Olin Wireless Nintendo DS Lite Charger

The Gadget: The Olin wireless Nintendo DS Lite charger.

Catch Of The Day Pressure Cooker Has Great Savings (If It Works)

Fancy a Wii or Nintendo DS Lite for half price? How about an Eee PC for $199? Then you should probably spend your lunch break today glued to Catch Of The Day.

Nintendo DS Game Selector Switches Between, Shows Off Your Top 3 Games

This Blaze Game Selector for the Nintendo DS Lite attaches to the DS’s back and allows you to toggle between 3 games with the flip of a switch. We’re not sure the marginal effort saved is worth the aesthetic sacrifice.

Razer Moray+ Gaming Headset Has Mic Dongles For DSi, DS Lite, PSP

Razer’s original Moray headphones were good for $US40 buds—Moray+ adds a mic and has dongles so you can mouth-breathe into your PSP or DSi/DS Lite for $US60. But, uh, how often do you wanna do that? [Razer]

Iwata: Nintendo Design More Appreciated than Apple Design

Nintendo has traditionally ignored the iPhone as a competitor, claiming that the DS and iPhone were chasing different markets. Now Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has given in the reality of commerce and started the smack talk.

Nintendo DS Health Control Game Timer is So Asian It Hurts

This Health Control Game Timer may be incredibly weird to Americans, but Asians know exactly what this is for—taking the place of parental nagging.

Well This Vibrating 'SmartStylus' Certainly Looks Stupid

Remember those giant pencils you’d buy as a kid, use them for a day in class as a joke and then chuck em before lunch? The SmartStylus is built on a similar premise.

DS Modder Must Really Love Sony Vaios

If you were going to go to the trouble of modding your Nintendo DS, what would you do to it? Emboss your favourite frame from Watchmen on it? Engrave a Nintendo-themed Last Supper illustration? Or maybe, just maybe, stick a Sony Vaio logo on the lid? Because that’s what some guy did in Japan.

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